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Reaper 25th Anniversary Miniature for December - Ametrine Earthlyte

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It's adorabe, I like the miniature, but... I feel it's not a good way to close the 25th anniversary line. It lacks some meta significance as the first one (the reaper) had, or an epic touch that would close it on a grandiose way. To me It's far better than let's say for example the Loremistress or Elanter: to exchange her for one of them and close the line with something bigger would have been better to me. 

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11 minutes ago, Inarah said:

Her face is sweet. Hard to tell about the rest of her, there is so much going on.

I'm picturing her yelling "FIRE IN THE HOLE!"


Then some orcs/goblins going BOOM! a moment later.


The dilemma now is *when* to get her if there's another 12 Days of Christmas promotion coming up. I don't order that much stuff that often.

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That is a nice miniature, and with my wife on board to get the nativity set (and me wanting the christmas colors haha), I may actually get some 25th anniversary mini's finally. But I am confused, is she holding the dagger in her left hand, backwards? what I mean by that is, it looks like it's palm out, not fingers out as would be normal. Is that the way she is supposed to be holding it?

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Great figure, but I don't really see much resemblance to the original. Other anniversary figures have been basically updates to the old figures. Newer, done in an updated, fancier style, but still basically the same character. This one is very nice, and an alchemist/rogue dwarf is a cool idea, but it has no real similarity to the original figure, other than both being female dwarves. It would be as if you'd released Domur as a barbarian.

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