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Today I spent working the base.  Originally it looked like this -


Unfinished, I was indecisive as to what color direction I wanted so I let it go until I knew where I was taking the dragon's colors.


Inspired by the pic I'd referenced earlier, the stone now looks like so -



Tossed in some Camo Green where I wanted some mossy areas.  I then glued in some test patches of fine turf.   And I hated it.  Too fluffy!  Even though it was fine turf.  Attempting to remove what I could, I couldn't, of course, remove all of it and thought I might be doing a lot of scraping and repainting.  But then I stopped hating it after it was "mowed down".  Less is more.



Primed the base plate.  Made some partially buried stones.  Gave the body its Nightshade Purple wash and ended the day with this -



Will probably pull some stones from the garden to add more rocky texture before going crazy on the greenery.


I'm wondering if I can get her done in 2 weeks before I go on an out of town vacation.

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Progress on the body.  One side pretty much completed.  Spine still needs to be finished.




And for comparison, here's the other side which I'll be completing next.



I feel like I'm home stretching, but then I remember I still have the wings.

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On 1/28/2018 at 2:35 PM, Glitterwolf said:

Those scales are amazing!

I'm doing experimentation each time I change a color.  Deciding what's best for the different areas and colors I've chosen.  It does mean there's some variety of effects on the body parts, some better than others.  But it's been a great learning process seeing what happens and what I like when I do different techniques and combos.

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Woot!  Finished the main body last night at 3am.  Will be putting the first coat of sealer on it sometime today so I don't hurt it.  Probably when I need a break from the next step - the wings!



Woke up early this morning because the brain said "You must paint!" and did a couple hours basing and color blocking to define where the light hits.  It's my day off, so let's see what I can get done today.  After breakfast.

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Well, didn't get as far as I wanted.  Naps.  They happen.


Got about a third of the way done.  Went drybrush heavy, then washed over.  Working on pulling out the spine details.







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Getting closer.  Left wing more complete than the right.  Fitted them on to test the color matching.  Body is extra shiny because I put the first coat of varnish.

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Back from my vacation!  I could not finish before leaving town, try as I might.  But after I got back today, I got back to work on it.  Glue and grass!  A tease with some landscaping.



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