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Keeping track of minis...

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I figured I'd share some tips about how my rather extensive spreadsheet is formatted and used to keep track of minis...


The first page is named 'Status', and we'll leave that alone for now...  


The next page is of course 'Reaper'. The there's Oathsworn, Dark Sword,  HassleFree, Dark Fable and so on, until the next to last which is 'Assorted' and the last which is a Template for the others, and is copied and renamed whenever I find that I have 20 minis from a manufacturer and want to move it out of 'Assorted'...


The template is created with these columns:

Box, SKU, Line, Name, Material, Own, Order, Want, Year, Comment.


Box - Where it's stored. For Reaper Warlord, it's usually RW1, a large tackle box. Metal Mouslings are in RM1, the Zodiak minis in RM2, Reaper Silver anniversary minis in RM4... Sophies are in Pistol1, the Pistol case that contained the #1 set a while ago. Minis that is being worked on is in 'Bench', and finished minis are listed with the display cabinet they're in.

SKU should be self evident...

Line - Dark Heaven, Warlord, and so on for Reaper. Actually, some that are listed as DHL by Reaper have slightly different lines in my tables 'DHL: Zodiak' for example. 

Name should also be self evident. 

Material can be Bonesium, Metal, ABS, Resin or whatever... Some minis such as the Mantic Skeletal Archers are both ABS and Metal.

Own - How many I own. 

Order - How many I have on order.

Want - Yeah, I want that... and that and...  

Year - Usually empty, but is supposed to be the year if finally got painted...


I usually have one line for all minis of the same SKU unless there's something special with one(missing a part, maybe) or it's being painted. Then I copy the info for all fields from SKU to Material, and update the old line(reduce 'Own') and fill in 'own' with 1 and add a comment about what I'm doing. And of course update Box to reflect that it's being worked on, too. 


That added I mark ALL the titles then switch on 'Auto Filtration' on them. 


This will allow me to quickly sort anything on any of the fields. 

If I want to see the minis from Reaper that I'm currently working on, I can click on the down arrow in the 'Box' title, deselect 'All' then just select 'Bench' and voila, they'll be the only ones visible. 

I can do the same with 'Comment' too, but there I need to type in a search term. 


It may be an idea to add a Scale column, and well, whatever else you feel like, such as Sex, body shape(biped, taur, 4legged animal, Dinosaur and so on?)... 

production status(in production, oop or whatever)

I'm working on adding a 'KS' column so that I can list minis from a KS as soon as it's funded or the PM is open and I start messing about there. 

Adding more columns will make it easier to find a specific mini, but will drastically increase the work of updating the spreadsheet.



Now, unless the 'Auto Filtration' goes all along the upper row, you can put in another title further along; Tally.

There I wrote 2015, 2016, 2017, and now 2018 in the first rows.

Now, in the next column, I put in a simple formula;






This will count every occurence of those years in the 'Year' column (which happens to be the 'K' column in my spreadsheets)


Now, the 'Assorted' page has all the same column titles, but also a column for Manufacturer. 


Now, the 'status' page...

it has these labels:

Manufacturer, Own, Order, Want, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 

In the manufacturer column there's of course the name of most manufacturers(anyone in the Assorted page isn't listed separately)

In the 'Own' column there's this simple formula



In the next column I reference the F column and so on. 

In the column for each year, I just reference the relevant cell in the correct spreadsheet. 

=(Reaper.P2) to find the number of Reaper minis painted in 2015.


It's possible that If I kept the name of each spreadsheet exact as the way the company names are written in the 'Manufacturer' column that I can clean up the formulas used on this page a little bit. 

(I don't add manufacturers all that often, so not much of an issue for me)


To the right of this table (remember to set up auto filtration for these columns) I have a little block where I sum it all up

There I have a column with these Titles:

Own, Order, Wanted, Painted...  

And these have a =SUM(B2:B1000) =SUM(C2:C1000) and so on, with the Painted formula being =SUM(G2:i1000)

In addition, to really rub it in, behind the Painted sum, I have yet another formula =(M6/M2) and the cell formatted as Number/Percentage.

(M2 = Owned, M6 = Painted)  


Nope, not going to upload the spreadsheet. 

Not just because I'm evil, but also because I'm using the Norwegian Language version of LibreOffice, so the formulas look 'slightly different'... 


Yes, using the DataBase would probably be better, but I can't get the elfed broccoli to work!




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I just had to downgrade my MS Access figure tracking database to use Google sheets, due to getting a new PC.  The old PC had a version of MS Office I got thru work, but since they discontinued that program years ago, and I didn't want to pay the Windows 10 Office extortion fee, I decided on just using Google sheets.  I tried DataBase from LibreOffice, and I could not get it to work either.


Anyway, the columns I have are as follows:

Company - Reaper etc

Figure - Name of the Figure


Own - Do I own it

Own Dupes# - yes sometimes I have duplicates

Number of Figs In Package 

Own Total = Own Dupes X Number of Figs In Package

Figure State - Painted, In Package, Being Painted


Catalog/Catalog As/Catalog Text - my system of figuring out if I have put the SKU on the bottom of the figure or not

Location - Which box it is in, if I know

Kickstarter - If it came from a Kickstarter




So my spreadsheet tells me I have 9895 err I mean 20 of course

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I'd love to do something like this since I'm not all that organized with my miniatures (and I'll be getting a whole slew more of them this year) but I don't know if I want to see just how strong the backlog is....


Love just how detailed your stocklists are!

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You should see the 'pictures' folder on my networked HDD.

I snag at least one picture of every mini I've bought from the manufacturer's website to keep as a reference. 

I could have inserted the pictures into my spreadsheet...


I must admit that only about 2/3 of my minis has a Box listing, though. Because I started the spreadsheet a while after I started collecting minis, and yeah, not only wasn't I all that 'tidy' in storing the minis in an organised way(still sorting out that mess), but quite a few doesn't fit in the tackle boxes I choose.  


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My sorting system is pretty basic.  Each manufacturer has its own tab, sorted in alphabetical order.  Everything is then sorted by SKU, followed by its name, whether its painted, unpainted, or in-progress (no time frame on that one though) and that's pretty much it. 


I suppose I could add a wish list tab so I can cry at the total.

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I really need to do something like that.


Closest system I have is "ALL THE BONES!" + "Others". Total minis estimated at over 1000 (i.e. 20). Kickstarter really made a difference in numbers.


The system broke down pretty fast. Especially since I have some old minis of unknown origin (bought them off of someone in the early 90s).

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The big thing is to get the minis added with Name and SKU.

More details can be added afterwards, and the file reformatted.


This stage doesn't need to be a spreadsheet or a DataBase. A plain text file will also work. 


I was lucky when I started in that I almost never delete emails, so I had most of the order confirmations 

That gave me a serious boost in starting the spreadsheet.


When you have a rough idea of what exactly you have, you can start cross-referencing with what you have in which box, crate or hanging on walls...

(Be careful to keep the containers with 'cross-checked' minis separate from those yet to be checked out.)


This cross-check doesn't need to be done all in one go, either. 

Maybe do a few now and then when painting inspiration is lacking, 


Of course, as soon as you start, you will need to add all new aquisitions as soon as you get hold of them, or even when ordering them.


I usually register them when I see one I want, update the entry when I order it, again when it arrives, and possibly a final time when I store it in the correct box. 


I have a large box of minis that have arrived, but has not yet been stored in their correct boxes. I should probably put 'Arrived' in the 'Box' column for those, but yeah. So I sometimes don't know if a mini with a blank in that field recently arrived, or was one of the earlier ones that was stored in boxes before I started the spreadsheet or marking the boxes.  


One tip...

Get a Brother pTouch or similar labelwriter, and get one with USB connetor. 

The wider labels it can use the better.  

(They're just too useful, so why limit yourself)

In addition to marking the boxes

(I use 18mm wide labels on the short end of the boxes, wirite the manufacturer as two lines of text, and add a separate extra designation such as a single digit or a 1 or 2 letter combo followed by a number... Except for the Dr Who minis from Black Tree. Every one belinging with the firts doctor is in boxes with '1', '1a' and so on. )

I use it to write replacement labels for paint bottles. 

(Using a PC program and a template. The program will use a DB, spreadsheet or even a .CSV file to generate lots of pretty labels)

With Iron-on labels I marked the padded tubes I use for my fishing rods.

(Lists the lenght of the rod, which lure weights it's for and hardness)

Even the label on my postbox was made with my printer. 


Some can even do shrink-wrap tubing type labels...  

Imagine putting your name on your paintbrushes?

(If you ever bring your GOOD brushes to a painting event you'll understand why that is a good idea... )


The one I have can't do shrink-wrap tubing. But the industrialised version we have at the office can do.

(I made certain we bought the very best labelprinter we could get because I wanted to be certain we wouldn't get stumped. II work with servers and networking, among other things. Labels are a necessity. )

 just need to order a cartridge or two of tubing for personal use. 


There's one issue with my spreadsheet...  

And that's in the way it tabulates the number of minis I paint each year.

I only have a single column where I write the year, then count the occurences of each year to find the totals.

With Reapper's Victorian Ladies(One SKU, two minis) I solved the issue by adding a duplicate, and adding a description of each mini in in the comments fields. 


But I'm now almost finished prepping a KoW army of over 30 units.

(Skeletal Regiment, Skeletal archers, and a Balefire Catapult with crew... )


Creating that many new lines is going to suck... 

If they were more distinct, such as a Blood Bowl team or something, then yeah, it might make sense to split up as I paint them, particularly as I may not be interested in painting them all. 


I may need to set up separate pages in the spreadsheet for 'Teams' and use different formulas. 

(I don't like the idea. I would like the pages be as similar as possible)

Or not buy more armies...  



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I don't bother to track what I have or what I want. Since I'm primarily an army painter, and dabble in competition painting,  I buy complete units and everything is sorted by genre and nationality into plastic shoe boxes. When I want to work on WWII Americans I just pull that box down and pull out a squad. I have way to many miniatures to go back and try to get everything in a spreadsheet (and I do work with spreadsheets on a daily basis, so that soft skill is not an issue) now.

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