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Tolan, Male Druid, Jumping way out of my comfort zone

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As I wander around the forum, I can't believe I missed this one! Freehand turned out really nicely. Keep leaving your comfort zone please. 

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Excellent freehand. My “in comfort zone” has a ways to catch up with your out of comfort zone!

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Wow. Please do. Do step out your comfort zone, because that's just a gift for the eye! 

The eagle what can I say, perfection. I have the very same miniature and I also tried a freehand on the shield... just a tree. Looks more like a broom. 


The blending and the face are perfection too. Just amazing. 

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    • By EldritchEladrin
      Next up in the series of minis I painted for my gaming friends' birthdays: A Copper Dragonborn Druid.

      Really digging the way his green robes look next to the glistening copper scales! Also, used the NMM Copper Verdigris paint for his eyes.
    • By Kev!
        Old school...

      P.S. Too cool...
    • By NyarlaBcn
      Here's my version of Aurelio Endrino. 
      I feel that there's a certain disconnection between the fact that he is obviously a druid, with a ragged cloack, with a racoon on his shoulder... and his perfectly groomed hair & beard. I guess beeing nature's paladin doesn't mean one should look like Radagast from "The Hobbit" trilogy. 
      I tried a very similar look as the one reaper used. Leathers could be blended better I think... 

    • By empi2k
      Hi there,
      another PC of my recently finished Tyranny of Dragons D&D campaign: Lafisar the wood elf druid. My player loved the miniature's pose, so this Elquin mini became the party's druid. Hope you like it!


    • By Pochi
      One of my players bought this figure to represent her sylvan druid. She wanted her painted like a Sylvari from Guild Wars 2. I used her description from her backstory to determine her skin, hair, and eye colors.
      She said she thought Lily would wear "natural" colored clothing. I initially thought greens with some purples (my favorite colors) but with her hair being bright green as requested, I didn't think green leaves would show up in her hair. I decided to go with autumn leaves for her hair and wrists. When deciding on how to do her clothes, I thought of doing them like an autumn leaf. Her corset/vest and her sandals were painted bootstrap brown but when I used brown ink over it, it made it look like red leather. I really liked how it turned out a lot!
      I am so bad about finishing painting a figure and wanting to move on to painting the next. I have to make myself base things. A local guy here was advertising some leaf punches so I bought some from him to create leaves for the base. I painted them up in autumn colors and added them to the base. I painted a little Monarch butterfly and put it on her raised hand.
      The only thing I am not totally happy with is the staff/spear/whatever it is. I want to paint this figure again for myself and if/when I do, I will be modifying it and getting rid of the staff.
      She's a little shiny because I haven't sprayed her with Dulcote yet.
      C&C welcome! Thanks for looking!



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