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Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

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I re-sculpted the bard's arm at lunch today:





I also added the foundation for the Sorcerer's hat and sculpted his eyelids and mouth.





The sorcerer is starting to become a very fun sculpt to create.  He's just so over-the-top. 


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I love this setting.

Nippon Turtles... I might need a few of these for my Nippon Project.


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Goodness, I thought I had replied back to this sooner!


Thank you so much for giving me a part in this! I never realized how difficult concept art could be, and I learned so much cool history during my research. It was tough but fun: an excellent combination.


I appreciate that you show us your mistakes and how you fix them. I have a dremel that I bought for a project a few years ago and never used it. I was going to try to sell it this week but now I'm thinking I should keep it.

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Those will be nice pants.


...so, did you eat well last night, or did you just snap a photo and toss it back in?

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12 hours ago, Morihalda said:

 I have a dremel that I bought for a project a few years ago and never used it. I was going to try to sell it this week but now I'm thinking I should keep it.




12 hours ago, Morihalda said:

I never realized how difficult concept art could be


Uh oh, does that mean your rates are going up. :huh: :poke:



1 hour ago, Sanael said:

...so, did you eat well last night, or did you just snap a photo and toss it back in?

Normal, I release all fish over a certain size on our lake, especially the bass and northerns.  The big ones are the breeding stock.  That said, we ended up having to keep her, since there was a malfunction with the tip-up and it never flagged.  By the time I realized she was there, she'd swallowed everything and been fully played out.  There was no way I could save her, so I dispatched her quickly, and we filleted her.  My wife's parents took the two huge fillets home for dinner Monday night. I haven't heard how she tasted yet.  We also kept a bunch of panfish and two medium sized (21 to 22 inches) northerns.  We ate the pan fish for breakfast the next morning.  They were amazing. I am pickling the northerns for Christmas.  We'll have those instead of the usual herring.

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On Tuesday night, I worked to prep the stuff I needed my shop tools for.  I cut out a blank for the rogue's fan, I sanded down and shaped the sorcerer's hat, and I used my new toy to make a wire square.  I got my self a professional rolling mill.  It is very awesome.  Anyway, I used it to make a wire square and then twisted it to make a twisty wand for the Sorcerer.  I also preped a sword for the bard and soldered a peg onto it and drilled a hole for the peg into the bard (the sword will be a separate part).


New toy:




Wand and sword with peg:





Sorcerer with shaped hat (still needs more items added to the hat) and wand:





Today at lunch, I sculpted a button for the Bard's belt-pouch to match the medallions on his back.  I also sculpted the sword pommel and hanger.





The bard is now done, save for making a slot base tab and cutting it up.  Expect final pictures by the end of the weekend.


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58 minutes ago, TaleSpinner said:


I would like to request Drummer Turtle, Keyboardist Turtle and Singer Turtle, please.

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3 hours ago, kristof65 said:

I would like to request Drummer Turtle, Keyboardist Turtle and Singer Turtle, please.




(I know these aren't ninjas, Andy... But this is hard to resist.)

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Weekend Progress Update


I worked on the Rogue's fan, having cut out a brass blank for it previously. I adhered it to a piece of carpet tape on a base and sculpted one side with Apoxie:GS mix.  When cured I flipped it over and sculpted the other side.


Brass Blank (with the reverse sculpted):




Sculpted Fan:






Then, I finished the bard, putting a slot tab on him.  I still need to cut him up (5 parts: body, head, instrument and hands, hat, and sword) and refine the tab.  Other than that, he's done.  Sorry about the washed out hat in the pictures.  I'll try to soften the light and take another set when the whole crew is done.









Finally, I sculpted the fabric of the sorcerer's collar.  He will have a metal Y-bar (sculpted, not real) supporting the collar from behind.  You can see where I plan on putting it in the rear view.  I figure the point of this is to support the collar and provide neck protection from sword strokes from behind.  I finished his hat, adding a symbol medallion in front, the hat band, and chin strap.  I also reworked the wand to have deeper, more pronounced fluting; I think the details on the first one were too subtle to survive the casting process.







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Will the sorc's hat have the pin/nail or whatever it's called in it?




I can't wait to get these!

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    • By Xiwo Xerase
      This was originally not one a mini I planned to paint.  However, I got two in an auction lot and the base fits well with one of my few base stamps (in this case, the Happy Seppuku Stone Shore stamp) so... why not?

      (click for larger versions)
      This is the state she is in now.  She's been primed and a thin coat of Brown Liner (1 part Wash Medium, 1 part Brown Liner, 1 part water) has been painted on top to bring out details.  (I found a mold line I missed on the side of her knee and relined her legs with a thicker coat of Brown Liner, because I forgot the original mix.  The thicker mix is not likely to obscure detail when painting but it does make it harder to see in these pictures.  Oops.)
      (Note to self: Get a non-grey background for these pictures in the future.)
      I've decided her doublet, pants, boots, and gloves are leather.  Her doublet and pants are stitched in the front and are worn over more normal clothes.  (Both her doublet and pants have obvious stitching in the front and the alternative is undesirable in a family friendly environment.)  Her shirt includes her loose poofy sleeves.  (Which are probably good for a rogue since they mask the shape of her arms.)  I believe the most interesting detail missing from her store page is her knife holster on her left leg.
      I wasn't entirely sure what to use for colors so I did a mockup using my paint program.  The knife in her holster will not be visible from this side but I included them to get an idea for how they would look.

      (click for a larger version)
      The current colors are: (all paints are Reaper MSP or Bones)
      Skin: Youthful Flesh Hair: Blond Hair Doublet, boots, and knife handles: Ruddy Leather Pants and gloves: Nut Brown Belt, stitches, and other leather accents: Leather Brown Shirt and sleeves: Dark Elf Skin Blades: This is one of the colors from the Blade Steel swatch Floor: Dungeon Grey  
      The focuses for this mini are her face, her hair, textures (leather and wood), and NMM for the metal bits.  Let's see how this goes.
    • By Guildenstern
      Been working pretty steadly though bad about keeping up pics!

      Did these guys (mostly done) in January. They are GW minis from the Battle at Pelennor Fields Lords of the Ring starter set.
      I started on these guys closer to end of the month, as well:
      They're for my Luna Wolves, first guy is the Terminator sarge (which I'm painting along with some other terminators from the Burning of Prospero box set)

      This guy is a resin cast Apothecary from FW I bought off ebay - he's got a pretty bad mold slip along one leg, but otherwise is a really cool model. I'm trying to paint his little vials and bottles to be more realistic like glass full of ... well, something. He has a lot of detail on him!


    • By TripleH
      Started working on this guy today for one of my player.
      Since I'm a "newbie" and have no experience in working with skin, I was wondering if Reaper's Flesh Wash would look ok with the Elf Flesh base-coat for the skin.
      For the hair, the player want him to be carrot-top with a touch of grey. The could prove to be interesting. 
      I'm also looking for suggestions for his clothing. almost anything is fair game, all though the campaign setting is in a desert/desolation area.

    • By TripleH
      Some may be aware (or not) but Reaper's Queen of Paint, Anne Foerster, has a Patreon going under the name of Painting Big. I am currently backing her at a level that give me an hour a month in a private video session. We decided to paint the same mini, Frost Giant Queen# 77592. The current focus of the lessons are concentrating on Layering then moving on to Glazing & Blending.
      Today we had our first session via skype and here are pics of what was accomplished on my end. We did have some technical difficulties (mainly on my end) as she couldn't hear me and could barely see what I was doing so I could only communicate via chat.
      Base skin color is a mix of Light Blue/Morning After Blues 2:1 ratio and lined with thinned Blue Liner.

      The eyes I started with blocking them out with Blue Liner, then Linen white, Ancient Oak, and Pure white for the highlight.

      This is where she is at the end of the first session.
      Homework: Eyes on the other Giants from the Bones 3 KS, work on lining with thinned paint trying to get crisper lines.
      Next session: Shading & Highlight of the face (and maybe the rest of the skin).
    • By Echoside_
      So my girl ( @Zanderina) and I got into this wonderful hobby together, and we've developed a few tricks and styles our own.  Well yesterday I was told my style is very dark and 'Earthy'.  No offense taken, but it hit me I do need to extend my color pallet choices.  This lead to a small challenge between us, as we're apparently very competitive with each other.  We'd pick out our model to be done next, and the other person would pick the paints to use.
      My model choice was Hosilla (#60172), and received the following Reaper paints to use:
      Dragon Red (9401), Cats Eye Green (9414), Bleached Linen (9436), Punk Rock Pink (9286), Leather White (9062), Honed Steel (9053), Ginger Cookie (9659), Cursed Gold (9464), Kobold Scale (9458), Golden Blonde (9033), Tusk Ivory (29825), & Black Indigo (9603)

      Her choice of model was the Arcanamirim Wizard (#60135), and I gave her the following paints:
      Old Bronze (9197), Dungeon Slime (9415), Solid White (29842), Chestnut Brown (9071), Sunrise Orange (9406), Wilderness Green (9411), Stark Naked (9682), Harvert Brown (9200), Goblin Skin (9457), Ashen Blue (9057), & Khaki Highlight (9123)

      Over the next couple weeks we will be posting up the WiP pics and hope to get feedback as we go.  Let the fun begin!!
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