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Crowley's Ghost Archipelago Warband

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Time to get the crew together, starting with the Heritor and Warden!


Tonight was all about cleaning flash and mold lines, and there was a fair bit to do on both of these ladies. Also the Heritors swords were both really bent. They'll both be cut from their bases tomorrow and attached to new textured bases that all of the crew will be using.


More on that tomorrow!

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I removed the Heritor and Warden from their bases, as well as those of a sprue of crewmen. Then I mixed up a batch of greenstuff and stamped them with my splintered deck stamp, and then the feet of the figures. I fixed up the lines with my sculpting tool. Now I wait for them to dry!


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Images cropped to exclude Medusa bewbs. 




I'm thinking the Heritor's coat might look better in red and gold.

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Well, back to it. This time working on the Warden. Added in a bit of aqua to the blue, and worked a bunch on her face.



And a tiny bit on the Herator._20180101_214347.thumb.JPG.0cd90a43b62a34c7e0cf4bb3b1490e32.JPG

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Not sure it shows, but I was working on red last night.



I'd appreciate any thoughts, comments, criticism on her. Feel free to be brutal!

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She is LOOKIN' GOOD! I think you should redo the upper lash on her left (viewer's right) eye; re, the white breaks the arch.

The highlight red looks pretty good. I do my highlights on red in orange & yellow/orange; then I do a wash with the base red color.

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    • By lowlylowlycook
      I like Northstar's plastic fantasy figs because they have a Dark Age, Tolkienesque feel.  I've decided to paint up my dwarves so that I can more easy justify buying the elves that are coming out soon.
      So far I've put three shades of metalic paint all the minis but I'll be painting each unit of 6 or 12 on their own.  First up are some speardwarves . 

      I'm thinking that the beards should lean towards blonde to complement the blue cloth.  Maybe some pale yellow spear shafts?  Oh, and I also need to order some transfers for their shields.
      Eventually the whole army  will all get some Polyshades brushed on to pick out the details.
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      So, a looooooong time ago, I painted this as a gift to my then-girlfriend (now wife), known to a few around here as Nissiana:

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      The white patch on her thigh is greystuff, required for some gap filling.
      Here we go!
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      These three are from the Northstar Military Figures Skeleton Set, meant for the D&D game I found myself DM'ing after 10 years, lol.  


      My photo skillz are suffering more than ever it seems.. Here is another try with different lighting:

      They are very finely detailed and great fun to paint. Thanks for looking and C&C is as always very much appreciated. 
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      So today I got my "Pirates" set from Antediluvian Miniatures. Nine days, transatlantic. The set consists of "pirates" who could conceivably be painted to somewhat resemble Inigo Montoya, Fezzik, Vizzini, and the Man in Black, aka Westley the Barn Boy, aka the Dread Pirate Roberts.

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      *Prince Humperdinck
      *The Six Fingered Man
      *Miracle Max
      *Max's wife?


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