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Dreadmere Begins...

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Blondie has a truly LOVELY & expressive face. You have done a WONDERFUL job with The Girl.

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Thanks for the comments everybody!


Went on a bit of a painting spree yesterday:-




Painted up all his remaining leather (Lonestar Leather > Brown Wash > Lonestar Leather > 1:1 Lonestar Leather/Bonewhite), his sword hilt, scabbard, buckles and a little vial was done in Brassy Brass, a cross and two medallions were done in Polished Gold (the larger medallion also has a ruby, but I'm not too sure if that worked or not).

His sword, greaves (?), another cross and pistol barrel was done in Oily Steel (the pistol handle was done in Parasite Brown).

The zombies hair was done in Wolf Grey > Off-white > Grey Wash, and his trousers are Steel Grey > Black Wash.


Just a couple more vials and a spell-book left and he's done.




Painted Andowyns waistcoat (1:1 Scarlett Red/Leather Brown > Brown Wash > 1:1 Scarlett Red/Leather Brown > 1:1:1 Scarlett Red/Leather Brown/Ochre Yellow), I also used these colours for her kneepad and triangular crotch protector.

Her pants leg is Lonestar Leather > Brown Wash > Lonestar Leather > 1:1 Lonestar Leather/Bonewhite with Cork Brown stitching, a Polished Gold necklace and anklet plus Brassy Brass braclets.

Her dress is Sick Green with a Brown Wash and highlights of Sick Green and 2:1 Sick Green/Ochre Yellow (the inside parts are 1:1 Sick Green/Leather Brown plus a Brown Wash), the dangly sleeves are Iraqi Sand > Brown Wash > Iraqi Sand > 1:1 Iraqi Sand/Off-white (and the insides and 1:1 Iraqi Sand/Lonestar Leather).

The sash (and knee bandage) are Red Orange with a Brown Wash and highlights of Red Orange and 1:1 Red Orange/Ochre Yellow (I don't normally paint things orange because Red Orange has terrible coverage, but this time I only needed 3 layers instead of the usual 8+, so it's probably going to get used more often now).

Finally, her bodice was Dark Green with the detail picked out in Cork Brown, this then got a Brown Wash and the pattern was picked out again with Iraqi Sand.


Phew! I'm going to have to start thinking about the colours of the other two at this rate.

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Thanks guys!




With a Blood Red health potion, an Andrea Blue mana potion and a Hexed Lichen (with 1:1 Bonewhite/Orche Yellow pages) spellbook, Jakob is finished!




With the same colours I painted Andowyns little wine jug, needs highlighting though.

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Made some progress, but first tragedy:-




I caught Jakob with my sleeve and a trip to the floor left him rather slanted.

Luckily he just needed re-gluing to his base, the sword still has a kink in it, but it's always had a kink in it.




This is where I got to yesterday.

Her owl head doohicky was done in Bronze with Light Green eyes on a Bonewhite braided cord, her dagger was Lonestar Leather was Polished Gold decorations and her pouches were 1:1 Lonestar Leather/Cork Brown with Brassy Brass decorations.




And this is today.

I basecoated everything on her staff (staff = Leather Brown, cords = Cork Brown, skull = Bonewhite, bell = Bronze, leaves = Light Green, beads = Blood Red and Andrea Blue) and gave it a Brown Wash.


That was as far as I got, the rest of my hobby session was spent fighting a mini that did not want to stay assembled.

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Thanks guys!



Finished Andowyn:-




Everything on her staff basically got a highlight of it's base colours.


And then after spending the rest of the week just staring at the Herald and D'Vendra, unable to work out where to start on them, I decided to do Jakobs and Andowyns bases instead:-




The soil is Leather Brown, the wood is Parasite Brown and the stone is Stone Grey. This then got a heavy Black Wash, then a heavy drybrush of Cork Brown and then everything that'll be underwater got another heavy drybrush of Olive Green.


Now begins the long, slow process of adding the Still Water.

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Excellent work, really digging the bases!

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Thanks guys, I'm not too sure what I brought those bases for originally, but I'm glad they work!

Just hope the place is still around to sell me some more when I need them.


Jakob and Andowyn have made their way to the show-off section:-





The water effects went a bit cloudy towards the end, but at least it didn't crack like it normally does!


I had a few ideas about the other two, I just want to get my desk cleared again, so this thread will update soon.

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