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1 hour ago, Doublesix66 said:

I hate basing as I always wonder if it will come out alright after all the hard work making the figure looking good only to be let down due to a shoddy looking base.

I've actually tried to stay away from basing, I don't like the figures being pigeonholed. If you base them with a desert theme they look odd when you're playing in a jungle environment and vice versa. If I was doing a display piece that would be different but all of my work so far has been for the tabletop. That's why most of my figures will never be based "properly".


As for my gold bars treasure token, I just wanted something special for the central treasure, so I didn't mind "locking" it as jungle themed piece. It is also so easy to replicate that I could easily make multiple versions. 

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For years and years I didn't really do basing for the same reason you mentioned. Now I do it even if it's just some sand. Even a little bit makes it look better. I do find it a bit amusing that some models have their scenery moving along with them no matter what terrain they're in. The largest percentage of mine have some combo of sand, flock and gravel that is neutral enough that even if it is on the wrong terrain it doesn't look too terrible. I very rarely have a bush, grass tuft or big rock in addition to the other stuff.

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14 hours ago, Rat13 said:

I've actually tried to stay away from basing, I don't like the figures being pigeonholed. If you base them with a desert theme they look odd when you're playing in a jungle environment and vice versa. If I was doing a display piece that would be different but all of my work so far has been for the tabletop. That's why most of my figures will never be based "properly".



...without basing, no matter where you put them, they look like they don't belong, but they will always look unfinished.

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Today I've started a project that fell through the cracks. One of my buddies had a birthday about a week back and our group has been trying for two weeks to arrange a party for him. You would think in all the time we spent trying to lock down a date for the party I would have remembered his present. If you assume that you would be wrong. I have no excuse other than just spacing out.


Last night I finally remembered, so today I got to work. I still had my test Cadien in my painting box, so I removed it's head and started applying the "proper" base coat over that subpar test coat.


My plans are to paint the figure to completion and then attach a small fish head; I better contextualize that first sentence a little. At the last birthday party for one of our friends he had shown me some fan art of 40K Imperial Guardsmen with fish heads and told me that he'd like to do something like that. 


Armed with that knowledge I knew I wanted to do something like that for his birthday, which was coming up in about a month (Yet again you can see how much time I had to work with if I just hadn't forgot about it). So I'm scrambling to get this small part of his present finished. Next stop the dollar store to try and find some small fish figures.20180301_121736.thumb.jpg.a9991145b96eebd58188e783b1cc9216.jpg20180301_121747.thumb.jpg.1684591bb52bca81b7a59dcffd0a3728.jpg

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Unfortunately I couldn't find any fish. I did however find a lizard and a sea turtle, as luck would have it in two separate bags. Not exactly what I was looking for but they may work in a similar way (I think we all remember the Goombas from the live action Mario Bros. Movie).20180301_134940.thumb.jpg.6130f582c98a90c755fe11b6a1517547.jpg20180301_135132.thumb.jpg.ca092f7d4bb347121d319a103efd6856.jpg


I quickly decapitated both figures and since the sea turtle is hollow I filled it's head with some modeling clay.20180301_141440.thumb.jpg.16edfc8511fdca43bbb77ba96fba1272.jpg


I'm planning on checking out a couple of other stores on Saturday before D&D but I figured it was a good idea to start prepping these as a plan B.

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With the exception of priming that lizard and turtle head I didn't paint today, terrain was actually my main focus. Since I've started playing Ghost Archipelago I'm looking at terrain in a whole new light and I've decided to try my hand at it.


One of the scenarios in the book requires a watchtower, so today I set about making one. Armed with popsicle sticks and glue I started building the watchtower's main platform. I made it large enough for multiple figures because everyone will want to be the king of this "hill". Once the glue was dried I added the struts.20180302_184818.thumb.jpg.234543e29f4c520fe0c4a8c6bfc61d8c.jpg


Though I attempted to make a ladder out of popsicle sticks and toothpicks, I didn't like the way it looked. So instead of ladders I've opted to do a series of ramps that will lead to small platforms. I made three platforms but only one ramp so far.



I think the best way to assemble the ramps and platforms will be one set at a time. I haven't decided yet just how long the ramps or where the platforms will be so I want to stay flexible in my planning.


So far I'm fairly happy with what I've built, and even though I have a long way to go I'm pretty optimistic. I'm also really pleased with how cheap this build has been, all told its only cost a dollar fifty so far.

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Well it took three shops but I finally found some plastic fish. After chopping off the fish head and cleaning it up a little I'm ready to prime. With some luck I think my fish headed Cadien will be finished on time.



I ended up DMing a larger table than usual so I had a bit more store credit. About a year ago I noticed three blisters of Dark Age miniatures. Since I didn't paint back then I looked at them once and then put them right back on their shelf. Well I found them today and picked them up.20180303_210024.thumb.jpg.e8bb230b08e95826f70599e26ac642df.jpg20180303_210105.thumb.jpg.7e351dea2293bd694638db6a3573f01d.jpg



I also picked up the last three blisters of Skaven. Since I started playing Ghost Archipelago I've also been on the lookout for anything I could use for a lizardman, so I picked up three skink blisters and a lizardman.20180303_210152.thumb.jpg.268964cc7b81feac596ccd099b959335.jpg20180303_210213.thumb.jpg.4468a3f582cdf33cf19af62051a25f55.jpg20180303_210229.thumb.jpg.176441f69901b9ccf37118d67afe668b.jpg


I really need to stop DMing, I've just got too many miniatures still in their blisters and boxes.

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You're busy!


Hmm, plastic snakes and such could be used for some wildlife

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1 minute ago, Glitterwolf said:

Hmm, plastic snakes and such could be used for some wildlife

My thoughts exactly, I'll probably use a few of them, I do have a few ideas already.


I started today by priming the fish head and tail. I'm not sure if I'll use the tail but I figured I'd prime and paint it before I decide to add it or leave it off; it's always nice to have options. I'm giving it twenty-four hours to cure before I paint and attach it. I'm not sure if the figure will be finished before the party tomorrow night, time will tell.20180304_122823.thumb.jpg.d7d3f054b89bea6e15479ab366aea5f6.jpg


The Cadien needed a little cleanup and detail work, luckily I was able to do that between priming coats of the fish pieces. 20180304_122623.thumb.jpg.db03ba666085aee8db0f9b68419e40c8.jpg


Yesterday my paints were returned, so I started painting all the woodwork on my "finished" pieces. My dwarves' axes got their first coat.20180304_122545.thumb.jpg.12d087e62e9eb65283a25d20f13092eb.jpg

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My friend's present is officially finished, and with three hours to spare. I didn't expect to work on it as long as I did, but since it's a present I guess I wanted to really do my best and put in the extra effort.


I started the day painting the fish's head. Last night I was trying to figure out the fish's color scheme and had finally decided it looked a lot like an eel. With that in mind I decided to go with browns for an easy camouflage effect. If I'm asked about the color that is my story and I'm sticking to it.


I used Earth Brown for the top while I used Leather Brown for the underside. The mouth was a mixture of Black and Leather/Earth Brown, I also used this color for the undersides stripes (Once attached I couldn't get a clear Shot of these and I honestly forgot to take a picture). The dots were added to give the fish a little more personality and like the eyes are just regular Pure Black.


It was a weird build and not just conceptually. I've never used pins in a figure before so this was quite the learning experience. The first hurdle was not only discovering how tough GW figures are but that I didn't have a small enough drill bit for the job.


After a little thought I decided to drill out the neck area with my smallest bit, so the fish head could more easily fit. Being able to position the head lower also came with the added benefit of the head resting upon the rifle. By using a pin/needle I was able to start a hole in the fish head's "neck". The fish head was a much cheaper and easier plastic to work with and after the hole was started it was easy to work in the metal pin.


Then came the task of making a hole in the figures neck for the pin. That took a little elbow grease but I finally managed. I test fit the head on and was pleased with the look. After that it was just a matter of adding some glue into the neck and pressing the pinned head back into place.


Once everything had dried I sealed the miniature. I honestly have no idea if my friend is going to use it on the tabletop or as a display piece so I figured it was better to be safe than sorry. Besides I think it safe to assume the figure will get handled quite a bit when I give it to him (I've given out creative gifts before and they almost always make their rounds amongst the guests so everyone can see what crazyness I've come up with).


Even though basing isn't really my thing after finishing the figure I had to admit it looked incomplete; had this been a figure for myself I would have left it, but it being a present meant I was going to try harder. I applied some glue to the base and added some black rocks.


I let the piece dry and honestly thought I was finished. When I came back though I couldn't help but notice the rocks needed a little something more. I coated the rocks with a little glue and then sprinkled on some moss.20180305_145207.thumb.jpg.a5455d597325c73b4082e42069ec3a77.jpg20180305_145217.thumb.jpg.77daf1d8460c089d0b8aa9da200f4bf7.jpg


All in all I think the piece looks great, especially with how down to the wire the build was.

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On 1/20/2018 at 8:58 AM, Rat13 said:

I do too, I really wish the seller knew something about it. At first I thought he was selling terrain he built but when I was talking with him he told me he bought them but couldn't remember where.


I'm going to do a little digging to see if I can find out where they came from.

I didn't catch whether or not you figured it out, but they look like Hirst Arts Egyptian mold items. 


On 3/1/2018 at 9:17 AM, malefactus said:


...without basing, no matter where you put them, they look like they don't belong, but they will always look unfinished.

This!! This is true. 


Love the fish dude!

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The last few days I've been working on my watchtower instead of painting. I'll probably make a thread for it in terrain, it just doesn't really fit here, even though it's one of my ongoing projects.


Today I made some real progress on the painting front. All the axes got a wash of Pure Black on their hafts and the beards got painted. 20180309_130304.thumb.jpg.b8942bf09acfe0ea49dd75451012f820.jpg


I didn't have the drive to finish them all at once, but I was able to finish four of them today. These of course were the ones that already had their faces and shield hands painted.20180309_130222.thumb.jpg.095587286c1af14b7c5d4d3977861770.jpg20180309_130239.thumb.jpg.5e644d823b3650b0e1a4447643d56aad.jpg


My musical dwarves also got a few touch ups, but I didn't really make much progress.20180309_130344.thumb.jpg.8aa4baeb32833a800485376d8491a6fb.jpg


My game plan going forward is to finish the last three generic dwarves before returning to my marksmen. I'm a little burnt out on dwarves at the moment. 

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This month is shaping up to very busy, with a baby shower and moving to a new apartment, I'm not sure how much time I'll get to paint. Knowing that a dedicated painting area is only a few weeks away is also affecting my hobby motivation. 


This unfortunately isn't a painting update but a collection update. Last Saturday I DMed a session of D&D and with my store credit I added to my already gigantic backlog. Remember when I said I wanted to finish "most" of my backlog before I bought new figures?


I ended up with five blisters of Dark Elf Crossbowmen, a Dark Elf Command, a Dark Elf Cold One Knight's Standard, and an Orc Boarboy Standard Bearer. 20180312_170722.thumb.jpg.ba9467a960db429340c2795b9810369e.jpg20180312_170749.thumb.jpg.56d5471fc629cf79b629764dfafb1256.jpg


The shop owner told me he had more of these Warhammer blisters in the back that he'd find and put out. I'm hoping they're out for my last session next week because he is currently out of Skaven and Dark Elves.

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While I waited for the glue to dry on a couple pieces of my watchtower I painted a little. I only hit a couple areas but each figure is now closer to completion. 


I painted and washed all the hands and faces, I did the first coat of a beard, and I changed the color of a sash. I'm pretty happy with the progress of just a quick session.20180316_143041.thumb.jpg.7758cd6f9b21e9886c803241c743ab3b.jpg20180316_143054.thumb.jpg.18d30928e04db2e81060f807c161fdd6.jpg20180316_143127.thumb.jpg.6dd2d0a87270c4816133825c58b97b4f.jpg20180316_143152.thumb.jpg.86460e207eb81b41b75e29020a9f3338.jpg


Today I used:

Heart Throb Pink-09600 (I redid the sash in this color)

Dirty Bone-09271 (I mixed this with the pale saffron to do the first coat of a beard)

Pale Saffron-29809

Scholar Flesh-09444

Flesh Wash-09253

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As of last night I am officially done DMing, at least for awhile. Hopefully I can get some of my backlog painted now. This will also hopefully put my miniature acquisitions on hold for awhile (which is good because I have a backlog of forty-seven blisters and most of them have three figures inside).


Luckily the owner pulled out his second box of Warhammer blisters yesterday and I was able to get some new sculpts and unique pieces. On the Skaven front I picked up a Plague Monk Command, a Giant Rat Packmaster, Warp Fire Throwers, a Rat Ogre, and a different set of Plague Monk sculpts. Lastly I picked up a pack of Lizard Temple Guard Command for use in Ghost Archipelago. 20180318_095030.thumb.jpg.76195aaf6471193bbb506f21eb3fd034.jpg20180318_095055.thumb.jpg.23fb4551181b41e90f4fea1dd699345e.jpg20180318_095118.thumb.jpg.f51c28b7a5b29dcdf0402a817effe54e.jpg


I'm looking forward to returning to D&D as a player again, fifteen straight sessions is tiring. I didn't realize how quickly DM fatigue can set in until I was running a hardcover that sucks. After Hoard of the Dragon Queen I may stick to running modules from now on.


On a painting note, I think I mentioned before that at the end of the month I'll be moving and at the new place I'll have a dedicated painting station. That is something I am definitely looking foward to but has certainly affected my hobby motivation. Knowing that a dedicated workstation is so close has made the prospect of unpacking and repacking my supplies for a painting session feel more tedious than it really is. We'll just have to see what happens in the next couple weeks.

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      I've also narrowed my focus in drawing to portraiture, so I can bring up my skills for heads. Since I want to pursue figurative works, having solid portrait skills is going to be crucial, and it helps me stay focused in my studies and hopefully avoid lulls between studies. I'm taking Stan Prokopenko's portrait lessons as a premium member, but he makes most of these lessons free on his Proko youtube channel. I like to make study sheets while I watch the videos, and draw as many examples as I can. I picked up this amazing habit from Patrick Jones, it's really helpful for learning and later reference. Each sheet is 18x24 charcoal on newsprint.

      The final two lessons are charcoal portrait copies, where the reference photo is on one side of the screen and Stan draws on the other side, explaining his process as he draws. Here I've just about wrapped up the lay-in step. Charcoal on newsprint approx 11x14.

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