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03774 Tengu Warrior WIP (final step)

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Wow...it’s beautiful as is but the planned additional details add another layer of amazing. I especially love the sash colour change, it really makes a big difference. 

Thank you for showing your process with this. I don’t know how well doing markups in photo software would work for me though, I fear I’d get distracted adding “deal with it” sunglasses onto every figure. ::P:

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I am flabberghasted at the beauty of this. It amazes me that it is still WIP! I am eager to see its final incarnation ^_^

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I'm speechless! I love all these colors. The hamon effect is a great idea. I was not familiar with that word so, I just googled it to find more information. That will be an epic weapon.

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    • By dks
      Here's my rendition of the tengu warrior (or samurai) that I sculpted for Reaper.
      You can see my very short WIP (final adjustments, really), here: link to WIP thread.
      He is a much flashier dresser than his "brother", the tengu rogue, but I still used a mostly cool-color palette to go with the green-purple sheen on his head feathers.

      In case you were wondering what's on his shoulders...

      They're different kinds of tengu!
      I found this image in the entry for "sode" (shoulder armor) in George C. Stone’s A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor in All Countries and All Times (1934) ... "Iron plates embossed with tengu heads".  I changed the shapes a bit.

    • By Lidless Eye
      Another set complete!  This time it's a group of Eastern Fantasy themed adventurers and encounters.  Almost all the minis are from the third Bones Kickstarter, with the exception of the Tengu/Kenku Monk armed with kamas.  She's from Stonehaven.

      The group:

      The Oni:


      The Kitsune.  The male is one of my favorites...I hadn't even noticed the sake glass in his hand  until I started painting!  That and his swagger make for a very characterful sculpt.


      Just some Human Monks:


      The Kenku/Tengu:


      This is the non-Reaper one, a Monk from Stonehaven Miniatures:

    • By Mutilatedlips
      I liked that he was small for a tengu. The asian style and those wooden platform shoes are pretty nifty too.
      He just popped out at me and I had to paint him. 
      Cute redhead with her measuring stick for scale.
    • By ub3r_n3rd
      Darth Sana
      She stared at her adversary with cool and calm calculation, the Jedi was nervous... she saw the fear in his eyes, yes... GOOOOOOD.... fear would cause him to make mistakes.. she'd cut him down with her force-imbued katana and notch another Jedi scum on her belt...
      She snarled at him, "Come and die, you fight the Sith Mistress!"
      Manufacturer: White Wolf Miniatures
      3 parts: Head, body, Sword.
      Scale: 70mm high
      Sculptor: Juan Puerta
      Casting: Sago
      This was a labor of love and fun for me, I decided as soon as I saw this beautiful bust that I was going to paint her up as 'evil' and the paint scheme that called to me was to paint her up to look like Darth Maul, I added the horns with copper wire and then sculpted them on with ProCreate. 
      Towards the end of the project, I was trying to decide how to display her and it came to me that I wanted to make her part of a story, give her a bit more of the Star Wars tie-in with a completely scratch-built Tie Fighter. The title placards on the sides were designed by my good friend @Thrym and I printed them off on cardstock and glued them onto the plasticard sides of the tie fighter.
      The scabbard is my attempt at a sort of force rune, it is Kanji which translates into "Sith Mistress."
      WIP can be found here: 
      Without further ado, I present (Darth) Sana from White Wolf Miniatures!

      Thanks for looking (and following along), C&C are welcomed and greatly appreciated!
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