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Tis the Season for HOBBY GOALS!! (December Hobby Goals)

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I’m starting in on the basing of a trio of 1/72 scale individuals. I expect that they will be the last figures varnished and entered into the log for December and for 2017. Pictures after varnish...

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On 12/2/2017 at 4:07 PM, Werkrobotwerk said:

well, since I got absolutely nothing done last month, the plan for this month is to do more than that!

more specifically I want to get the two necromunda gangs painted.

as is traditional I got distracted this month and did things, but not necessarily what I intended to do.


2 escher gangers

modified mantic ref bot

4 red black star corsairs

"Monarch" mantic enforcer character

5 rusty dragon bar segments


some painting:

the other 8 escher gangers

modified bones goblin (giblet, for starfinder)

modified bones imef as vesk (rash for starfinder)

modified bones ninja/mantis assassin/kulathi as shiran mystic(tswinn for starfinder)

mantic space rat  for starfinder


built and primed but not painted

10 deathwatch space marine characters

10 goliath gangers

chaos wizard in terminator armor

7 void minis name unknown

6 mantic mutant dogs


built not primed:

18 mantic zombies

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Might as well post my year end report. Plan on doing some more this afternoon but not likely to finish any thing. Didn't keep a list of what I painted for the year so this may not be entirely accurate. I thought about doing a year end group photo like some others have but I think I'll spend my time slapping more paint on instead of sorting them all out. This was a very productive year for painting and terrain making for me. May 2018 continue with that! ::):


Main 2017 goals

Paint all partially painted minis from years gone by. Successful except for one GW HE lord with bow. But I've got 5 or 6 new ones sitting partially done again. Think it was about 10 minis.


Finish my Romans. So close. Painted about 60 or so minis. 6 Camel cavalry to go and they are 50% painted. And then I bought another box of skirmishers so 16 velites left and they are partially painted too. If I focused on them I could finish in a week or less. There's also some new cavalry coming out in a few months that I really want to buy.


Finish my goblins. Painted about 20 bought another about 50 (Bones 3 and Oathmark). These will be #1 priority next year too which honestly doesn't mean much. ::P: Just that some of them will be sitting in my painting area all the time whether or not I'm doing anything with them.


Make better looking terrain. Redid and flocked some old hills, made a couple fast new ones. Nothing special but look decent. Made over 5' of river sections with a bunch of corners/turns. Made a swampy pond. Made a bigass tavern and have plans on making 2 interior levels for it. Made half a dozen pieces of scatter terrain. Painted my large Bones terrain, DDS2 ruins, Bonehenge and Obsidian crypt. Made and beautified a bunch (30?) of trees. Bought a 5'x8' chunk of green fake fur on sale for a mat/table cover. Love that thing but still don't know why in the world someone makes green fake fur. :rolleyes:


Bonus things

Paint up monsters. Finished 2 hydras (ok 1 was painted when I bought it but I put him on a base),  stone giant, chimera, giant scorpion, 3 zombie trolls,  feels like I'm forgetting something.


Paint random minis that caught my eye. Think this was about 10-15 man sized minis.


Force the kids to paint things. I'm not good at this and honestly think forcing somebody to do crafts is counterproductive. But there were a few times when they painted some things with me. So maybe another 10 minis done.


Many hours of terrain making and painting videos watched.


So over a hundred minis finished, quite a bit of new, good looking terrain and a few games played. Definitely a successful year. Now I feel like going and writing up all my 2018 goals but I think I'll leave that for later. If I can keep this pace up I'll be finished my main projects in another 10 years. Then I can start on my secondary ones.

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Attempted to paint 150 minis this year. I got to 97. So even though I didn't reach my goal I got a lot done. Hoping to do more than that next year. I've got a game to paint and a long list of other things to do. 

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On 12/22/2017 at 11:20 AM, Darkmeer said:

Current list o projects is really long, but I have some basic plans.


Organize hobby space for the new year.

Finish 4 figures.  I have 4 figures on the painting desk and I think I can do that. 

Any additional figures before the new year are a bonus.


finished two figures.  Likelihood of two more is not very.  Good news is that 4 will be done VERY early in January.

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