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Dreadmere Begins...

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Painted her floaty belt/sash and the tassel on her hood, started with a base of Night Blue, shaded with 1:1 Night Blue/Pure Black and highlighted with 1:1 Night Blue/Off-white, finally glazed it with thinned Night Blue.


Then I basecoated her wrist thingys and bodice (don't know why I thought it was a good idea to do this after I'd painted her hair) with Cork Brown and Bonewhite before giving it a Brown Wash.




Later I finished these off with a second highlight of Bonewhite, some Bronze bits and a Sepia Wash.


Then I noticed at some point I'd rubbed some of her hair off. Despite re-doing it exactly like before, it looks different and, dare I say, a little bit better.

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Made a little progress:-




Painted her enchanted shovel, Oily Steel head with Black and Brown Washes, Bronze decoration, Parasite Brown handle and Iraqi Sand wraps.

Also painted her scroll tube (Stone Grey > 2:1 Wolf Grey/Stone Grey, with Bronze decorations and a Brown Wash).


Just gotta brainstorm some colours for her remaining doodads.

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She got a satchel (1:2 Leather Brown/Ochre Yellow > Brown Wash > 1:2 Leather Brown/Ochre Yellow > 1:2:1 Leather Brown/Ochre Yellow/Bonewhite), either a wand with a glowing tip or a dagger handle with a bejewelled pommel (Bronze with a Light Green top), a red health potion or possibly an inkwell full of blood (Carnage Red with a Bronze top) and a really large blue mana potion (Andrea Blue with a Bronze top).


And that's her done, just the base to go, need to read up on the colours I used on the others first.  

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Base done.

Didn't make a start on pouring the water effect stuff though, her enchanted shovel decided now was a good time to drop off, so I had to reattach that, and tidy up the paintwork.

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They look even more WONDERFUL in a group, a very striking quartet. VERY WELL DONE!


1 hour ago, chaosscorpion said:

... the foggy water looks cool.  Almost gives the impression of a mist hanging over the water.


That was the impression I got also, especially on the latest one. It may not have been intentional, but it is an attractive effect.

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On 10/25/2018 at 9:33 PM, chaosscorpion said:

Great Work, I love the bases, the foggy water looks cool.  Almost gives the impression of a mist hanging over the water.


My thoughts exactly.


Great work, aku-chan!

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