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Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

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13 minutes ago, kristof65 said:

At first I was just going to say "Do what Nike says, and just do it."

But then I got to thinking that a dragon helmet might be too much. 

And I'm being wishy washy now.

I guess at this point, I'd have to say "I'm not sure, but I'll tell you if you do and it looks wrong"

Not terribly helpful, I know..


Yeah, that is my fear.  I don't want it to end up being too busy either.

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Semi-Final Checks


I am finished with the main portion of the sculpting.  I sent pictures to my client for final checks.  I'll let them sit for a week, make any changes that come as a result ofhis feedback or this post, then add the slot tabs and call them done.  Let me know if you see anything that needs addressing.


Fighter 1:


IMG_E3272.JPG.9914975eb4dcc16a6c7723dc6cc9abfd.JPG IMG_E3274.JPG.cb4cdee4580ee3b4541201be52bbcb4b.JPG


IMG_E3278.JPG.7a551f4dce0894e0fe351cf88c09ba6f.JPG IMG_E3280.JPG.ff0a7f95da0a97e85c7830544bdbd50f.JPG



Fighter 2:


IMG_E3282.JPG.cb1df6d21bc6e6721a2aa3ccd4d7010b.JPG IMG_E3291.JPG.9b87c4889f5d1a23b8e26c23a6f98aa7.JPG






IMG_E3292.JPG.653a9ab17f480b9bdf571e465bffb209.JPG IMG_E3294.JPG.e67916435c53ebac3932e211a55e105f.JPG


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I like the simple helmet you went with for the first guy. Now that I see him with that, I do think that a fancier dragon helmet would have been too much. 

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I’m having great fun following this thread. These guys (girls?) look amazing!


Aren’t you going to add the rings at the end of the handles and the fancy pommels on the sabers ?

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Wow, haven't checked in for several weeks, so much progress!  A dragon shaped helmet sounds very cool... 


Really though, I'll be happy enough no matter what, as long as they actually use their weapons on their enemies, not just to cut the rope that causes the chandelier to fall and entangle Rocksteady and Bebop.  :)



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*** Peeks around the corner***


*** Am I safe? No interesting reptiles or amphibians here????***


*** Cr@p! ***


*** Ok, wallet, this might hurt you more than me!***

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