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I bought a pack of Wiz Kid's D&D kobolds a while back, which sat in my painting box longer than I'd like to admit. As it stands now two out of the three of them are painted.


One however just looked like it was missing something. It has it's left arm raised almost in a defensive way, but it had no shield. So I figured I'd give it one.


It just so happened my wife and I still had leftover candy from the trick or treaters this year (not many kids were out). My wife always makes sure to pick up things like bubbles, stickers, and plastic what not to throw in the bowl in case a child with allergies happens to come by. This year she bought some plastic rings and we still had a ton of them. I couldn't help but notice how great the skull rings looked.


So I cut the skull from the ring, primed it, and started painting it (it still needs a little work). I'm hoping to finish painting it tomorrow and then get it attached to the forearm. 





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This conversion is officially finished. Let me start off by saying I should have drilled into the arm a little and pinned the shield. Which is the smart way and what I'll certainly do next time.


Here's what I actually did. I lightly brushed some Testor's model glue (which is what I use to attach bases) on the Kobold's arm and the shield. Then I attempted to use a clip to keep them together until the glue dried. This of course was too tight and caused the shield to move out of position.


Thinking quickly I abandoned that idea and reapplied some more glue. I put the shield in the right position, laid the kobold down onto it, and braced the back of the kobold against a box. I let it dry with gravity and a balanced miniature doing all the work of keeping it together.


If the kobold wasn't already attached to a base this might not have worked. I happened to get lucky that it was based just right that I was able to hit the proper contact points on the shield.


I thought I had this conversion well thought out. Best laid plans of mice and men I guess.




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