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Phoenix Rising

Tips for light wood tones like natural oak/pine?

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I'm wondering what people use to reproduce natural or light varnished oak and pine wood. Darker woods and weathered wood aren't too difficult with Reaper's paint selection, but I can't seem to find the right combo to get anything close to natural oak or pine - either the "neutral" light wood color of oak or the yellower tones of pine and varnished oak.

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2 hours ago, Arc 724 said:

Personally I would go with the Warm light Brown Triad.  Then add in there a little of the Terran Khaki for highlights. 


Thanks for the start on this! Here's what I wound up with for an Oak...


I'm working on DwarvenForge pieces, so the starting material is dark, not white Bonesium. Base coat in Leather Brown. Wash in Chestnut Brown, trying to get a decent coat in crevasses but not much on top. Re-wash lightly in Leather Brown - don't want too much Chestnut... I didn't have the rest of the Warm Brown triad, so followed with a liberal drybrush of 2-pt Leather Brown to 1-pt Pokorny Stone Edge (equivalent to one of the yellow bone colors I think). Highlight with Desert Sand light drybrush - liked it more than the Khaki.


The result is a bit sandy compared to the image, but pretty decent; perhaps a bit more Chestnut on the wash isn't so bad...



Inside of a wagon wheel for testing...


For the yellower Pine, the Golden Blond looks like a good option for the first drybrush. A final wash of Leather Brown might work to yellow up the tone if that's not available.

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