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Well then,

time to present the piece of terrain AND project in this project, which (apart from the tank) was the longest AND most dearest to me: The windmill.

Like the Holland and parts of Belgium (please correct me, @Glitterwolf, when I am wrong), Gallia is the country of windmills.




For me that meant, I had to get me a windmill.


Though in the game and the anime, Gallias windmills seem to be dutch windmills, I was looking for a more anime-esque approach. Plus, 28mm windmills are not sooo widely spread among the product lines of certain terrain casters.


At that time my own abillities in crafting stuff myself where rather low, so I looked though the flea markets in the miniature forums I am in and was able to find a fitting windmill, which unfortunately was a German post windmill.


But well, it couldn't be helped and I thought it might make a wonderful addition to the other terrain I was creating at that time.


So I got it.


As it was a massive piece of resin, there were a lot of corrections to make, pins to use and holes to make until it finially fit together.


Wow. Now I had I big piece of resin standing in my showcase.


Now I had to decide how to continue. Some research provided me with some information on size and and shape of the base, so I cut some styrene and created a base for the windmill.




Just to give you an idea of how big that piece is ... here is a comparison with a small shed and my 1/7 Selvaria Bles figure, which is measuring 34 cm in height.


And some close ups of different parts before priming them.






And after priming:







But there was still some stuff missing. Some research later I knew what I had to create to make the mill look more lively. Sails!


Well then ... let's do it.



The sails were made out of tissue, cut and glued in place ...




... and together with some progress on the base ...





... they already created a quite impressive piece of terrain.



Folllowing a little jump in time, the mill was almost finished. Of course, I had to colour the sails in the national colours of Gallia.























The whole piece together with a selfmade truck (which I will talk about later on).



But we are not done yet. It's all about da base, isn't it?

So let's focus on that.


After applying the base colour ...




... and some grass ...













... there was one final detail to do: The stairs that lead up to the mill were too short, obviously broken or miscast. I don't know.

But to make them work, We had to either redo some stairs or find a different solution ... well ... my friend and I thought about it for a while and then thought of a different solution. A bit weird, but I guess more anime-like than just repairing the stairs.




And here we are - the mill is done. It still is missing some flowers to make the base look more natural, but those will be shown in a later WIP. For now we are done.



And that concludes my participation at Reaper Forums - at least for this year.


Happy new year, everyone!


See you next year!

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That really is a cool piece. Out on Long Island there is a little town, appropriately enough name Windmill that has a windmill quite similar to yours if memory serves me correctly.

All that aside yours looks TERRIFIC. The three wheeled truck is a cool piece as well. OUTSTANDING WORK!

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17 minutes ago, malefactus said:

That really is a cool piece. Out on Long Island there is a little town, appropriately enough name Windmill that has a windmill quite similar to yours if memory serves me correctly.

All that aside yours looks TERRIFIC. The three wheeled truck is a cool piece as well. OUTSTANDING WORK!


Thank you!


The tricycle truck will be the center of a future WIP. So stay tuned ^^

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Let's continue. This time just a small update with some ... aehm ... stuff - so to speak.


Rummaging through my bits boxes and leftovers from previous projects and never-brought-to-life-ideas I found some older street lights and fountains. Perfect for my project.




I have no idea what to do with them ... so ... let's just try to do at least something.










And after messing around quite a bit, I finally concluded that it was the best to put them away.


It is shameful to say, but it took me almost one year until I decided what I wanted to do with them. Finally they became scenery pieces to be combined with the Gallian city/village I was going to create for my project.






















Okay - They don't make a lot of impression once you are near them, but from the distance. My Oh My - they totally Slade into the anime-esque look I am trying to create.

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It's the sum of all the components together.

They will enhance the overall look of your project.

Good choice!

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When my uncle died, among the few things he left behind, there were some small trees from his scale train. So I decided to give them a little place in my project.




Based them and did some colour overhaul ...










I think they fit perfectly. And it is better then selling them to someone else ... Don't they say that memories live in trees? How true, how true.

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      I'm trying out another river segment, built in pretty much the same way as my first one, but this time I'm using a a material that is new to me, SculptaMold from Amaco. I saw it used on Luke's APS on Youtube and liked the look of it, so I popped down and bought a bag from Gordon Harris art supplies. It cost me about twenty-two bucks for about 1.3 kg, which should be enough to do a reasonable amount of terrain. It would probably get a bit pricey if you wanted to build a whole table, but for my purposes it's OK.

      It's a plaster and paper (?) fibre mix; I don't know if there's anything else in there. Depending on the amount of water you use it can be mixed to a cottage cheese-like paste, as I've used it here, or to a more liquid slurry that can be cast in rubber moulds. It sets up more slowly than plain plaster; by the time I'd finished laying out the river banks and setting in all the gravel, it was still quite workable, so I slapped together a little rocky outcrop on a plastic cutting board, using some bits of pine bark and the left-over goop from the river banks. I wasn't really keeping track of time, but I'd guess that you probably have 15 to 20 minutes of working time, which is plenty for most things.

      When it's wet, it retains a quite knobbly cottage cheese texture, which is fine if it's going to be under flock and stuff. If you want a smoother finish though, just leave it for about another ten minutes or quarter of an hour to stiffen up a bit, and then it can be smoothed with wet fingers or modelling tools, or just with a wet soft brush.

      It's early days yet, but at first acquaintance I think I'm going to like it.
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      If anybody here loves cavern terrain and missed DF's first cavern KS KS2, this spring/summer around June DF will have KS6. The theme of KS6 will be Return to the Caverns and should be great fun for those who took part in KS2 or those who are new to DF.

      DF had this to say and showed the below teaser pics

      We're doing for Caverns what Dungeon of Doom did for Dungeons. A whole new batch of fun pieces to enhance your existing collection, but also completely stand-alone.

      Some of the key features:
      New Core Shapes (diagonal wall, convex curves, 1" pieces, etc)
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      Something that's missing from my gaming terrain collection are bodies of water, so I thought I'd better make some. Unlike roads, a river can't really just start or stop in the middle of the board, so I'll need enough pieces to cover about a two and a half metre length, enough to go from end to end of my table.

      This is the test piece, trying out methods and colours. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it, but I feel that it's lacking something and I'm not quite sure what it is. Perhaps it's that everything is quite even in height, so there's no drama of composition.

      The base is 3mm MDF, sealed with black spray primer, and the banks were built up with Das air-drying clay. The rocks are just bits of gravel. The grass is several colours of sawdust flock, and the taller vegetation is foam clump foliage.

      The water itself is just three or four coats of acrylic gloss medium brushed over paint, with various depths indicated by lighter or darker tones. I didn't want a perfectly smooth surface, so it's just been brushed with a narrowish brush to indicate the flow of the water. I haven't added any indications of the direction of flow, such as ripple trails off the rocks, because I want to be able to flip the modules end-for-end to maximise flexibility of use.

      The ends are 100mm wide, and this piece is about 350mm long.
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      This thread is something ... different from other works I have been done.
      I guess it's not entirely in accordance to the board rules, so you may forgive me and accept my humble bundle of roses, choclate and other stuff that will easy your severely upset minds.
      When I am in the mood, I am doing so many speed builds up to the point of painting (means assembly, basing and priming), that making them all into different threads I would flood the forum with an unnecessary number of threads.
      So I will keep this limited to the building process of my different tabletop figures, armies and stuff and transfer the finished figures to their respective painting threads.
      What's on the table at the moment?
      Watchful I Studios
      28mm Chinese Army Deal (around 100 figures and equipment)
      Warlord Games
      16 German Fallschirmjäger
      56 Soviet Russians (winter) (making M into F)
      Creature Caster
      1x Tree Walker
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      4x Battlefront StuG 3G
      1x Plastic Soldier Company StuG 3G
      Andrea Miniatures
      1x Female Paladin
      1x Naga Warrior
      1x Female Warrior (upgrading her to be a Chinese Warrior Woman)
      What's done and ready to be painted?
      Warlord Games
      - 2 German Fallschirmjäger
      - 10 German Panzergrenadiere
      Mantic Games:
      Kings of War Succubi Regiment (20 Succubi)
      CP Models:
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