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Fire Giant Warrior 77178

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I painted this fire giant over the last few days.  I had some grand plans on making this guy really unique: lighter skin to make it look like old charcoal or ash, a gold sword, bright and intense glowing from those balls and chains on his belt.  Needless to say, those plans changed greatly during execution.  The light skin tone made him look like a zombie, the ball and chain looked like scrambled eggs, and I didn't even bother with a gold sword.  This is one I really wish I had done a Work In Progress post to ask for advice on getting those ideas to really pop on the figure.  He ended up pretty generic, but at least a generic fire giant still looks pretty cool. I'm hoping to retry some of my wild ideas on a different fire giant in the future, and I will definitely have a WIP post to help me along the way.  Critiques and advice are welcome and appreciated! Thank you!



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I think he looks good!  I really like his sword!


The only C&C I have is that sometimes you have to push through those things that aren't coming out to plan.  First, its a good way to learn what techniques or colors don't work so next time you have a better idea of what you need to do.  Second, if you stick with what you are doing it might have the Bob Ross Effect.  Have you ever seen when Bob Ross has a beautiful painting then he goes to paint a cabin or something else and when he first paints it on there it looks like crap?  But then by adding little detail and highlights it comes out looking amazing.  So sometimes while it may look like crap while you are working  the end product may be terrific. 



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Thank you for advice!  I usually wait until the end to make any changes, but the light skin looked sooooo bad with everything else.  It really clashed with the silver and gold metals, and made for an ugly color scheme.  I plan on using the ashy/coal look for the Fire Giant Jailor, with more black on the armor and weaponry.  I think it'll be really neat, but for this fig it just didn't seem like the right call. 


Does anyone know when the Jailor will be available for retail purchase?  I just got into painting a few months ago, so I have missed all of the kickstarters so far and have been relying on my LGS for all figs and paints.  I will definitely be in on the next one though!

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I think you did a good job on him.

Necromancer's advice was spot on. Keep practicing.:winkthumbs:


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