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I'm painting up this troll, and a buddy suggested a leonine paint scheme, since the tail looks a bit lionish. I was thinking that I might try sculpting some hair on him as a mane. However, I've done very little sculpting, so I was wondering if any one has a good guide on the subject. I'm particularly looking for long scraggly, fur-like hair. 

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I don't have a good guide for you, wish I did.  This keeps coming up.  Maybe I'll make a tutorial someday when I am doing something furry.


Basic steps:


1. Place and smooth in putty for the base layer of fur, defining major hair flow areas with deep clefts between them. 

2. Make them smooth.

3. With a well lubed tool, slice in the hair strands into each flow area with strokes from root to tip, following the flow direction.

4. Let cure.

5. Repeat 1-4 for another level of fur on top of the last one, making a layered effect.

6. Repeat as needed.


I'm not sure that makes sense without illustrations, but I have none to give now (I'm currently sculpting reptiles).

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      Pretty purple smoke.






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