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Alright, boys and girls! Due to some acquisitions during Christmas, I've come into possession of some older figures. While I could probably slog through all the internets to figure out what they are, I believe it to be far faster to harness your collective smartiness to ID them: Here are the figures in question:





What we have here is a 1979 Ral Partha, one unknown, and one 1984 Grenadier. I have absolute faith that the lot of you will be able to identify them. Feel free to ask questions about them if it'll help you. Time starts....*clicks stopwatch*....Now.

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The 1984 Grenadier one on the right is a female elf fighter with a unicorn device on her shield. Still working on an id number.

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The center one strikes me as a late 70s to early 80s release of a warrior of Gondor, the White Tree on his shield.  Can't quite put my finger on it, though.  Is there a manufacturer symbol or SKU on the edge of the base?  There's a bit of a flat spot in one photo, but I can't read anything from it.  Might be nothing.


Left side - still digging through catalogs, trying to find a match.

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14 minutes ago, joshuaslater said:

Middle guy I think is from the Grenadier box set of "Fighting Men."  


Go Here:



 you're right!


Here he is, Nr. G

Grenadier Fighting Men Box nr. 2005.


Looking at all these Ral Partha and Grenadier minis make me drool...

There are so many great minis out there..


Oh @Pezler the Polychromatic  quizz is solved!!!





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I love looking for old minis!


I have a lot of vintage catalogues in PDF format now.

Searching for minis to identify almost always triggers my Figmentia..wait..can I still buy one of those..?


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On 12/28/2017 at 3:51 AM, Glitterwolf said:


Searching for minis to identify almost always triggers my Figmentia..wait..can I still buy one of those..?



 Well, between Iron Wind Metals for the Parthas and Mirliton for the Grenadiers, the answer is often "Yes", lol...



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    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      I painted these not long before moving to Austin. Originally they came with thin metal rods and seperate spearheads some of which had gotten lost over the years. (I'd found them on sale at the FLGS in Plainfield IL around 1999.) So I added some bits from various Reaper weapon packs and some GW sprues I had handy.

      Ok, my photo-fu isn't on point today it seems.

      Other than maybe touching up the bases, I'm going to leave them be. Now to find a somewhat scale Mr. McGregor for them to terrorize.
    • By buglips*the*goblin
      So as everybody knows, in 2017 I attended my first ReaperCon ever.  There I got to meet many wonderful people in real life, and I have to say it was probably the finest group of human beings I've ever spent time with.  We picked a table at random, and so wound up with some random people sharing our table as people came to the con.  @pcktlnt was one of them, and even though everybody here already knows he's pretty great I want to tell you that face-to-face he's even better.  Pcktlnt is a genuine top-tier human being, even among such a great crowd of people.
      Before ReaperCon, being aware of the melt table there, I declared it my intention to raid it and Save The Parthas from doom.  Since I could not monitor the melt table the whole time (even though I tried), I put the word out.  I didn't care who wound up with them, I wasn't trying to get them for myself, I just wanted to save them from being melted into oblivion.  Save The Parthas! was the cry. 
      Now, to be 100% frank, my actual objective was to save the precious and rare TSR-era Parthas above all else.  But, since asking people to scan the table for minis made in this specific 8-year span with these specific features and check the bases seemed like rather a lot to ask, Save The Parthas was shorter, sweeter, and simpler.  And Save The Parthas they did!
      At one point, I forget which day, pcktlnt came by the table and delivered an old 1982 Partha giant lady.  At some point in the past she had been painted with green skin and yellow fur.  While a touch older than what I usually collect, I graciously accepted the free mini and said I would paint it up.  I have, and here she is:


      For the age, she's not a terrible mini.  She turned out, in fact, to be a very early Julie Guthrie.  This particular specimen, being from the 80s and made of soft lead, did have some wear and tear.  So I worked with what I could, and I'm happy to add her to the shelf.
      But the story doesn't end there!  When I looked her up to identify her, I discovered she was Version 1 of the female giant from All Things Dark And Dangerous.  I was familiar with Version 2, but had never seen this one.  So I found some scanes of Partha catalogs older than my physical copies (which only go back to 1993) and she appeared in 1983 (stamped 1982 on the base) and was replaced in 1985 by version 2. 
      Which means, technically, she's actually MORE RARE than many of the TSR minis! 
      I don't know who brought it, but if you're here I'd be interested to know how you came by this figure.  She's been painted, probably a long time ago, and has seen some action.  She's got some history, and it didn't end just yet.  Sometime in the 80s somebody saw her in a blister and said:  "that's nice, I'll buy that" and now she's here, probably in a different country.  What happened in all that time?  How many players did she smush? 
      I have no way to know, but now she's mine and I've grown fond of her.  I love her just as much as any other mini - whether Takhisis or Factol Rhys. 
      So a special thank you to @pcktlnt for your tireless stalking of the melt table, and for giving me the chance to own a little piece of odd history and give a miniature a good home.
      As an aside, if anybody wants a good melt table story, ask @Dr.Bedlam about The Joker With One Foot.  It's a legendary tale, told best by him.  (I saw the Joker with my own eyes before he told me).
    • By 72moonglum
      Hi all and happy new year!
      Here are two figures I recently finished that Ral Partha has re-released, a ranger and a female fighter.  The ranger was sculpted by Jim Johnson and the fighter was Bob Olley.  Fun figures to paint, kind of bulky and a larger scale than the old Partha stuff I'm usually working on.

      and just for fun, I took a close up of the lady's face, because it always seems to happen that when a character has something raised over his head, the detail becomes smaller because your picture is so much higher:

      Anyhow, really enjoyed painting these figures, loads of fun, full of personality and a good hefty size.  And they're metal, which is another plus for me!
    • By Clearman
      In addition to my 2018 goals to paint better and work on new techniques, I've decided to also start a long term project.  I have about half of the Grenadier Fantasy Personalities line (series I and II) by Julie Guthrie.  They've been sitting in a Chessex storage box for ~30 years, and now they will finally receive paint.
      Based on the info at Lost Mini's Wiki, there are a total of 156 models between both series.  I have 81 in the Chessex box, and a couple loose that I need to track down.  Since the my count for the entirety of 2017 was only 55 models, and factor in the other models that I will work on, this project will take a while.
      I am starting off with four models prepped:
      887 - Berserker
      869 - Chaotic Thief
      820 - Henchman
      8102 - Chaotic Swordsman
      Stay tuned for show offs.
    • By Pezler the Polychromatic
      Gadzooks!!!! I'm actually painting something again. Here's the bad boy I've chosen this time around:


      I actually have a colour scheme in mind after researching other people's work on this one, and have adjusted it according to my own whims.


      A quick slather of Reaper Brown Liner as a primer.


      And here we have a couple of layers of P3 Sanguine Highlight to bring some proper base colour, might put have to touch up a couple spots. After this: drybrushing!
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