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Steampunk People Part 1

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Was going to be good and get some half-painted stuff finished, but I couldn't resist the steam-powered siren song of my Twisted minis.

Since I'm going to be working on these for the foreseeable future, I thought I'd WIP them in batches:-




In this first batch, you've got two Urkins (Porker and Bookworm) at the front and (from left to right) Sowerberry, Gentlefolk Blacksmith and Gretel at the back.




Starting with the Blacksmith, not pictured - his chimney backpack.




So far I've basecoated his body in Bronze and given it a Brownshade Wash.


Next time, I go crazy with a drybrush.


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All the Bronze areas get drybrushes of Bronze and Polished Gold, I then picked out all the raised areas with more Polished Gold.

He was looking a bit too Bronze, so I did some areas as Brass (Brassy Brass > Brownshade Wash > Brassy Brass > 1:1 Brassy Brass/Polished Gold).

I then did his exposed mechanical bits, moustache and grate as Steel (Oily Steel > Blackwash Shade > Oily Steel).

Finally, his eyes and shoulder light were done in 1:1 Andrea Blue/Glacier Blue.


Today I wanna try and paint a fire inside his belly oven.

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Double progress:-




Painted his belly oven, started pure Off-white, painted a ring of 1:1 Off-white/Ochre Yellow and then another ring of 1:1:1 Off-white/Ochre Yellow/Orange Red, still can't do a particularly good glow effect, but I think I'm getting there slowly.


Also gave him Ochre Yellow power cables and Leather Brown belts.

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21 hours ago, aku-chan said:

Had a change of direction.


Twisted are having a painting contest, so I thought I'd enter one of my minis.

But, as much as I like the job I'm doing on my Blacksmith, I think I'm painting him a little to simply for a contest entry, so I've set him aside for:-




The rather intimidating Witch-hunter Gretel.


I'll still work on the Blacksmith, but Gretel is the priority.


Any how, progress:-




Painted Gretels skin.

Started with a base of 1:1 Flat Flesh/Light Flesh, then a Fleshshade Wash, then highlights of 1:1 Flat Flesh/Light Flesh and 1:1:1 Flat Flesh/Light Flesh/Off-white.

She also got Old West Rose lips and possibly the best eyes I've ever painted.


Those are fantastic eyes.


I love how natural and unmade-up they look.

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Thanks you two!

I messed up her face a little by varnishing it *Shakes fist at stupid shiny varnish*, but I'm still quite proud of the job I did:-






Once again I'm being bamboozled by a woman's overly-elaborate outfit consisting of too many layers.

First I did her hair (1:1 Leather Brown/Red Orange > 1:3 Leather Brown/Red Orange > Red Orange > Brownshade Wash), then a Black choker with a Bronze button and a Bronze necklace.


Next came her hat and outer vest, this was based in 1:1 Vermillion/Blood Red, highlighted with 1:1:1 Vermillion/Blood Red/Ochre Yellow and shaded with 1:2 Scarlett Red/Blood Red.


Also made a little progress on the Blacksmith:-




Painted his apron (Bonewhite > Brownshade Wash > Bonewhite > 1:1 Bonewhite/Off-white > Sepiashade Wash) and his hat (Black Grey > 1:1 Black Grey/Cold Stone Grey > Blackshade Wash).


Need to fix that dot of Bonewhite on his pouch, also probably going to rethink his hat, I think I made the highlight too big.

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More progress:-




Painted her inner vest today (Cork Brown > Brownshade Wash > Cork Brown > 1:1 Cork Brown/Bonewhite > Sepiashade Wash).

Was going to make a start on her shirt, but my hands were too shaky for the frilly bit around her bosom, so that's a job for tomorrow.




Finished his hammer and tools (the steel is either Oily Steel or Gunmetal Grey with Brassy Brass decoration).

While the varnish was drying on him, I started on the backside of his chimney:-




Didn't put a huge amount of effort into this bit as most of it won't be seen when it's attached.

The bricks are 1:1 Red Orange, the stonework is Cold Stone Grey and the roof tiles are Steel Grey. These then got a wash of Blackshade and the I reapplied the base colours.

I then attached it:-




The fit was very loose but I did my best to line it up with his head.

However, I think this was a mistake, as you can see by the photo his feet aren't level, so when I get him based the chimney will be a bit skew-whiff, but hopefully not enough that it annoys me.

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Really nice painting Aku - the eyes are great, looks like you really took your time mixing the colours.  Extremely detailed I really like this.

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Thanks guys!

I think it helped that she's looking sideways, the eyes certainly seemed easier to paint than usual.






Painted up her shirt (1:1 Ice Yellow/Bonewhite > Sepiashade Wash > 1:1 Ice Yellow/Bonewhite > 1:1:1 Ice Yellow/Bonewhite/Off-white > Sepiashade Wash), I also lined her shirt cuff and where it met her body with Brownshade Wash, and painted her pointless arm belt (Lonestar Leather > 1:1 Lonestar Leather/Ochre Yellow > Brownshade Wash).


Then I painted her fancy shoulderpads (Brassy Brass > Brownshade Wash > Brassy Brass > 1:1 Brassy Brass/Polished Gold > thinned Sepiashade Wash), the right shoulder got an Andrea Blue light and the left got a Bonewhite dial and a Gunmetal Grey gear.




Painted the rest of his chimney using the previous colours plus a Gunmetal Grey oven door.

Edited by aku-chan
Added an S.
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Thanks guys!


More progress:-




Painted her gauntlet with Oily Steel, a Bronze Gear and a Ochre Yellow cable. Her pistol was also Oily Steel and Bronze and I found a little bracelet I painted Jade Green.


I also found a little bit of shirt I missed, but not until I'd packed everything away :down:

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Blacksmiths chimney is almost done.

The stonework all got a final highlight (1:1:1 Red Orange/Cork Brown/Ochre Yellow on the bricks, 1:1 Cold Grey/Wolf Grey on the stone and 1:1 Steel Grey/Wolf Grey on the tiles), he got a nice Christmas stocking, some bellows in various browns (Leather Brown, Cork Brown, Parasite Brown) and a nest (1:1 Leather Brown/Ochre Yellow).


Next is highlighting the bellows and nest and starting the bird.




Painted Gretels skirt.


Started with a basecoat of 3:1 Dark Green/Hexed Lichen, this was way too purple but remained as the base of the inside of the skirt.

Tried again with Dark Green and a brush tip of Hexed Lichen, gave me a super dark Dark Green base.

Layered this up adding a drop of Dark Green each time.

When I got to 3 extra drops of Dark Green, I tried switching to pure Dark Green, but the jump was too big so added 2 brush tips of the previous layer.

Then I added a brush tip of Ochre Yellow for some edge highlights, but this was a bit too much of a jump again, so I softened it down with glazes of pure Dark Green and Layer Mix 3 (I think).

Then I washed some Blackshade Wash in the deepest recesses.


The inside of the skirt got a layer of pure Hexed Lichen on the exposed areas.


Next up is either her underskirt or her belt of wands, depending on how steady my hands are.


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