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Sir Conlan 77200

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Greetings!  This post and pics are less about bragging and more about posterity.  I finished this guy up tonight and was pretty happy with how it turned out.  However, it wasn't exactly how it hoped it would look.  This is one of my favorite figs I bought in a long time, and I was stoked to get it started.  So excited that I opted not to scrape away the mold lines and did a super bad job with the spray primer, which left for a lot of flaky areas and bits of plastic sticking out.  So my plan for this fig is that next year, I will buy a new version of Sir Conlan and give him another try with some real prep beforehand.  I'm hoping this will be a sort of measuring tape for how my painting is coming along.  Worst case scenerio:  I'll have an evil twin for this cool looking fig!  Comments, critiques, and advice are always welcome!  Thanks!






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I was just thinking about posting the pics of the one I painted!  I love this sculpt and he is one of my favorites too! 

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Thanks all!


I specifically bought that green paint just for cloak, glad you like it! It honestly looks 10x better in person. I believe it was the Sybarite Green from Citadel.  I will definitely be adding patterns the next time I paint this fig.


I really like the invisible version too! Currently, I'm using this fig for an NPC, but maybe in the future he'll stumble across a Ring of Invisibility while the players are off adventuring!

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That's apretty decent job you've got there.


I look forward to seeing how you've leveled up in a year.:winkthumbs:

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