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So...worked on those highlights and shadows.


First, I took the hand suggestion.



Next, to show the front. Really happy with her chest and brim highlights, after much fiddling.




The shadows were...a bit difficult.




Not sure if I should play with the sleeves.




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I think that’s looking great! I think it was a good decision to go lighter with the brown. Those colours work well together. And it’s not reading as leather to me, I know you were worried about that. 

Shadows can be a bit difficult, especially on something round and mostly flat. I struggled a bit with the little witch hat that I recently painted. I just go back and forth a lot between the layers until it looks right to me. 

You can try glazing with your mid tone to smooth out the blends, but remember that glazing can be tricky. If it’s not thinned enough it’ll obliterate your highlighting. If you don’t wick out the moisture on a paper towel it’ll run everywhere and make a mess. You just want a very slight tint. It’s a technique that I’m still working on. 

Don’t frustrate yourself with it though. When I find that an area is frustrating me, I get it to a point where I feel comfortable with calling it good enough and move on, making a note to myself that I need to keep working on whatever technique/colour/whatever that was frustrating me. It’s really easy to bog yourself down mentally with trying to make everything perfect every time and then painting becomes a chore rather than fun. 

Blending is not easy, it’s something that you have to work toward getting better at. But you’re well on your way already! ^_^

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Blending is something I think we all get annoyed with at times. But at least for me, it is also a large part of the fun. I wouldn't enjoy the painting if not for the difficulty. 

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2 hours ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

I can't decide between purple and orange for her accessory color. 


Why not both? :rolleyes:

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19 hours ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

I can't decide between purple and orange for her accessory color. 


When in doubt always choose purple ( said the Wolf with over a dozen different purples in his paint collection)

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      So this is my Super Secret Christmas Project for Mrs. Gargs (don't worry, this isn't all she's getting).

      Holiday Mouslings wonderfully sculpted by Gene Van Horne.

      I'm going to be giving this a go as a stocking stuffer for Mrs. Gargs. Now, I have no hope in heck of matching the beautiful paint job seen here, in fact, I'll be thrilled with a high table top quality on this as I'm just still new at this and don't get near enough time to paint as much as I'd like to in order to improve. That said, I do think I can at least get a halfway decent job done on this (by my standards anyway). However, it won't be without its challenges. In fact, I've identified three major hurdles already:
      1. The Super Secret. You see, my painting desk happens to be the dining room table and sits roughly 15 feet away from where Mrs. Gargs is usually sitting while I paint, and we very much have an open floor plan. So, keeping it a secret will be the first hurdle. I will at least have a decent amount of time on Saturday while she is at work in which to get a good start, but I am very much a slow painter, so in addition to trying to do the best I can, I will also likely be trying to get stuff done quickly.
      2. Ummm, yeah, there's a snow man. He's white. I haven't ever gotten a handle on white (admittedly still new). No getting around though, gonna have to give white a go. (Yeah, sorry, not gonna do a yellow snow man ;P).
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      So of course I painted some mouslings for them:
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      @Inarah got me some of the latest "Color Shifting" paint and I wasn't quite sure what I would do with it.
      I looked at this mousling and just knew this was the right figure for it.

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      Hi all,
      This is a model I painted quite some time ago. The mouslings simply stole my heart. This is a metal figure and not bones (i could not do the mouslings in bones i think). This is more for the photography set up than the painjob though....what do you guys think? I need to get a nice neutral back drop and the teal probably is a bit too busy but other than that i think the shot is nice and clear. If everyone approves of pics like that then I have a good reason to annoy the photographer (my spouse) to take more :D He's far better than me and has the proper camera. I'm sure lots of praise will help me convince him ^^

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      Hi all!
      Finally finished this Mousling that has been sitting on my desk for a week. Yes, you read that correctly...a week. I may be the worlds slowest painter and this took me way longer than I'd like to admit. This is now the fifth out of the set, that I have completed. I started this set years ago but took very long breaks from painting in between.
      Sorry for the poor quality, my phone camera really doesn't do him justice but he is just so dang tiny!
      Let me know what you guys think! How do you like the Mouslings? they are my favourites along the legion of justice and caeke!

    • By Morihalda
      So way back, y'all probably remember that I got all excited about snow globes. Yeah. I haven't tested any of those materials. I started sealing my test pieces and kept seeing terrifying warnings everywhere. So the water part is on hold, but pleeease add to that post if you have any waterproof suggestions!
      Here's my sketch for it. I'm unsure about the fence. I'm hoping that running it next to the little guy in the front will lead you to the middle so they feel connected. I've been watching some art videos and they said that guiding your viewer's eye is important! I think I will -not- cross the bars on the fence. Then the fence will go in an easy direction to the middle of the globe without your eye stopping to figure out the X's. Save the detail for the "focal point," right? I've also got to figure out which side the slanted end of the fence should be.
      I'd also like to sculpt in little things on the side, like an empty mug of hot chocolate or a scarf, excitedly cast aside when the friends decided to make a snowman! Maybe add some teeny little pawprints in the snow....
      If I have time, I'd like to add in a surprise....

      Here they were as of last Friday! Over the weekend I cleaned and primed them. The snowman got some green stuff on his head because those mold lines were tough. I've started a basic ring of air dry clay on the base. It should be dry today and I can keep building it up.

      Next, the color scheme. I tried to color some ideas in a few weeks ago, but it's been difficult to not accidentally copy parts of the amazing one featured in the store. I end up adding too much yellow and green.... :S
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