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What Reaper Holiday colors can do in 2-D design

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So, I know I have a post already for my 2-D design work, but I wanted to do a separate one because 1)This is my Final Piece for my 2-D design class and 2) It using 5 colors from the holiday colors paint set (and one from Core skills set), and the rest is black Micron Pens:)

The Colors were:

09658 - Christmas Wreath

09659 - Ginger Cookie

09687 - Holly Berry

09688 - Peppermint White

09692 - Frosty Blue

I really liked how this piece came out, stayed very true to the design I envisioned. A few mishaps (Patriot 105 had to be broke down and re-adjusted, spilled water on piece grr, and when I took mask off, it pulled a little piece of green in corner), but still came out well. So the final project I chose was a design for an album cover, so I imagined a Christmas/greatest hits type of album cover for my Favorite Finger picking guitarist, Doyle Dykes. Hope you guys enjoy it, C&C always welcome.


Yes, it came out Christmasy (is that a word?), and it's Christmas, coincide? Maybe haha


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