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Jasper gets back to painting with some IMEF marines

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Got my painting room into shape enough to start painting.  Since I haven't really done much since...May? I figured I'd just done some quick table top figs to get back into it.

Most of my figs are still stuffed in the closet or basement, but I found a bag of IMEF marines I'd been using as proxies for SecFor IV in MERCS: Recon until I got some MERCS painted.

Picked out one of each (don't seem to have the kneeling guy, have to track him down once I get my Bones out of the closet) and threw some brown liner on them.



So far I've determined I need to steal the comfy padded chair back from my wife. The hard wooden chair will not do for long sessions.....


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Now that Christmas festivities are over, time to paint.

Starting with 80016, Nick Stone.  Just base coats, working out the colour scheme.



Solid Black, Blond Shadow, Olive Skin Shadow, Khaki Shadow, Olive Shadow and some IMEF Olive on the breastplate.


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Just tided him up a bit and then did and AP Strong Tone wash on him this morning.



My phone seems to find all that white from my new paint rack a little bright for taking picks.  Need find a piece of cardboard or something in a grey or brown to stick behind for WIP shots....the red cup is very nice but may be throwing off the colours slightly.


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Didn't get a lot done today, but did get a first pass at the face and the khaki parts.



Once I get the olive parts highlighted I'll probably revisit those.

Good to get 2 days of painting in a row though.  Here's hoping for 3....


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Had a nice cup of tea and did some more painting this morning. Tea worked well as a timer; when it was gone it was time for a break...



First pass on highlighting the Olives is done, although I already see a few spots to improve. And I need to tone down the bottom of the khaki on his legs, those are too bright compared to everything else.

Straps, metals, hair, base all still to go, but progressing at a decent rate for me, for table top.


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These guys got pushed to the back there for a while, but today I felt like getting back at them.

Didn't want to do detail work, so started base coating Jigsaw and Reggie.



Nick is just there for reference.  He's unchanged from the last pic.


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I have a few of these in my mountain of unpainted miniatures. I have no idea when I'll get to them, but I'll be watching this thread for ideas. Looks like your project is off to a great start.

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