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12 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:


I really like the scorching on the end of the flamer.:winkthumbs:

I can't take much credit for that. It was right there on the box art, otherwise I'd never have thought of it. Just proves you should always keep the box art for ideas.

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I was hoping to finish the halfling and the orc. As usual plans fall through, I spent so much time working on the orc that I barely touched the halfling. 


I did a second coat of paint on the whole miniature. I've improved as a painted and started using a wet pallete since the basecoat. I could have stripped it but I figured instead I'd just keep going. Ended up working out, at least I think so.


I used a combination of HD Viper Green and Black to create a flesh wash. At first I wasn't thrilled with the ruddy complexion but it grew on me. I also used Bloodstain Red for the dried blood on the sword. 


All I need to finish is the base and touch up the face a little, but it's almost finished.  


This was also my first time doing chainmail and I found the Reaper Learn to Paint pamphlet to be really helpful.



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No painting updates today. I actually took a step backward when it comes to finishing miniatures. My local gameshop where I go for AL had a big after Christmas sale.


I thought I was done bringing home GW boxes but I was wrong. I picked up a box of twenty skaven for eight bucks. So now I have even more miniatures, at this rate I'll have a fairly respectable collection before the kickstarter ships.


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2 hours ago, robinh said:

and $8.00 is a good deal or at least based on prices here in Atlantic Canada!

My local shop doesn't really carry GW. So when they have it that means they picked it up really cheap, then they pass the savings on to us. It's the only reason I have any GW.

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Eight bucks for a box of clanrats?  Colour me envious, as they're usually five times that up here!  That's an awesome deal!

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Didn't technically get any painting done today, but I did finally seal my backlog of "finished" miniatures.


This also gave me a chance to reflect on what I've learned in just a year. This being my first year of painting I've learned a lot and that is evident in my work. Just this month I finally built and began using a wet pallete, which was a real game changer. 


It also brought to my attention how much of my time in this hobby has been spent learning. Between how to and technique videos a lot of my time in this hobby hasn't been spent painting. I believe it has laid a great foundation though.


Thirteen miniatures in a year isn't great but I am constantly learning and believe next year will be different. With some hard work and a little luck I'm hoping to be ready when Reaper IV ships.


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Your first year seems to have gone well, and time spent learning is never time wasted. As to amassing a mighty figmentian horde,  that's something that just seems to occur naturally and it isn't nessessarily a bad thing. If you see something you like and you've got the funds, go for it. Because the opposite end of that is waiting to long, it goes out of print and then you're in the position of spending quite a bit more when you decide to swoop it up. (I made this mistake with Mordheim and other GW stuff years ago) Speaking of which if you can get GW stuff at 8 bucks a box that is an extraordinary deal! Even if you eventually decide later to resell it, there's a market for it and you'll have no trouble regaining your investment. But the most important thing is to paint what you like and have fun.

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I doubt I'll ever play any GW games but I do like the kits. The Skaven will be useful for D&D though, well more useful than the Cadiens.

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Dang autocorrect.
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This thread made me take a look at my current projects,

A few tehnolog minitures are still awiting paint(they're larger than Heroic scale, and pretty cheap... ), one Tehnolog walker is partially painted, and a flyer is halfway through modification...   

Kaladrax is ready for a hot bath, some pins and primer.

28 Skeletons(20 infantry, 8 archers)+ assorted bits from Mantic has been cleaned for mould lines and glued together, just waiting for the last 2 archers before a bath and primer.

Stormwing is going through the Rainbow challenge...

Kyphrixis just got a bath to reset a rather messy airbrush session...

Wyrmgear has has mould lines removed and is being 'fixed'...  

The Reaper Nativity scene has had the 'wood framing' painted, the crib is partial, and so is Joseph, also. Didn't get any done this Christmas. Maybe next Christmas...

The Grim Squeaker just needs me to finish his skythe. (The Resin cast is OK, just considering options for painting)

A Bones Anirion just got hit with Grey Liner...  (No, not the one in the LTPK: Layer Up... That one is already painted. Repetition is the key to mastery, so... Also got him in metal... )

A DS Ranger will be modified slightly... (Yes, the one that I'm now too late to submit to a certain competition)

A Reaper Angel has had the mould lines removed, and is awaiting modifications... serious mods... including LEDs...  


Actually, there's quite a lot more, but they're mostly vague notes in my spreadsheet, yet. 

Some, like the Angel is waiting on my skills with knife, saw and drill to improve, or even on me making or getting hold of the right tools. 

Without my spreadsheet it would be impossible to keep track of all the minis(I do have 20 minis after all) or what I want to do with them.   



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My orc should be finished now. Instead of the ruddy complexion I was messing with I went a little darker. Instead of green skin I went with a very dark green. So it's more like an Uruk-hai.


I also worked on the halflings a little but didn't make much progress. 



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I'd love to do a painting update but unfortunately I can't. Didn't really get much time to paint this week. Changing my orc's complexion was the last chance I got to paint. 


Instead of painting I spent the week looking into skirmish games, finally saw the new Star Wars, and prepped for the D&D game I'm running tomorrow. That combined with all the regular trappings of life kinda got in my way.


I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things next week though. The sooner I finish what's in my painting box the sooner I'll be able to start working on those GW skaven. I'm really itching to get at those guys but I want to finish everything else first.

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Quick update today, I now understand how miniature collections can get out of hand.


Thirty-six dollars put me deeper into "the stuff I have to paint" hole.




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      Good luck

      The game is made up and the points don't matter
    • By Rat13
      I've made no secret about my opinions on Games Workshop. Though my painting box is full of their miniatures they were always bought second and sometimes third hand (I never wanted GW to get any of my money). Even my previous Cadians were bought from my local games store that has no affiliation with GW (I also know those sets and blisters came with the business when it was bought almost twenty years ago). Now I find myself in the unique position of building a Cadian army.
      My wife and I used to play weekly in D&D Adventure League but with the birth of our first child it looks like that won't be possible (We want to continue gaming at our current store but its a bit of drive and the kid is at the rolling stage so she doesn't want to be held or sit in her seat; she wants to be on the floor and we all know what gameshop floors are like). I've offered to watch the child so she can go or to switch off each week but she only wants to go together. Gaming together has always been part of our relationship, and she doesn't want to lose that. I couldn't agree more, its good to share a hobby with your spouse.
      That's when our friends started trying to recruit us to play Warhammer 40K with them. At first I was resistant but our friends get together often to play and in our area its always possible to find a game (Depending on the size it can be played fairly quickly in comparison to D&D too). After some discussion we decided 40K would give me something to paint, but it would also give us both something to play and eventually something to play together.
      Which brings us to this new project. Since I figured watching me assemble miniatures would be pretty boring I'm starting this thread right before I prime them. So here is most of my assembled starter set (I've got quite a few cheap sets of bits arriving over the next couple weeks and I'm not exactly sure what unit I'd like to create next so that's why I have so many unfinished figures).
      I'm still not a big fan of GW but having an excuse to see our friends more often is pretty nice. In a way we're kinda trading one gaming group for another (that sounds pretty mean but I think you understand what I'm saying).
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