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Long time no see.


This one is also a bit older, but as @malefactus commented about it and I have got time to translate all the stuff - let's make ourselves a three-wheeled truck, shall we?


That's our goal. That's where we're heading.




And this is where we start:




I got me this wonderful old airfix truck, which - as you can see - had it's flaws and problems. The guy who sold it to me wanted to glue it together but gave up eventually.


Well, I got it for just a few bucks, so I will not complain.


Let's get to work.


First of all, a three wheeled car has ... you might have guessed - three wheels. That means, we've got to make the front wheels into one. A very sharp knife and some greenstuff (and a patch for my finger ::(:) were the tools of choice.






While that was drying, I continued reshaping the chassis.




... glued everything together ...




And let it dry for a bit.




And the moral of this story;

I soon will tell you - do not worry:

You might be a Darcsen hater;

But first comes aid - hate come later.





Let's have it dry a moment - I mean - gimme some time to translate the next part. Then we can continue!


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After our undercarriage has dried, it is time to cut away some stuff we don't need.




But be sure to keep it for times when you need it.




After that it is time to fix some of the fitting problems of the driver's cab.




And - most important: I had to get the wheel cover from the front. Sawed it off ...




... to attach it at the back, using some plastic styrene pieces and some green stuff.






And after that I created some bags to attach them to the sides of the truck:








Time ... to dry.




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That really is a cool model. The Three wheel design is unique & appealing. Have FUN with the beasty!

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28 minutes ago, lowlylowlycook said:

I've seen this on Top Gear.  It isn't going to end well.  


A highly sophisticated tv show dealing with the complicated mechanics of design and physics. Seems legit. Let's try it!

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Very cool project;  your three wheeled truck is coming along very nicely!

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Time to continue.


After the Green Stuff dried, the next thing to do was to reshape the back of the vehicle.






That's what I had to cut away. And after that was done, the leftovers had to be sanded.


A first test fitting of chassis and cargo area made me aware of the fact that the transportation bags I had created were too big. So I had to sand them, too.




When I tried to fit them again, I managed to break off the front of the cargo bed - YES! I am so awesome.




That led to much more cutting, sanding and gluing.




While the backside was drying, I continued with the front. As I didn't need the engine area, I cut it away.




Using a plastic styrene piece, the drivers cab was stabilized and attached to the undercarriage.




And as I wanted to generate this wonderful anime-esque style of the original, I decided to use once again Green Stuff to face the different pieces of the vehicle. Plus: At that time I didn't know what to do else.




Then I re-thought my whole concept, figured it to be to totally unfit fo what I was planning, so I got rid of all the stuff ...




... recreated the front parts using plastic styrene and then used Green Stuff to strengthen the different parts of my construction.




And as I had so much stuff left, I decided to shape the front wheel case out of Green Stuff, too.










Which concludes this small, but wonderful update.


Until next time!

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And some progress again. This time it is no own progress, but a very motivating assistance by @Peithetairos.


Being well known in another forum I am in for his awesome terrain building skills, I decided to outsource one part of the Valkyria Chronicles project to him. Hills.


I had a specific type of hill in mind, one that I wasn't able to recreate. So I asked him a few month ago if it would be possible to create a number of hills for me.


Thereafter we didn't have contact for quite some time, but at the Tactica, he presented to me three hills, which did not only look awesome, but are also able to support magnetized trees.


Wonderful! Thank you very much!















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