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28mm Sci-Fi Skirmish Games?

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On 12/6/2017 at 2:44 PM, Froggy the Great said:

I just got the urge to pick up work on FUBAR Heroes again.  I'd love it if someone else wanted to try it too.



You can do roughly 8-12 figures in 1200 pts.

I'll check it out. 

On 12/6/2017 at 2:48 PM, Jeneki said:

For 28mm scifi games, I kinda miss the late 90s - early 2000s.  There was a local place that stocked a good variety including 40k, Vor, Warzone, Void, etc.  I really liked Warzone due to how it emphasized guns, some of the fed-up-with-40k people were pushing Void as the "fixed" version, and a bunch of painters were really into Vor's Neo-Soviets and Growlers.  Good times!

Vor and Void both looked like they had potential, but never really caught on. Shame, really.   If Kickstarter had been around back then...

On 12/9/2017 at 4:02 AM, Club said:


Here's another one, stargrunt. No point values, but vehicle rules included; token intensive.

Is Stargrunt still around? 
The last couple of times I tried to find anything by GZG, their website was down, though that was a few years back.   I haven't played Stargrunt since that one time in the late 90s. I don't even remember if I liked it or not. 

On 12/9/2017 at 11:38 AM, Froggy the Great said:

I've got a friend working on a miniatures game version of Fate.

Ugh, Fate.  

29 minutes ago, Chrome said:

Have you considered Imperial Assault? They finally released the App for it so you can play it co-op now w/out one guy having to play the bad guy. My group is going to start a campaign after Christmas. We played thru two Descent campaigns using the original version of the FFG app and had a great time.

I haven't looked specifically at Imperial Assault, but FFG's X-Wing was too big of a money pit for me - I presumed that Imperial Assault would be no different. 

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    • By Inarah
      Link to the Live Kickstarter:
      From DGS Games,
      "We will launch the Eclipse Sisterhood kickstarter campaign on the afternoon of February 14th 2017.
      This project will produce the six core models of the faction: leader, caster, two heroes and two followers. And as many stretches as our fans help us reach! For the Traazorites, that was four models. Let's show the Empire these fierce women can do even better!"

    • By Jasonator
      Kathud !!!
      I finished another Dark Sword Miniature this afternoon.  I got some upsetting news, so I painted it off, intead
      of letting it bother me.  So, with that said... This is a HEAP OF FUN to paint.  I actually did it twice.  When I looked at number 1
      I liked it, but it was boring.  So I got out the paints AGAIN, and figured out another paint scheme.  I based my second set of painting
      on "Night Watch", and that is what is here.  Very complicated Sculpt to paint, and get into.  Multi level highlighting also makes the
      brush work that more complicated.  28mm is SMALL, so keep tips well pointed !  
      Do have fun, its worth it on this one.
      Comments (negative or positive) are greatly appreciated !
      Here he is:

    • By dks
      I've been on a painting tear since ReaperCon.  Here's one from last week. 
      Pathfinder's "Iron Gods" Adventure Path crosses over into science fiction, including robots and androids, such as the android priestess Meyanda.
      Wayne Reynolds painted the cover of the Adventure Path where Meyanda appears: click for link.
      Bobby Jackson sculpted the character.  I like what he did with this delicate sculpt.

      I decided to give her a sci-fi-styled base, not my usual rock/grass/leaf palette. 
      I started with a piece of plasticard shaped like square floor-tiles, gouged out some scratches, and added some debris (a robotic "piston" of two brass rods, a "cable" of brass wire, and a few chunks of rubble that I carved from the plasticard).

    • By Jasonator
      I have been threatening to finish Zoe The Golden Retriever sometime this week. 
      Last nights sixteen degrees F provided the impetus !  I was too cold to sleep well.
      So Here is ZOE.  This is a beautiful, soul full piece to work on.  Capturing the emotion in
      that small face, getting everything painted and mounted proved quite the challenge to me.
      In the end Zoe was a real treat to do.  Not that often I really get into a feeling level while painting
      a miniature.  Mr. Summers must have had a beautiful and loving companion in Zoe, it came through
      the Sculpt !  Hope I did it Justice.
      Let me know what you think of my efforts on this mini please !

    • By dks
      I like to speed-paint. 
      This past year, I spent a lot more time on other projects and didn't do much painting, but I got in a few rounds of speed-painting at KublaCon (in May) and at Origins (in June).
      I don't know why I didn't post these photos months ago, but here they are now.
      At KublaCon, the speed-painters get to use sets of about 30 little plastic pots of craft paint, like you might find in a paint-by numbers kit -- joined in rows of sprue with flip-off lids, and all set into a routed piece of plywood. 
      I don't know who makes the paints.  The range of colors is pretty good, but some colors just don't cover well.
      KublaCon first qualifying round:  big medieval zombie.  45 minutes.
      Man, was I rusty.  I didn't have a strong idea about the colors, other than green skin, for whatever reason.
      David Diamondstone was in this heat with me, and he won.  He pointed out that my paint-job was too clean for a zombie, and he was right.  His version had more dirt and blood.  I stole that for my next figure.
      (David has won the KublaCon painting contest, and gold medals and Sophie Trophies at ReaperCon.  Check out his work in the ReaperCon galleries if you haven't already.)
      I painted a second coat of black around the edge of the base.

      KublaCon second qualifying round: modern zombie.  45 minutes. 
      It had less surface area than the first zombie, which meant more time per square millimeter and a more deliberate paint job. 
      I had a better plan for the skin -- deep purple shadows, then green-and-pale highlights, plus zombie-riffic blood and bone -- then thought about the rest of the colors while my hand was putting on that paint.
      I also painted a second coat of black around the edge of the base.

      I couldn't attend the final round of speed-painting because I was running a game at that time.
      Three weeks later, at Origins, Reaper's own LadyStorm was running the speed-painting tournament.
      The paints were a 12 Reaper paints (black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, Tanned Skin, silver, gold, and ... I don't remember the 12th color).
      Origins qualifying round: a Bones sci-fi trooper.  Small and simple.  45 minutes. 
      Three lines of freehand on the chest make for a basic rank insignia.
      I haven't done any more painting on him beyond those 45 minutes.

      Origins semi-final round: Bones deva (#77363).  45 minutes, maybe 50.  We all thought it was a cruel joke to give us such a big figure.  Cruel yes, but no joke.
      Still... win!
      I got at least one coat of paint on almost every surface.  (Those few feathers behind the shield eluded me.  Because this was the flexible Bones plastic, I could pull the wings back to paint their inner surfaces.)
      I started with the wings: brown at the base and wet-blended to Tanned Skin.  If you squint hard enough, they actually look OK.
      I chose the aqua-green skin and yellow-gold sword to fit the image of a planetar angel from D&D.
      I haven't done any extra painting on this one, either, but I'm wondering how much better it would look after another 45 minutes!

      Final Round: we had our choice of 2 figures -- a bigger hippo-man or a smaller rhino-man.  Both will be part of the Bones 3 release.  60 minutes.
      I chose the hippo because I had a vision of the gray and brown-pink skin gradations, but I couldn't do them as smoothly as I imagined. 
      Not a win, but still fun.
      I think his big mouth and teeth turned out well, and his bright tropical fruits look yummy.  No further painting on him.

      Thanks for looking.
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