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Painting Dog

Need Help With This Wolf's Face

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I'm working on a pair of minis for a friend's D&D ranger. I have the wolf pretty much done -- and I'm generally happy with him. But...the face!


I don't feel like he has a face. The eyes don't stand out at all (I tried some brighter orange-yellow shades and ended up with something that looked like The Joker's lapdog).  The whole face seems to just moosh into the rest of the body and disappear. 


I know this is a contrast thing -- I just have no idea how to attack it. I tried brightening highlights, I tried glazing in shadows. All I end up with is a darker or lighter version of the same problem. Anybody have any suggestions?


Thanks, Group Mind!



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You could grizzle him up with a little near white on the muzzle, eyebrows, and ears. Exaggerate it in specific locations so it isn't just highlighted, it is gruff. 

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Good suggestion, @Cyradis, thanks!  Does this look any better?  (I felt like it did in person, but now looking at the pictures I'm not sure.)


Thanks again -- this helps a lot. :)



I'm wondering -- Since this is meant for tabletop, should I maybe take pictures from more that kind of distance to judge whether there's enough contrast, as opposed to focusing so close up?

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On my grey wolves I pushed the contrast: darker darks and lighter lights.




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BONUS POINTS for painting a WOLF.


Also...when painting animals, look at pictures of the real thing.

Nature is the best painter, follow her example.




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