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Rainbow Dragon challenge: a Sanwah Production

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So all the cool kids have one of these threads, even my 14 year old daughter has beat me to the punch....so here goes:


Dragon: Deathsleet







Colour 1: Pure White

Colour 2: Lemon Yellow

Colour 3: Orange Brown


Shame it isn't the other way round...then he could be a tiger dragon....but alas, not to be.


I am going to try for the three star, but we will see.


Now off to boil up a dragon.....

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8 hours ago, InvisibleThumb said:

Ooh tiger dragon would be awesome!  There are white tigers too, with hints of orange... 

Just went looking at White tigers....may be possible.


This is not going to be a quick process...I have a lot going on at the moment and not a lot of spare time to paint

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