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Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

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13 minutes ago, kristof65 said:

At first I was just going to say "Do what Nike says, and just do it."

But then I got to thinking that a dragon helmet might be too much. 

And I'm being wishy washy now.

I guess at this point, I'd have to say "I'm not sure, but I'll tell you if you do and it looks wrong"

Not terribly helpful, I know..


Yeah, that is my fear.  I don't want it to end up being too busy either.

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Semi-Final Checks


I am finished with the main portion of the sculpting.  I sent pictures to my client for final checks.  I'll let them sit for a week, make any changes that come as a result ofhis feedback or this post, then add the slot tabs and call them done.  Let me know if you see anything that needs addressing.


Fighter 1:


IMG_E3272.JPG.9914975eb4dcc16a6c7723dc6cc9abfd.JPG IMG_E3274.JPG.cb4cdee4580ee3b4541201be52bbcb4b.JPG


IMG_E3278.JPG.7a551f4dce0894e0fe351cf88c09ba6f.JPG IMG_E3280.JPG.ff0a7f95da0a97e85c7830544bdbd50f.JPG



Fighter 2:


IMG_E3282.JPG.cb1df6d21bc6e6721a2aa3ccd4d7010b.JPG IMG_E3291.JPG.9b87c4889f5d1a23b8e26c23a6f98aa7.JPG






IMG_E3292.JPG.653a9ab17f480b9bdf571e465bffb209.JPG IMG_E3294.JPG.e67916435c53ebac3932e211a55e105f.JPG


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I like the simple helmet you went with for the first guy. Now that I see him with that, I do think that a fancier dragon helmet would have been too much. 

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I’m having great fun following this thread. These guys (girls?) look amazing!


Aren’t you going to add the rings at the end of the handles and the fancy pommels on the sabers ?

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Wow, haven't checked in for several weeks, so much progress!  A dragon shaped helmet sounds very cool... 


Really though, I'll be happy enough no matter what, as long as they actually use their weapons on their enemies, not just to cut the rope that causes the chandelier to fall and entangle Rocksteady and Bebop.  :)



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*** Peeks around the corner***


*** Am I safe? No interesting reptiles or amphibians here????***


*** Cr@p! ***


*** Ok, wallet, this might hurt you more than me!***

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Too bad the bronze you got isn't cooperating so well for making the armatures.  Have you tried annealing them to soften the bronze so it is easier to work?  I know it works for copper...



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3 minutes ago, Kang said:

Too bad the bronze you got isn't cooperating so well for making the armatures.  Have you tried annealing them to soften the bronze so it is easier to work?  I know it works for copper...




Yep, I have to anneal it.  It is the only way I can drill them at all and then it is still pretty hard.  The only problem is if I work harden an area to pose it, then sculpt, then later realize that I need a hole or to bend it, I can't re-anneal without burning the putty.

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Final Sculpts


They are done, except for a slight engineering task on the one with two curved swords.  I sculpted the slot tabs and added some grass and stone details.












Engineering for the Mold


Before I can send them into my client, I need to cut the front arm off of the one with the two curved swords.  It crosses the body and that will not cast as is.  The blue line shows where I will cut it.  I will then carve a divot in one side and add a post to the other so they index properly.  Then they will be done.







After ReaperCon, I'll be starting the next 6 of these figures.  I'll post them as I do.

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I cut off the arm and finished it last night.  Here is a picture of all of the finished parts:



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Ouch , incredible fine details work ! love those turtle look by teh way , something I would definitely have fun paint !

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As I said before, I want to do the next 6 of these in pewter, because the bronze was so hard to work with. I spent the better part of my weekend preparing the mold.. Friday night, I cast and prepared a wax tree of new shells and heads:





I recently ran out of my old investment, so I got a new one that has a better formula that nearly eliminates the air-borne silica particles which is not something one wants to breathe in.  The down side is that this formula requires about 4 hours longer burnout than the old one.  So I mixed the investment on Saturday night after church and let it harden overnight.  Sunday morning, I began the burnout.  Note that I don't actually need to be in attendance for the whole 13 hour process, but I don't like leaving a 1350 deg F oven running without checking on it regularly either.  By the end of the day it was getting late, I was tired and wanted to get to bed.  I did the pour and everything went well.  The downside was that my flask was a bit too hot yet and the pewter wasn't solidifying.  So I let it sit while I helped my wife.  Later, I came down and quenched it, without checking it first.  The metal was still molten in parts of it (how hot did I have it anyway?!).  When I quenched it it ran into the water, ruining the whole mold.  Yesterday, I power-washed it, but nothing was salvageable:


:grr:   :down:




I really need to get these going if I am going to make my December deadline.  Unfortunately, I don't have time to do another casting until mid October, but I need to start these way before then.  Fortunately, I still have three bronze ones left.  I don't want to use them, but they are better than not getting done at all, so last night I annealed and pickled the shells and heads.  These three will give me something to start on until I can cast the other three in October.  Hopefully, the new diamond drill bits I bought at ReaperCon will cut better then my old bits did.



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Hoping for the best & looking forward to the next batch!!

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    • By HolkDiggity
      Hey there!
      This is my first post-ReaperCon mini, and I'm using her to practice the various techniques that I learned in various classes. I'll be posting stages along the way, and feedback is very much appreciated!
      For starters, I've gotten most of the base coats down, and the first thing I practiced was two brush blending on her orange cloak.
      My plan is to do a bit of freehand along the trim in the light orange of the front skirt, and then use the same trim along the skirt in the dark orange of the cloak. It makes sense in my head, anyway!
      The chest armor is done with the new Dungeon Dwellers color "Kobold Scale", and I love it. It's got a deep maroon/brown thing going on.
      Thanks for looking!

    • By Tripleh5133
      Started working on this guy today for one of my player.
      Since I'm a "newbie" and have no experience in working with skin, I was wondering if Reaper's Flesh Wash would look ok with the Elf Flesh base-coat for the skin.
      For the hair, the player want him to be carrot-top with a touch of grey. The could prove to be interesting. 
      I'm also looking for suggestions for his clothing. almost anything is fair game, all though the campaign setting is in a desert/desolation area.

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