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New DM is throwing up too many red flags!

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We find the day upon us once again. Barring any changes the game is on tonight and I'm going. My wife has told everyone she won't make it because of a cold.


Unless I get home really late a full report of tonight's events will be posted before I turn in. Fingers crossed that I can get myself killed tonight. 

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Yeah - a game that I have run umpty ump times, but that was the first time I have had people actually try to bring a mule down that path....


The mule balking is supposed to be a warning that it is dangerous - and most times the PCs use a rope....


The mule was smarter than the PC. (Mules are actually a bit smarter than either horses or asses, which is kind of weird....)


The Auld Grump

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Here is tonight's session two report.


This session would be our first one in our permanent location. It's hard to describe the location, think coffee shop and you're pretty close.


Since I didn't know exactly where it was I Google mapped it. I noticed Google said the shop closed right when we were supposed to meet. So naturally I called the shop to confirm they were going to be open and knew we were coming.


I talked with the owner and she explained that their hours had changed but Google wasn't reflecting that change yet. She told me our DM had talked to her about using the shop but they hadn't nailed down all of the details. I thanked her for her time and said I'd get ahold of the DM so he could call back and iron everything out.


So I got ahold of the DM and told him that he needed to call the location because they weren't sure we were coming or that they'd actually reached an agreement. Apparently it was all handled after that, so the game was on.


We had a bit of weather and everyone was at least a few minutes late; I was there about a half hour before the first arrivals (I'm understanding about weather but by this point I'm detecting a pattern). We ended up starting a half hour after we were supposed to because we were waiting on one last player.


DM told us our bard had pulled out because work was changing and he'd be unreliable at best. Upon coming home tonight I found out through my wife the player was actually just quitting the group because of "too much role playing and feeling railroaded." So it's not just my wife and I at least.


We picked up where we had left off. The diplomat had a sword through their chest and were dying. Coincidentally this was the man I was supposed to exchange letters with.


Details here are a little pointless, we ended up saving the diplomat and rendering the assassin unconscious. Using a bit of forsight I decided to use slight of hand to get the letter from the diplomat while he was unconscious. I did this just in case the DM was going to steal it if I let the diplomat out of my sight.


We then spent an hour and a half doing a pointless investigation. I say this was pointless because it was so obvious that it was. You could see it in the DM's eyes we weren't supposed to be doing any of it, so all the avenues of investigation were dead ends.


Now I had stayed pretty silent because I was letting the party waste their time on what I knew was a pointless investigation. I was really just waiting for everyone to shut up so I could tell the DM I wanted to deliver the message to the Emperor.


Then at the DM's urging the party looked to me to tell them about my letters. I tried to explain out of character that I didn't really trust them and since this was my assignment I should probably keep quiet and handle it myself. 


Seemed like a fair and logical explanation. That's when the DM railroaded me into telling everyone. "They're chosen like you, you trust them." I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to make those decisions as a character. The DM had "written" only one way to advance the story and it was me telling them about my "mission"; DM has no flexibility. 


So we went to the Emperor I handed off the letter I got from the diplomat and explained I'd deliver his letter once the diplomat recovered. Long exposition from the DM via the Emperor and we were "asked" to venture into the diplomats land in order to facilitate a prisoner exchange.


Session ended with us all meeting at a safehouse. So there goes another three hours of my life not counting travel time.


I'm not going back, I've been done with this game since long before the first session. I'm planning on telling the DM simply that he is running a railroad campaign in a world he is too attached to and that I don't like being told what my character does. I'm also going to point out that my wife quit after session one and I was polite enough to try one more session to see if anything changed after all the characters finally got together.


My parting thought to him will be that I was only playing and tolerating his antics because my wife wanted to play in a campaign and since she was quitting there was no reason for me to stay.


Barring unforseen events this "adventure" is at an end. If anything further develops when I inform the DM that my wife and I will not be back I'll be sure to make another post.

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Yeouch, sounds like quite the painful session of being very brutally railroaded o_O


On the bit about hours on Google....  For that place to have their hours changed, they just need to submit an edit request for such as a "regular" contributor, or if they're a local guide just put an edit in, and then have someone else confirm the edit (I'm saying this as a six, almost seven star Local Guide).  Changes will usually go live within 24 hours. ^_^

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4 hours ago, Rat13 said:

We then spent an hour and a half doing a pointless investigation. I say this was pointless because it was so obvious that it was. You could see it in the DM's eyes we weren't supposed to be doing any of it, so all the avenues of investigation were dead ends.


You know some gm's can run good investigations. Then you run into these guys. The "there's only one solution and everything else fails" kind. Those basically shouldn't be gm's because they subject their players to too much needless suffering.

3 hours ago, BlazingTornado said:

Ugh, that sounds tedious.


I'm surprised he didn't have a DMPC in there, it sounds just that awful.


Oh he probably did. He needed the players to see how awesome his dmpc's autokill cutscenedeath was to shock them into knowing that people could die in this world if a single attack got rid of all their hit points. Then they saved the dmpc so he sulked and railroaded them into following the linear plot he'd planned in advance.

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