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Steampunk People Part 1

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Such wonderful works of art 

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Thanks guys!

It's nice to be painting again, even if it's still a bit too hot for it.




Bah! Forgot to change the setting on my lamp before taking the piccy :down:


So I painted his hat candle (Bonewhite, Pale Yellow and Red Orange), his cravat (Sky Blue > 1:1 Sky Blue/Off-white) and his waistcoat/gloves (1:1 Stone Grey/Wolf Grey > Light Grey Wash > 1:2 Stone Grey/Wolf Grey > 1:2:1 Stone Grey/Wolf Grey/Off-white and then some Black Wash in the deeper recesses).

Not too happy with his waistcoat or gloves at the moment, but I'm wondering if it's because it blends in too much with his unpainted parts, so I'm going to come back to them later. 

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But I've got to say I don't see the resemblance...





Painted his trousers (Magic Blue > Black Wash > Magic Blue > 1:1 Magic Blue/Wolf Grey) and boots (Leather Brown > Black Wash > Leather Brown > 1:1 Leather Brown/Cork Brown), couldn't quite work out where his trousers ended and his boots began but hopefully they look okay.


Then I started working on his chains, they're Oily Steel with a Black Wash so far.


And now I've painted his chains, I've finally realised this mini is probably based on Jacob Marley.

Hopefully changing his name doesn't mean the Dickensians faction won't eventually get a Christmas Carol-inspired gang, I really want a steampunked trio of Christmas Ghosts. 

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Was going to highlight up the Oily Steel parts, but I liked how they looked, so I moved on to his clocks (Brassy Brass > Brown Wash case, 1:1 Wolf Grey/Off-white > Light Grey Wash face and Pure Black hands).

Just got to paint his base and he's done.

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