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Guindyloo and Buglips paint DHL 03100: Thanis the Bonecaller

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Finally found this thread and just finished through it. It's an absolutely phenomenal piece and incredibly helpful to everyone who wants to tackle this. I would ask, nay, implore you to make even more of these.........and tell me when you start it, so I don't have to run to catch up.


Also, I know which one is my favourite.::D:

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I want to thank you two for this thread!

Awesome, useful and informative.


I like both paintjobs.

They both look stunning in their own way.

Of course Guindy putting more time and effort in, pays off.


Thank you so much for explaining how you did this!

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I can actually answer why I use muted, organic colours.  It's because a strong influence in my love of miniatures is old school pre-cgi special effects, miniatures, and creatures.  Half of me likes to pretend I'm working in a creature shop and my Terraclips board is the "set".  Since it's not a job you can do like it used to be, it's a nod to my inner 80's kid who wanted to be Harryhausen when he grew up.  


It's an extra layer of enjoyment to the process... even if sometimes to get something done that I don't want to paint I pretend there's an angry producer stalking me who wants that air elemental by Friday or the whole shoot is ruined!  It costs a lot of money to shoot on location in the living room, you know.


Fun is where you find it, kids.

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First read looks great I will come back and take a good examine, as I can see there are lots of things going on there.  Thanks you two.


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7 hours ago, londwch said:

First read looks great I will come back and take a good examine, as I can see there are lots of things going on there.  Thanks you two.


Not to threadjack,




Welcome to our Asylum away from Home!

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Fantastic thread!

Thank you both for doing this, it is immensely helpful. 

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We're going to aim for one of these per month and have a bunch of really neat Reaper figures picked out.  We try to pick ones that are interesting but also have challenging parts to work with, so we can show different approaches to solving problems.   


Glad you liked it and found it helpful, hopefully you'll enjoy the new stuff too!

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    • By NyarlaBcn
      I received this amazing mini from a friend as a birthday gift, so I was extra motivated to give it a lot of work. That's the Patrick Keith version, bigger than Chaz Elliot's one: a great wingspan, somber looking. 
      I've seen several paint jobs here to get some inspiration. Many people decided to go full with the spectral theme; blue lights, blue eyes. IMO, although it looked great, the overall impression wasn't enough that of an angel of the depths made with driftwood, but something newer and too colorful for what I was thinking. 
      So instead I went with a very dry palette: just black, brown, grey and rusty metals. I wanted to convey it as if its driftwood dried for days in the sun of some beach, just to be driven back to the seas, and to the beach again, on a neverending cycle. Worn wood, sundried, rotten, thorn; old wood, tired, greyish thanks to the salt and the wind. 
      I couldn't capture it on the photos but the only spark of color is on its eyes: a ghoulish green reminiscent of its spectral nature. Overall it actually looks pretty basic, simpler than these other works you can find on google, but... I'm happy with the outcome. 
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      Somehow I ended up with 2 sets of 03793: Townsfolk of Dreadmere: Mercenaries (3) by Bob Ridolfi, and another on the way with Bones 4. Figured these 3 (x2) would be a good set to start the year with. 
      After a good wash and scrub, they were glued onto the last of my round Reaper bases (really like this style base) and proceed with Reaper brush on white primer. I then used Tanned Shadow and Ruddy Flesh for their faces and hands.
      Then used a variety of browns plus muddy Olive and burgundy wine, Black and linen white... 
      Purple guy thinks he's extra fancy

      One of these two has their beanie baby collection in their satchel.

      Mr Jedi with an ax to grind amuses me.
      More to come!
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      77636: Death Shroud and Ironwind Metals Female Necromancer.
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      Taletha knew she was ready, she had studied the grimoire, practiced the ritual over and over again.
      She would call upon the Spiritworld and ask for a champion to avenge her parents.
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      Does anybody recognize this mini?
      I got this mini from a forum trade or lot purchase some time ago. I do not know who made it or any details about it.
      It is made in white metal, came in two parts with body and the head and came with an unmarked tab to go in a slottabase.
      I tried using my Google-Fu, but all I found was a couple posts stating this is a Chainmail miniature, from the short-lived Wizards of the Coast miniatures line from the turn of the century.
      However, I do not think it is a Chainmail mini, as I do not remember seeing such a mini in that line at that time, it does not appear on any Chainmail listings and does not have any markings on the tab like Chainmail minis have. Also, I think they were a bit more finely detailed in general.
      I put it on a 30mm base
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