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01614 - Con Crud, Convention Zombie

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I recently got my ReaperCon goodies from my convention buddy. Since I caught a cold right before coming home from Kuwait, this mini felt especially relatable to me.




I looked over Buglips' and Guindyloo's versions of the mini, and they informed how I went a bit. Guindyloo's eye in particular was something I wanted to try replicating. I think I did an okay job. I should have picked a lighter color of blue, though. The pupil doesn't really stand out from the iris. 




My tissue box's lines ended up not being quite as clean as I would've liked. I need to practice my freehand more.

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You did an awesome job!

A lighter blue would’ve stood out more, but I can clearly see the iris and pupil; I think you did more than an okay job! ^_^

We all need more practice on freehand; the important part is getting in there and doing it!

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