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Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

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1 hour ago, Cyradis said:

*SQUEEEEEE* I love this turtle. 

Me, too.


I'm gonna want the whole line so I can make a crazy WuXia turtlescape.



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*** Luckily I have no worries for my wallet, I mean I don't collect anything reptile or amphibian ****


*** nervously paints another snake warrior, glances at lizards and tortoises on his shelf***

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 A friend of mine once bought his snapping turrets a $65 fish dinner ... all his fish ate other fish (about 120 gold fish every few days) so he put his new ($65 dollar) Japanese fighting fish in his one tank that did not have other fish, just a pair of turrets ... safe with no other fish to fight with right ... what could go wrong ...



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Way too much for me to read at the moment, but I am quite impressed by the progress. Especially the weapons!


Thanks for sharing with us

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Firescale? That's a named, real thing?! Well that's going to be a character's last name now. :lol: 


I love that you forged a tiny sword! Just to make sure I understand, you made a flattened tiny sword, and then added the putty on top of that? It doesn't look like you made it nearly as flat on the third one. Is it worth the extra work because it keeps it smooth and straight all the way through?


Going through this whole thread all at once has been a real treat. I love whenever you show the trees haha. That photo with all the swords lined up is incredibly satisfying to look at!


I love these guys! :wub: 

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On 5/14/2018 at 10:56 AM, Morihalda said:

Firescale? That's a named, real thing?! Well that's going to be a character's last name now. :lol: 



Yes, fire scale is the name of one of the oxidization types that forms in alloys that contain copper.  It is a real issue for silver jewelry smiths.



I assembled the other two armatures this weekend.  This guy is going to have a second, matched sword in his other hand, curving up around his body, but I will need to sculpt his body details first.  You will note that he has a lot of fire scale (the purple-red patchiness) in this picture.  This was caused when I soldered his sword and annealed his body.  Since I took this picture, I used a brash brush and removed the fire scale, so he is now shiny.






And the third one with the butterfly swords:





And for the record, I will never use this type of bronze for armatures ever again.  It is just way too hard and difficult to work with. It is nice for the weapons though.  One of the swords actually took an edge as I filed it to remove the mold lines.

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    • By lexomatic
      So I'm going to be starting a dwarven reclamation campaign in the fall, and I had 2 copies of the Dwarf butcher. I though it would be perfect to do one as a living butcher (who I can also use as an NPC townie) and his barbarian ancestor spirit that I can put on the table when he's a ragin'.
      So far the living butcher is mostly done (need to do his base and some touchups - I don't know how all of you are doing the eyes, because I can't see them even with a visor), and the ghostly ancestor is mostly done minus the ghostly glow I'll be drybrushing later. I do have a few process pics to post.
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      Since it's arrival last month, I've been experimenting with my first 3D Printer.  Today marked the first finished painted projects that were made on it.

      Several Giants, designed by Duncan "Shadow" Louca.





      The Gourdlock, by dutchmogul:

      One of my favorite finds while randomly searching for STL files, the Dwarf Rock Star, also by dutchmogul.

      Completing my Frostgrave Bestiaries is an eventual goal...here's a simple crab from Rocket Pig

      Tortles seem to be the new hotness since their introduction in a charity event tied to "Tomb of Annihilation".  These guys are a mix from Fat Dragon and the wonderful DM Workshop






      The last are a murder of Redcaps, again designed by DM Workshop.  I swapped out their weapons to give them some variety.

    • By Xiwo Xerase
      As part of my tour through the Reaper MSP skin triads (and eventually the HD and Bones skin paints), I decided to tackle the Fair Skin triad next.  This might have been a bad idea.  Oh well, nothing ventured...

      Thus far, I have painted her skin and done the base coat for her hair.  This time out, I'm trying to paint one section at a time, so everything else has only seen a Brown Liner wash.  (This will hopefully help me keep track of what I've painted.)
      Her skin has been done using the Fair Skin triad.  I tried using 09069 Rosy Highlight to put some red on her cheeks but I don't think it's worked well so far.  Her lips, fingernails, and toenails were done using a mix of 09067 Rosy Shadow and 09279 Fresh Blood.
      Her hair is thus far painted with 09071 Chestnut Brown.
      These are the colors I currently plan on using for midtones:

      09047 Fair Skin will be the midtone for her skin 09071 Chestnut Brown will the midtone for her hair and her staff 09030 Leather Brown will be the midtone for her corset, leather jewelry, sandals, and the wrap on her staff 09226 Peacock Green will be the midtone for her dress 09430 Polished Leather will the midtone for her pouch 29846 HD Spruce Green will the midtone for the beads on the leather cords (or I assume they're beads)  
      I haven't decided whether I will use Peacock Green or Spruce Green to paint the orbs (one in her staff, one in her hand).
      The base will probably feature a gray-ish paint (e.g. 09433 Mountain Stone) and some hints of moss via the Moss Colors triad.
      Things I need to do with the skin and face:
      Review it with less tired eyes and make changes. Deepen some of the shadows.  Any suggestions?  My instinct is to try using 09044 Tanned Skin or 09045 Tanned Highlight. Clean up around her lips and her fingernails. Add a shadow between her toes. Fix her eyes.  I thought her right eye looked fine but, ye gods, in the picture... Her left eye got hit by a pool of Rosy Highlight when I was trying to glaze her cheek so the pupil/iris needs to be redone.  (I may try to add an iris in the style of dks' eye tutorial if I have to go back in and redo the eyes.)  I believe the sclera looks fine.  
      I should probably do these before I do more work on her hair lest I forget.
    • By NyarlaBcn
      I have all the 25th anniversary minis and now it's Darius turn.
      It's one of my favourites; and while frecuently the "official" painting scheme wasn't for me, because many of them were too colorful (let's say Ametrine or Dain) and I painted them somber, I like the scheme on Darius. 
      The issue is... I never tried to replicate such an ambitious pattern: that blue mosaic. I'm not great with freehands, and to cover his entire clothing with it looks almost scary. So I decided to start the project sharing it here. 
      First things first, I primed Darius Black. On second thoughts I should probably used white primer, but well, it's done now... Then based him. White putty to fit his base to the plastic base. 
      Then I decided to try a few colors, and to do that I used another mini I'm not really interested on right now. As you can see on the pic, I tried three different blues for the base color. They all look darker than they should because before I start with the mosaic I will highlight them: the idea is choose one, paint the entire clothing with highlights. I'm still not sure which one. I'm inclined to the one I'm pointing with the brush; but on photo it looks slightly different... I will try other mixes to see if I can find something a bit more turquoise. Now on photo I think that there is too much contrast between the two blues; and when I'm working with Darius, the pattern will be also more neat, small and precise. Now it's a bit rough because it's just all about color. 
      I'm also undecided about the mosaic. I will highlight it too, once applied. I'm using a pale blue, which will be paler when I highlight it. 
      Any advice so welcomed because that's totally new to me... 

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