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Rottweiler Grav Tank for my IMEF

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1 hour ago, TaleSpinner said:

What program are you using?  It looks almost like Creo.


Fusion 360.  It's free for hobbyists using it non-commercially and for students. 

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Still have a lot more detailing work to do on the main hull, but the first pieces are on the printer now! This is the barrel and gun mount.  Next up will be the two turret halves and the hatch.


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All of the turret and hatch pieces printed. i see some small changes that need to be made, and I learned some things, but overall, I'm really pleased with this part of it.  

Now I just have to finish the hull.

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Haven't had much of a chance to work on this in the last 8 days. Other projects jumped ahead of them, as well as work and kids. Finally getting back to it tonight. 


First up, the tank with the side sponsons.  I'm not even going to bother to print both the side sponsons out at this point, as they're not my intended build. I merely wanted them for the upload to Thingiverse:


Here it is with the gun rails. I'm guessing these are going to be tricky to print, but we'll see how it goes.  Rottweiler_wGunRails_121617.thumb.png.db761d9195316a7816934aecdbfcfd85.png

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Closing in on finishing the design.  Just have the rear hatch to design, and other than tweaks, I should be done. Converting a bunch of the parts to stl now so i can begin printing them. 


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Finally getting back to this, but probably won't get it finished before I have to leave on a week long business trip.


Side sponsons and gun rail options printed. I will be using the rail option.



I'm cutting the sniper gun off the figure and mounting it to the rail:



The front hull is on the printer. I'm just over an hour in to what is supposed to be a 9 hour print.



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On 01/12/2017 at 9:07 AM, lowlylowlycook said:

This has me trying to remember the names of some old, 3d, wireframe games from my Apple II days.   


Elite!, obviously but what was the name of that tank game.  Laser something?


Are you thinking of BattleZone, the 1980's version by chance? 


Also, I love the look of this tank! 

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after a very busy January, I got the rear hull to a point I could export an stl.  It will go on the printer tomorrow.   It's not 100% finished, but done enough for now. 


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