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1 hour ago, Pingo said:

Ooh, shiny! Prettiest modrons ever!


Thanks, Pingo!



53 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:



Thanks, NecroMancer!



45 minutes ago, LittleBluberry said:

I really like how the colors turned out, they look just like real ornaments.  ^_^  


The link to the store entry is here, but no word yet on whether we'll be able to get them this year or not.

https://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Special Edition Figures/latest/01590


Thanks, LittleBluberry!   Thank you also for the link to the figures.  When I searched for "Santa's Helpers" in the store, i got nothing.   And of course, I now see they are offered in this year's 12 Days post...

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Very nice work!

I especially like that you used the GW gem paints; I haven't seen any examples of it used before. I may have to pick some of them up.

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