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do you ship to south africa

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    • By doogle
      i would like to know if the free shipping also includes shipping to South Africa if total cart cost is $35 or above  
    • By knarthex
      so I place an order with the river site, and have been having fun tracking it's trip across the country...
      LocationDateLocal TimeActivity
      Buffalo, NY,           United States09/07/2016 1:06 A.M.Arrival Scan
      Mansfield, OH,      United States09/06/2016 7:44 P.M.Departure Scan09/06/20167:07 P.M.Arrival Scan
      Louisville, KY,        United States09/06/2016 2:16 P.M.Departure Scan
      Louisville, KY,        United States09/04/2016 1:47 A.M.Arrival Scan
      Miami, FL,             United States09/03/201611:38 P.M.Departure Scan09/03/2016 9:13 A.M.Arrival Scan
      Orlando, FL,          United States09/03/20168:18 A.M.Departure Scan09/03/2016 5:30 A.M.Arrival Scan09/03/2016 4:00 A.M.Departure Scan
      Orlando, FL,          United States09/02/201611:00 P.M.Arrival Scan09/02/2016 10:58 P.M.Departure Scan09/02/2016 8:54 P.M.Origin Scan
      Ruskin, FL,            United States09/02/20165:13 P.M.Package is in transit to a UPS facilityUnited States09/02/2016 5:19 P.M.
      Order Processed: Ready for UPS
      I mean do these things really need to sight see their way across the country?????
      anyone else have this kind of experience?
      and I love how it arrived in Orlando, left Orlando, arrived back in Orlando, and finally left Orlando.....
    • By SamuraiJack
      Thought some might find it useful to keep track of the process. Since we will be getting an email about shipping we can get some insight as to what Reaper is shipping when without having to bother them. So when you get your email, You can post that you got the shipping notice and what you got (if you want to share). I'd say lets try and keep the repeats down on shipment types (1 box, two box, red box blue box) so I'll try and keep track of them in this post.
      1x Vampire received.
      Tier 2 shipping: US Vampire - Sophie + Case confirmed
      Tier 3/2.5: Vampire, case, and 3 vampire item add-ons (Horde, IMEF and NOVA) and Vampire + 3 paint sets emails received.
      Stage 1 in process. Waiting on notification of becoming their own broker to ship directly without fees
      stage 1: Email notification of shipping received.
      Stage 2: email received for Dungeon Attack + 2 Cases + 2 Paint Set
      Stage 3: email received for vampire + 3 paint sets + 3 small add ons
      Updated with latest info
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