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Very nice.  Every time I see painted Cthulhu Wars pieces I get the urge to start working on all my playing pieces.  Then I take a look at the current backlog of miniatures I have to paint for commissions and (eventually) for myself, give my head a quick shake and then pour myself another drink and get back to work . . .


The Egg

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    • By buglips*the*goblin
      Want more WIP threads like this one?  Check these out!
      01614 Con Crud 
      02818 Bugbear Warrior
      Hello again, friends and neighbours! 
      Several years ago, after the Bones I kickstarter, I made a thread to help people who had just signed up for a ridiculous amount of Bones minis get used to painting and encourage them to just jump right on in!  This thread was even more successful than I thought and, much to my astonishment, brings new people to our hobby even today.  I thought it was time for a fresh update that might be just as helpful, and maybe give us something to point new people to when they first decide to pick up a brush and become One of Us.
      Often when new people come by and have no idea where to start, the first general question is: what are your aims and requirements?  This basically breaks down to: do you need pieces done for a game, or do you want to paint just to paint?  The idea behind this WIP is to give us something to show people the difference in practice.  So with the able assistance of Guindyloo, I will be painting Thanis in my usual fast-but-decent method and she will show us how nice things can be when you spend some time on them. 
      There are, of course, many ways to paint a mini so this thread is just an example of our present working methods and by no means serve as the only way to do it, or the final word on the matter.  Those of you just joining our hobby may have your own ideas about how to do things, and by all means you should use your own best judgment!  All we do here is just give you some things to think about.
      So on to the mini you came in here to see, and I hope this thread proves useful! 
      Here's my Thanis, fresh from her blister pack:


    • By Tenzin Drakefang
      This one took me a long time, but it was fun, and I think it turned out rather nice!

    • By Tenzin Drakefang
      This one was extremely fun!

    • By Tenzin Drakefang
      This one took me a long time, but it was surprisingly fun!
      ""A mummy with a red and white cape, copper sword, white headdress and tunic, and golden jewelry and belt with encrusted lapis lazuli and turqoise. Holds golden staff with lapis jackal head. Stands on a rocky sandstone base surrounded by sand.""
      Soon to be sold on eBay with two others.

    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      As mentioned elsewhere, I'm running some Savage Rifts, so I'm in need of a bunch of Big Stompy Robots. Now while I don't have any Rifts specific ones (mostly because as far as I know they have never been made), I do like me some Big Stompy Robots.  As we're playing using 28 mm figs, that ruled out CAV, Robotech, etc.  But, as luck would have it, do have some others. So the first one I'm building is West Wind's SOR-G03, the Tiger Mecha.  I recently received this as an add-on from their Panzermech Kickstarter.  When I ordered it I didn't really realize quite how big it actually is.  This thing is massive!!

      This is where I'm at so far.  Just glued the lower torso to the base.  There will be some gap filling to do around the feet, but that's not bad, its just dirt and rubble so should be easy to add to.
      The turret is all prepped and I've been prepping the many metal pieces (the ones on the paper are ready, the stuff on the mat is for the next session).
      I haven't done much resin (not to say I don't own lots, just none of it is done ).  I'm tempted to magnetize the center pivot, so the turret could rotate.  A couple issues with that though: 1) I need to find my magnets, 2) I got my magnets for Robotech (6mm scale) so I'm not sure I have anything big enough, 3) I've never done magnets with resin, 4) I've never done magnets with that much surface contact, so don't know what wear on the paint would be like.
      Paint scheme will be using the late war German paint colours from Scale 75, as I got those most of a year ago for the panzer I was going to do during the actual Panzermech kickstarter (and which is still sitting on top of my desk in a baggy).
      Secrets of the Third Reich takes place in 49 (with the war having not ended) so that seems appropriate.
      I'm not planning on using an airbrush (since I still haven't learned to use mine...sigh, or even have it set up currently). So we will see how it goes.  At least it is smaller than Khanjira.
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