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Evolution of my paint collection

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I have been painting minis for a few years now and my paint collection has evolved quite a bit. I started with a few bottles of Tamiya paints



Then I went into a KS called Paintdecor and got a goodly collection there, plus a few Vallejo paints as they are available retail here in Nagoya Japan, whereas Reaper is not. Got a couple Dwarvenforge paints around the same time also.



Then I started to get more into Reaper, with a lot of buying, including a learn to paint kit and my collection expanded



And just today I got a couple nice Vallejo paint racks so it looks a lot more organized



I also have one of almost all the Dwarven Forge paints but not a good pic of them right now. They are off to the left in the third pic.


And in a few weeks, I'll be getting another 35ish reaper paints I bought last year including the holiday bundle. 


I will update with a pic of those when they arrive. 


I know it is not a huge collection, but compared to its beginnings, it is a whole lot better. 


Whatta ya got?

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Looking good!


What I got?


I collect paints like I collect minis.

So I have several hundreds 20 paints


I started the hobby decades ago with oil based paints like Humbrol and Revell, mostly Military models then.

Later I got some Polly paints and Tamiya.

These are all gone now.


Then I discovered Fantasy miniatures ( around the early 80's) Grenadier/Citadel ( early GW) etc...

I bought Citadel paints. Then later P3 and these days Reaper MSP, Vallejo, Andrea and Scale 75.


My collection paints is now something like:

30% Reaper paints

30% Vallejo Paints

30% Scale 75 Paints

10 % mixed - Andrea, GW, P3, Craft paints, some SecretWeapon Washes etc...


I store them in plastic containers/ paint caddies.

I do not have a designated painting area, so I need to store stuff and arrange it on the dinner table when I want to paint.

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Right now, I have 18 Citadel paint pots from various lines (all from a previous generation, and most at least ten years old, how they hadn't all dried out yet I don't know), although I did have more (had 28,but when I checked on them last, 8 had dried out fully, and 2 made a good attempt at being resurrected but came out like liquid sandpaper after several attempts at stirring and mixing so were tossed)... 



... And 22 25 Reaper paints on the way in two different orders (3 ordered direct, 22 in the two learn to paint kits that I'll be picking up hopefully today).  I have eventual plans to pick up more Reaper colours over the coming months, as well as a few P3 (Molten Bronze and Blighted Gold look so lovely, but I suspect there will be more just because of curiosity!), and most of Secret Weapon's weathering acrylics and washes. 


If you go back far enough, I started with a basic Testors set (for painting a small Dodge Viper waaay back in the day), then switched to Citadel around 2002-2003.  Main reason I was using Citadel back then was simple convenience (available locally in most shops) and of course the fact I could pick them up with a debit card (parents wouldn't let me borrow their credit card, even if I did pay them in cash right then and there, they didn't trust online shopping) 

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Several hundred old Reaper Pro Paint

A couple of hundred old Ral Partha paint

A couple of hundred Coat d'Arms

About 80 Reaper Master Series


I don't use the Partha paint often, it's more an exercise in preservation.  Pro Paint is a staple but is gradually running out, so as it does I replace it with Master Series (HD and Bones included here).  Coat d'Arms is also a staple, and although I don't have any P3 I lump them in with this (each line being essentially an extension of the other).


Eventually my ready-use paint will become just MSP and Coat d'Arms, since I can think of no situation their powers combined could not cover and it will greatly assist their organization. 

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haha, no doubt! Mine did the same thing. I had old paints my aunt bought me when I was 13 and few odds and ends that I added to it when i was 20... now, I have about 120+ reaper bottles in a HobbyZone rack.

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I went from about two dozen bottles of paints/ink, mostly from Ral Partha and Citadel. All bought used.


Now I have over three hundred paints. 90% is Reaper, the rest a mix of Tamiya clears, Scale75 metallics, P3, etc. that I keep in three Reaper paint caddies.

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I am equally compulsive about buying paint.  I started with a small collection of Reaper MSP that grew slowly over the years.  With the 25th anniversary promo last year, I primary bought paint to reach the promo threshold, so not I have at least one bottle everything (minus some additives and special edition colors).  These colors fill my desktop rack (448 total).


Under the desk I have 3 Reaper paint caddies filled with extra Reaper MSP and Vallejo (both Model Color and Game Color).  I also have 6 sets of Scale 75, many of the Andrea color sets, and a smattering of Tamyia and Reaper Pro paint pots.  The stuff under the desk rarely sees daylight.

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My paint collection is so far fairly modest, and I'm in the middle of transitioning from GW pots to Reaper bottles. When I got back into painting a few years ago I picked up quite a few of the GW because that's what most of the FLGS in Austin tended to carry. Also I had a lot left over from 2007 or earlier but most of those died before I could use them again. Even so there's quite a few of them left.

The LTP kits and the Holiday paint set formed the base of my Reaper collection, which I've been adding onto since then. I also have access to an elf-load of craft paints that my mother used to use in the late 80s for painting plaster christmas village houses. I also have a small pile of testors paints that come in useful when I repaint and modifly diecast vehicles.

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Started with Testors. Didn't know what primer was. Tried hard, gave up.

Flash forward some years, discovered Ral Partha paints. By then I knew what primer was. Had some success.

Bought a few inks (Citadel). Had a little more success.

Started getting into it, and have bought more paint - and given more away - over the past 18 or so years, than I can shake a paint agitator at.


Currently using (listed alphabetically): Army Painter, Citadel, P3, Reaper, Vallejo


I experiment a lot to determine which pigment I like from which line, and then tend to be faithful to that particular pot for that particular color.


I still have most of my Ral Parthas, and they are still viable. I keep them in storage. I just like being able to say I still have them.

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I started with testors too and didn't know a thing about primer either. Then we switched to the original GW paints (Coat d Arms). I didn't paint a lot then so just borrowed a friends paints and brushes. In the 90s I bought my own paints mostly GW. In the early 2000s GW started switching paints around and I heard about Vallejo Game Color so I started replacing used or dried up GW with them. I paint sporadically most years and I was getting tired of rewatering half my GW paints each fall and throwing out several at that time because they'd dried out. I picked up a few P3 and new GW paints locally trying to keep colours similar to what I'd already used. Got a couple sets of MSP through the Bones KS over the last few years. I always had about 30-40 paints and felt it was adequate. Then this year I got serious about wanting to improve my painting and tired of mixing to get more shades. I bought a batch of 70 MSP paints off Ebay and then a few more to fill out some triads. I've got about 100 MSP paints not counting a few doubles, 45 Vallejo paints, 20 old GW, 6 new GW and about 20 from various other companies for about 180 unique colours. I have another 60 MSP on my wishlist about a third of which are definite future purchases. My oldest paints are one light blue shade from GW/Coat d'arms from the late 80s and a handful of GW paints from the early 90s that somehow never dried up on me.

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 I started with the Testors hobby enamels I was using for my plastic models. No primer.

Then after about eight or ten years in the hobby I started using cheap acrylics for awhile, the plastic strips of tiny paint pots that come with kids' craft kits or sell for a dollar at dept. stores, as well as my mom's stuff that she used for painting ceramics. I also had some of the Testors acrylics, and a jar of Polly S flesh tone and one or two random other bottles of colors that were hard to find in the generic stuff.

I eventually started picking up some of the "official D&D" paints from Ral Partha, as well as eventually acquiring around 100 bottles of Delta Ceramcoat craft paint. (I still use them sometimes - there are just some colors in those lines I've never been able to find anywhere else).

When I started painting Reaper minis, I started picking up the Reaper Pro Paints, then the MSPs when the Pro Paints went away.

I also have a fairly small selection of other brands like GW's Agrax Earthshade and some P3 metallics.


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I'm also guilty of collecting paints the same way I collect minis....


I started with a few cheap acrylics in tubes(to paint some 3D printed parts),

found out about miniature painting and bought the Army Painter Mega Set (some 40ish paints, washes and sealer) 

Then, since the 'Right Colours' wasn't all that often in the AP set, and their consistency annoyed me, I began ordering Reaper paints on the net, mostly Core, and some HD.

(I really had no clue, so would order what I thought sounded good for a particular mini,  and rarely complete Triads.... )

And sine I had to wait for weeks for paint to arrive, I browsed around, found vallejo also, and picked up a few of those...

Reaper started sending out sample Bones paints...

I tipped my FNLGS about it, and promptly ordered a complete kit from them as soon as it arrived in store. 

From then...

I've filled out a 'a few' triads, even a couple of OOPs, added Special Edition paints, added some Scale75, Tamiya Clears, Coat D'Arms washes, some Vallejo... 

I currently have 2 HobbyZone Large Paint Stand(holds over 100 paints each) and a Large Corner Stand set up and full, and a 3rd LPS waiting for me to clear some room on the desk...  and I'll probably end up filling that one, too...  

(The APs aren't in the stand, they're all in a zip-lock bag waiting for a new home)

There's a few pots with Citadel on them, also, but they're hidden away in a drawer.


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So many paints.

Couple of hundred bottles of Floquil and Flo-Paque paints for model railroad stuff.

Too many tubes of acrylics to count.

Couple hundred plus Reaper droppers, will probably be beyond 300 when the KS paints are delivered.

Plus various misc. Tamiya, Vallejo, Testors, etc.


HINT:  Keep your paints [particularly the ones you don't use on a regular basis] in sealed containers when not in use.  It will extend their usable lifespan tremendously.  I keep my Floquil paints in large metal cookie tins with the edge taped between uses.  Floquil has been out of production for over a decade and I have paints from 20+ years ago that are still usable with no noticeable degradation.

If you keep your paints well sealed you will notice a distinctive "odor" when you open the container.  This is the volatiles seeping out of the sealed paint pots/tubes that would normally disperse unnoticed.  When the paint is in a well sealed container the volatiles build up to a level that reduces the continued evaporation from the paint containers.   Reaper paints have a definite latex base odor and I have boxes with tight fitting lids for most of my "collection".


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Don't have much of a collection I'm not even a full year into the hobby though. I started with the first learn to paint kit. Which started me off with eleven bottles.


This Christmas my new in laws asked my wife what to get me and she mentioned the Reaper site. Thanks to a generous forty dollar gift card I'm now up fourteen paints and a bottle of brush on sealer.


So I've got an eclectic set of twenty-five paints, which leaves my learn to paint kit with ten empty spots. Though I did go in on the kickstarter for both paint sets.

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One trick is to store pots upside down. 


@Rat13  Pick up a bottle of brown or gray liner also, and remember, both the Holiday colour sets and the second LTPK have free speace...

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