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I think I've hit that point where I can admit, I officially have too many projects going. I have three figures in various stages of being painted (the orc, elf ranger, and a halfling PC). I have a full box of Cadian Shock Troopers primed with only one test painted and that one isn't even fully test painted. There are three kobold in various stages of being painted and modified. I found some plastic skull rings that are being painted to be used as shields. I think the kobold with the sword would look great with a shield. Last but not least I have a wiz kids miniature I'm working on for my wife.

At the moment I don't have a dedicated painting station, our place right now is pretty small. So I started using an old carving knife box to store my ongoing projects. It's never been this full before though. I know I can't be the only one with this problem, heck this might even be a mild case.








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Currently working on two Busts, One Dragon, one normal sized 28mm mini and one larger monster on a 40mm base.

A normal situation in Glitterwolf's Lair.



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Be glad you are limited to just a box!  I am extremely lucky to have a whole workroom in the basement dedicated to my hobby, but it is just about full of projects in various stages...some have been languishing in partial completed stage for years!   

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Nah, no worries. Just plug away at them. Select 4 of them and have them in front of you at all times. Others one put in the back. I find it helpful to have a little A.D.D; 4 primary piece to work on, and other miniatures to prep and get ready, not to mention any terrain you can do on the side. For me, it's more about not having a reason to stop  because I am getting a little bored on something else. So I prioritize... and if it "aint" in the top 4 it isn't a big deal. :poke:


  • 4 Miniatures
  • 2 terrain pieces ready to paint 
  • 1 mini diorama 
  • 1 set of terrain stowed away (LOL)
  • planning 2 major Diorama's 
  • Oh, and needing to ship a pack out. 
  • And a at least 10 primed and read to paint (whenever I see fit to do it but they are ready)


For me, this is about average, although I usually procrastinate a bit and it gets extended as far as time frame. Plenty of stuff to do I just have to get in my office to do it. Darn holidays and video games. ::P: 


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Yup, as you can see, you're in very good company, so no worries.:winkthumbs:


As for myself, I have just decided it's easier to stop counting the unfinished projects.:lol:

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Oh one thing I did find that helps is glancing over and deciding at what level you paint something. Once you decide what level it breaks up the work into more manageable pieces (in your head) so you look at those piece over there and know it will only take you about 3 hours to finish all 6... for example. Whereas these two over here will take you 6 per miniature. etc etc etc.

  • Highest grade ( or learning grade)
    • Basically you are trying to do the best you can and even try something new out.
    • Unlimited passes (or checks to see what else you need to do on it)
  • Average Grade (Table top Plus)
    • 6 to 10 passes 
  • Table Top grade
    • Usually done in batch style painting and usually only 3 to 4 layers at most.
    • Only about 2 passes
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Hearing about everyone else's projects puts my little box in perspective. Especially with most of them being a simple batch project (Cadian Shock Troopers).

Even after I finish what's in the box I probably have only thirty minis in boxes and blister packs before I'm literally out of miniatures to paint.

I guess I'm sitting pretty right now, that is until the kickstarter ships. Once that shows up I'll be in real trouble.

Pictures of what's waiting, though my wife has a pretty decent collection for me to paint too.




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I've been painting for about a year (13 months, but who's counting, right?) now and according to my little spreadsheet, I have: 



Like you though, I'll be in real trouble once Bones IV ships.. especially since I keep revisiting and adding expansions to my order every other month or so... I put myself on a purchasing hold ( except for the 13 or so that I still need for my chess set - only one of those WIPs pictured above is part of that set! ) now that the anniversary minis are all here, so that should help..


edit: oh.. and the other two kickstarters that I'm waiting on Mini's from.. and the 3D printer that'll arrive in February to make MOAR minis with!!  sigh.. I'll just start reinforcing the roof like @Bruunwald suggests..

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I had this issue, and my solution was to decide whether or not my miniatures were worth doing at all.  So I said to myself if they were good enough to buy then they were good enough to paint, right?  So in that case, what causes Figmentus Flotsamus is essentially distraction.  Or, put more directly, lack of discipline.  So I vowed to take a mini, put it front and center, and paint it until is was done.  Then grab the next one and do the same.  


This sometimes means working on something when I'm not "feeling it", but I sit in the chair and do it anyway.  Not only does this result in more things getting finished, it prevents me from skipping out on parts I don't know what to do with.  Instead of putting something aside when I don't know how to paint that weapon, or potion bottle, or fiddly straps, I have no choice but to find a solution.  This has the side effect of making me better at painting things I might otherwise avoid, since they come up again and again.  


Don't wait on your motivation, make your motivation obey you instead.  I can tell you that at this moment, the very last thing I want to do is paint my Shadowrun Feathered Serpent.  It's taking a while and it's annoying me.  It's a 100% pure candidate for Shelf of Shame.  I will therefore suck it up and put my time in anyways, and in another week or so this hell will be over and I'll have him added to my collection of accomplishments.  


Not every miniature comes out as a 10/10.  It happens.  I have bad days or lack certain skills.  But almost all turn out okay, and some wind up being quite good - and if only 1 in 10 come out as good as I'd like, then it's still more than I would get doing it the other way.  Because some of the really good ones are ones I didn't know how to do and never would have otherwise tried.  And some turn out good because three before them taught me what to do right.  And some just have that special magic of being in the zone where it all turns out right and seems easy.  


But there will always be another miniature waiting in line, so I don't worry too much about what one is presently in front of me if it looks like a gnome but turns out to be an angry bear.  Do what you can with it, call it done, move onto the next.  Do this enough and a lot of the boring parts go into autopilot mode.  A lot of the fiddly fussy bits get less fiddly and fussy.  Eventually all minis will start to feel the same and you'll burn through projects so quickly not only will you be amazed at what you've done, but you'll actually completely forget having done some.


Did you guys know I have a Red Dragon of Krynn?!*



*I bought that in February and got it in so fast, stripped so fast, and painted so fast I'm still surprised when I see it on the shelf.  I even made a WIP out of it, can't remember doing any of it.  Might as well have been done by Santa's Elves.  

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I don't really work on more than one project at a time. It takes me forever to paint one miniature due to how sporadic my opportunities to paint are and how slow I work. I think adding several projects into the mix would exponentially increase the amount of time it would take. I give credit to any person who has the mental stamina to work on more than one painting project. I always fear if I put it down, I might never pick it up again. I guess the only ways I could see myself working on more than one fig at a time is if I am working on an ensemble, diorama, or just got really flipping frustrated on a project. I however do have way more minis than I know I can get to in a reasonable amount of time.

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I like the spreadsheet idea for tracking. Trouble with me is it would kill a couple of weeks of hobby time just to input the data! ::P: I can honestly say I don't know how many minis I have. I tend to count armies and warbands instead. Keeps things down to double digits. I looked at your cadians and thought to myself, "I'm still not finished painting my cadians and I bought them when they were "NEW". My Eldar are almost finished but I haven't played 40k in about 10 years so I haven't been working on any of that since then. The Bones and a couple Mantic kickstarters added a lot of minis to the collection but it wasn't real small before that.


On my table at this moment are 2 GW goblin wolfriders, 4 Bones pathfinder goblins, 6 Warlord Games roman camel cavalry, a couple Agema roman velites and another handful of random minis all partly painted. I tend to have one or two groups as a primary focus and then a few almost random minis that I work on while waiting for paint or glue to dry or to use up paint when I have too much on the pallette. EVery couple of months I make an effort to finish off the random partially painted ones before moving on to the next focus unit/group. 

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10 hours ago, Pingo said:

Two years ago these were my half-finished miniatures:



I should probably say, that was when I set down to paint them, using roughly buglips' bloody-minded technique of pushing through, and just over two weeks later I had finished just over forty of them, which is about two-thirds of what was in that first photo.


... In the two years since then I have accumulated even more half-painted miniatures ... :unsure:

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      I've also narrowed my focus in drawing to portraiture, so I can bring up my skills for heads. Since I want to pursue figurative works, having solid portrait skills is going to be crucial, and it helps me stay focused in my studies and hopefully avoid lulls between studies. I'm taking Stan Prokopenko's portrait lessons as a premium member, but he makes most of these lessons free on his Proko youtube channel. I like to make study sheets while I watch the videos, and draw as many examples as I can. I picked up this amazing habit from Patrick Jones, it's really helpful for learning and later reference. Each sheet is 18x24 charcoal on newsprint.

      The final two lessons are charcoal portrait copies, where the reference photo is on one side of the screen and Stan draws on the other side, explaining his process as he draws. Here I've just about wrapped up the lay-in step. Charcoal on newsprint approx 11x14.

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