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Was going to be good and get some half-painted stuff finished, but I couldn't resist the steam-powered siren song of my Twisted minis.

Since I'm going to be working on these for the foreseeable future, I thought I'd WIP them in batches:-




In this first batch, you've got two Urkins (Porker and Bookworm) at the front and (from left to right) Sowerberry, Gentlefolk Blacksmith and Gretel at the back.




Starting with the Blacksmith, not pictured - his chimney backpack.




So far I've basecoated his body in Bronze and given it a Brownshade Wash.


Next time, I go crazy with a drybrush.


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All the Bronze areas get drybrushes of Bronze and Polished Gold, I then picked out all the raised areas with more Polished Gold.

He was looking a bit too Bronze, so I did some areas as Brass (Brassy Brass > Brownshade Wash > Brassy Brass > 1:1 Brassy Brass/Polished Gold).

I then did his exposed mechanical bits, moustache and grate as Steel (Oily Steel > Blackwash Shade > Oily Steel).

Finally, his eyes and shoulder light were done in 1:1 Andrea Blue/Glacier Blue.


Today I wanna try and paint a fire inside his belly oven.

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Double progress:-




Painted his belly oven, started pure Off-white, painted a ring of 1:1 Off-white/Ochre Yellow and then another ring of 1:1:1 Off-white/Ochre Yellow/Orange Red, still can't do a particularly good glow effect, but I think I'm getting there slowly.


Also gave him Ochre Yellow power cables and Leather Brown belts.

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