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Steampunk People Part 1

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Not much painting going on, the cold weather is really affecting my hands this year (I hate getting older), but I did finish the Blacksmith:-



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Now the competition is over, lets see if I can get back to painting Gretel without my brain freaking out.


Did a little bit today:-




Got her magic utility belt finished.

The belt itself is Cork Brown, the wands are Bonewhite, there's also a couple Warlord Purple potion bottles, a 1:1 Cork Brown/Ochre Yellow broom head and a Scarlett Red spell book (it's supposed to look like one of the journals from Gravity Falls, basically dark red with a gold handprint on it, I think I was being a little over ambitious there).

The broom head needs a highlight, but I think the rest is looking okay.

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More progress:-




Painted Gretels stockings (Wolf Grey > 1:1 Wolf Grey/Off-white > Off-white > Grey Wash), and boots (Lonestar Leather > Brown Wash > Lonestar Leather > 1:1 Lonestar Leather/Ochre Yellow > Lonestar Leather glaze and Bronze decorations).


This leaves her finished, just got her monkey Hansel to do now.

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Monkey time!




According to Google, Capuchins have a black body, a cream head and pink face.

So Hansel has a 1:1 Cold Grey/Pure Black > Cold Grey > Black Wash body, a Bonewhite > Sepia Wash head and a Rosy Flesh > Sepia Wash > Rosy Flesh face  and ears.

All topped off with a natty hat and vest combo (Blood Red > Red Orange > Sepia Wash), and an Oily Steel mechanical arm.


I'm rather proud of the job I did on him.


Attached them to their base, and hid the gaps with some Pumice Paste, once it dries the final bit of painting can start.

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That's how I did the monkey on the Katapesh Merchant. Yours looks awesome! Love his cute little hat! These are pretty cool minis and I like how you are painting them, nice colors!

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She's all finished:-



Up next will be the pair of Urkins, want to get a few things finished first though.

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Made a small start to the Urkins:-




You've got Porker on the left, and Bookworm on the right.


Painting shared colours at the moment. Done their skin (1:1 Dead Flesh/Flat Flesh > Flesh Wash > 1:1 Dead Flesh/Flat Flesh > 1:1:1 Dead Flesh/Flat Flesh/Light Flesh), and Porkers shorts/Bookworms shirt (1:1 Cold Grey/Steel Grey plus a couple brushtips of Pure Black > Steel Grey > 1:1 Steel Grey/Ghost Grey > Sepia Wash) the shirt still needs its buttons painted.


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Progress already:-





Poor Bookworm has gone blurry!


This time I painted Porkers jacket and Bookworms trousers, Olive Green > Brown Wash > Olive Green > 2:1 Olive Green/Ochre Yellow, with Scarlett Red patches, Bonewhite stitches and the jacket has a Dark Green collar and cuff.


I think that's it for shared colours, so I'll concentrate on Porker first (I get to paint sausages!)

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Got quite a bit done before I remembered to take a piccy:-




Porker got brown shoes, satchel and belt (Lonestar Leather > Brown wash > Lonestar Leather > 1:1 Lonestar Leather/Iraqi Sand), Brassy Brass decorations, Bronze gas tank and grey socks and gloves (Cold Grey > Black Wash > Cold Grey > 1:1 Cold Grey/Wolf Grey).


I made a start on his sausages (Rosy Flesh with a Flesh Wash) and his pork leg weapon (Rosy Flesh on the inside, Elf Flesh on the outside plus a Flesh Wash).




Bookworm got different brown boots and belts (Leather Brown > Brown Wash > Leather Brown > 1:1 Leather Brown/Cork Brown) with Bronze decorations.

Painted his gun (Oily Steel barrel, Parasite Brown handle, Brassy Brass repairs and trigger), and started on his book armour (Magic Blue, Dark Green and Blood Red covers with Cork Brown pages and a Brown Wash).

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Keep forgetting to update:-




Porker is finished.

Highlighted up his meat products with their basecoats, gave him a dagger (Oily Steel blade, Parasite Brown handle), a hat ( Magic Blue, shaded with Dark Prussian Blue), breathing tube (Andrea Blue > Sky Blue) and a mask (Old West Rose > Flesh Wash > Old West Rose > 1:1 Old West Rose/Rosy Flesh with Brassy Brass metal bits.




Bookworm is almost finished, but more importantly, I discovered his name is actually Library Owl! (I had been wondering about his bird-like mask)


Highlighted up his books with their basecoats and 1:1 Magic Blue/Andrea Blue, 1:1 Dark Green/Olive Green and 1:1 Blood Red/Red Orange. He also got a mask (1:1 Leather Brown/Scarlett Red > Brown Wash > 1:1 Leather Brown/Scarlett Red, with Bronze metal bits) and a hat (Hexed Lichen > Black Wash > Hexed Lichen > Hexed Lichen with two brushtipfuls of Off-white > Hexed Lichen glaze).


I also attached his backpack, just that bit left.

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Sowerberry begins.

I don't know enough Dickens to know if he's an existing character, like all the other named members of his faction, or an original creation (pretty much all my classic literary knowledge came from watching Wishbone in the 90's).




I did his face (1:1 Dead Flesh/Dwarf Flesh > Flesh Wash > 1:1 Dead Flesh/Dwarf Flesh > 1:1:1 Dead Flesh/Dwarf Flesh/Bonewhite) and his hair (1:1 Wolf Grey/Off-white > Light Grey Wash).

I did try and give him glowing blue eyes, but they were just too small and recessed, after the fourth attempt I just flooded the sockets with Flesh Wash and called it a day.

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I haz painted!

(Since I've got a couple dozen more Twisted minis coming soon, I thought I should try and take a crack at that particular pile first).


0nIRyoa.jpg ZVj705N.jpg


Painted his hat and coat (Hexed Lichen on the outside, 1:1 Hexed Lichen/Pure Black on the inside), then gave it all a good Black Wash.

The purple areas were highlighted with Hexed Lichen plus a brushtipful of Off-white, then Hexed Lichen plus two brushtipfuls of Off-white and then 1:1 Hexed Lichen/Off-white. While the black areas were highlighted with 1:1:1 Hexed Lichen/Pure Black/Off-white.

Finally the largest highlight was smoothed out with a glaze of Hexed Lichen.


Then I painted up the various straps with 1:1 Scarlett Red/Leather Brown, with Bronze fastenings.



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