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Tycho AFV for my NOVA Corp soldiers - WIP

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Finally getting to print pieces!!!!  Started with the hatches since they were the quickest ones that I might need to tweak the design of.


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The hatches have printed, and I've started upon the upper hull. It will take a good 7-8 hours to print, so hopefully nothing goes wrong overnight, and I'll have something good to show off tomorrow morning.IMG_20171114_221035.thumb.jpg.5c25e3a534467c4797336817d3f1bec7.jpg

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So here we go.  Discovered a problem. My socket idea for adding different accessories is probably not going to work.  My slicing software (the software that converts the digital files into code for the printer) puts supports in the sockets that are proving to be difficult to dig out.  So I'm going to have to revisit that idea, and perhaps just build those details in.  The hatches, though, proved to work just like I wanted them to.  By using a small piece of raw filament as the hinge pin, I can pose them closed or open at any angle.  For robustness, I'll probably have to glue them in a single position though, just to keep them from breaking later on. 




And the first half of the turret just finished printing!

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10 minutes ago, chaosscorpion said:

Do you plan to sand the planes of the APC smooth?

Yes.  There will be a round of sanding, followed by a coat of primer, followed by a  second round of sanding, followed by a second round of primer, followed by a third round of sanding, followed by my base coat.  At that point, it should look relatively smooth. 

Visually, it appears rougher than it is texture-wise, especially in the photos. 


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OK, so my "sculpt" is done, all the pieces are printed. There are some things I'll be tweaking before my next print and upload to Thingiverse, but for the most part, here's the "finished" product.

The upper hull, which I've shown before:



The lower hull. I was going to try something that looked like big fan blades, but I gave up. The two holes at either end are for the flight stands.


The two halves of the turret. I have been using small holes and pieces of raw filament as a way of lining pieces up and holding them together:


The hatches. You can see where I've used raw filament as a hinge pin:


The main gun, with both barrel options:


And finally, the whole thing, fitted together, up on some Reaper Flight stands, along with the NOVA Corp soldier who will be assigned as the tank commander:



Since the "sculpt" portion is done, I'll be making a Work In Progress thread for the assembly and painting. 


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Looks great so far, mate! Nice to see something mini related come off a prusa. I'll be interested to see your progress through the sanding and priming stages.

Good luck and well done so far!

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21 hours ago, Crowley said:

That's really cool!!

Thanks.  It's been really fun seeing something go straight from my imagination to being a final product, AND be 100% reproducible.  I've scratch built vehicles before, but they've always ended up being a one off thing. 

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On 12/10/2017 at 1:15 PM, kristof65 said:

Thanks.  It's been really fun seeing something go straight from my imagination to being a final product, AND be 100% reproducible.  I've scratch built vehicles before, but they've always ended up being a one off thing. 


Nice, innit? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the vehicles I’ve made, and plan more of them, too. 

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