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Eberron Game! No Auld Grumpies Allowed!

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I'm painting a Plot Device!

I'm painting a Plot Device!


Chi! Chi! Chi!


Chi! Chi! Chi!


UNTZ! Rattle! Rattle! Rattle!

UNTZ! Rattle! Rattle! Rattle!


SO happy with it!


Just looking at it I know that Grump and Julie will figure it out as soon as they see it, maybe Dunc too, and MAYBE, but not likely, Jen.


Jon won't even try. :lol:


Going to post the picture when I finish painting it, I want to see how fast people get it, knowing what the players have been up to and the cosmology of Eberron.


I wrote a new Artifact for Eberron, and I'm gonna let the players have it at sixth or seventh level!


Aren't I generous? :devil:


Making my own way of writing the adventure.


Grump either plots everything out in detail ahead of time, then delights when the players go off track and head for the high timber, or he makes a sand box and lets the players mess around.


I'm not doing either. I have those flow charts he likes, covered with vague and cryptic scrawls for a general outline, but with no details until a week or month before the players hit that part, and more detailed charts for the plots and stories that each player has.


Grump's character wants to find out what happened to his mentor.


Duncan's character wants to find the woman that was leading the advance party on the Night of Mourning.


Jen's character is chasing rumors of a lost treasure.


Julie's character will have a plot when she levels up and gets her undead companion, who will come with a free plot hook!


Jon wants to defeat a fearsome monster that will cement his story in orcish verbal history. He doesn't just want to be a hero, he wants to be a LEGEND!


Next story begins tomorrow, with the players starting out for Xendrik, to where they know a partial Creation Forge was found, and later smuggled to Metrol, after which it disappeared.


But that is just the red herring, the artifact that they will find does not tie in with the warforged, it ties in to what caused the Night of Mourning, and is only half the puzzle.


And I have decided that Grump's mentor is really named MacGuffin, and is more than a bit of a jerk. He snapped into focus when we watched Antman and Wasp.


It is going to turn out that he ties into two of the player plots - Grump's and Duncan's.


Remember how the advance team was supposed to make an extraction? It will turn out that MacGuffin WAS the extraction, and he know what happened to the advance team, and where they were taken. He escaped, they didn't.


I love it when a plan comes together! ::D:


Chi! Chi! Chi!


Chi! Chi! Chi!


UNTZ! Rattle! Rattle! Rattle!

UNTZ! Rattle! Rattle! Rattle!


Next session will begin when they get ready for a ship voyage to Stormreach.


Three! Three character plots!


I can tie in Jen's lost treasure!

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I cleverly hid the model in a box, in the closet, with a note that says GRUMP STAY OUT!


It will probably be eaten by mice. <_<

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19 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

I cleverly hid the model in a box, in the closet, with a note that says GRUMP STAY OUT!


It will probably be eaten by mice. <_<

Or it will eat the mice...:devil:

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I'm not gonna razz Grump about the late sort of anniversary gift anymore.


I've been waiting for his custom made miniature from Hero Forge for almost two months now, and it was for his birthday. <_<


And I'm pretty sure Grump is painting the anniversary gift.

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The players have found the halfing camp, and in are the bones of giants, cracked open to get the marrow and the brains.


Grump wants to find the giants, because the enemy of my enemy and all that.


Julie is annoyed that she can't talk to the giant corpses, since the halflings ate the tongues.


Jon wants to find the halflings and kill them all. Then burn the corpses, after doing horrible things to them.


Jen is keeping watch, and a good thing, because halfling cannibals are sneaky! They are sizing up the party right now. Frenzied halflling barbarians with poisoned darts, but the person most visible to them is made out of tin.


Duncan is with Grump, and wants to talk with the giants. They haven't found it yet, but there is a nice BIG boat.


And a lot more halflings between the party and the ruins, and they have not yet met the fire elemental that escaped when the airship went down. It hates EVERYBODY, and will attack if it hears combat, trying to kill both sides.

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Next week they reach the temple, and will find the Orrery that was used to create the Metrol Experiment.


They are finding the small almost portable version. Only 500 pounds.


They won't find the BIG version until Bones IV comes out!


The smaller one works for opening OUT of the plane that the larger one is set to, while the larger one opens the way IN.


Within the are created by the orreries the plane connected is treated as though the governing moon were coterminous, it literally acts as a Moon.


The area affected by the smaller version is 100 yards, the bigger version covers MILES.


Destroying BOTH will allow that area of the Mournlands to become normal again, something neither the kytons or the Lord of Blades will want to happen.


And that is only one of Cyre's problems, though I don't yet have any idea what the other two incidents were that created the Mournlands.


What no one has noticed yet is that area of the Mournlands is GROWING.


And if the kytons can get the smaller portable version they can backwards engineer to recreate the bigger one, and another city will die.


I'm thinking Sharn, but Stormreach may be the first attempt, if Grumpy & Co. manage to screw the pooch and the kytons get to the orrery..


Grumpy's miniatre finally came, and I have not yet started painting, but oh boy, the quality has gotten better since the figures Grump bought me before we married.


Hero Forge.

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Wow that material is still fragile.


I snapped off his arm trying to reach his armpit with the brush.


Grump got me a nifty little book of "Fleshgrafts".


A perfect fit for both how I want my kytons and what I want to do to their victims.


And a great starting point for my own.


It makes me think of an episode of Extreme Ghostbusters, lots of creepy body horror.


I wish I had known about the book earlier, but I have plenty of time to retrofit some NPCs. :devil:

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This week the party needs to figure out how to smuggle a magic item that weighs five hundred pounds, and is FRAGILE!


It's easy, since the thing can be dismantled, and the padded crates for moving it is in the complex, but it still weighs five hundred pounds, and they don't know about the shipping crates yet.


And they don't want the Society to see them stealing it.


And they REALLY don't want Argent's agent to see them stealing it.


And they don't know it yet, but they will soon be caught between the giants and the beholder worshiping cannibal halflings. At some point they WILL be seeing the beholder, or at least realize that it is in the complex with them. Someone's gonna get STONED! ::D:


The beholder is Jon's character's quest monster.


He wants to fight a legendary type monster?


He can have at. :devil:

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I think I'll just have them see the beholder as they are sailing away from the ruins.


She WILL be returning!


And both of the giant warforged will be coming home with the party. Grump got a nat 20 on his Diplomacy, and helped repair the damaged one.


Which means they need a new home base, these things are 15 feet tall. Well, the one that can stand is, it will take a few thousand Gold to repair the one that has been there for a few hundred years. Until then it is only about 8 feet tall, and has plants growing out of it.


The last command it got was Sit Here and Don't Move. And it DIDN'T!


I need to remember to take photos of it, the little tree growing out of it is ADORABLE! ::D:


I've changed my mind. I want it to turn Jon's character to stone, they can get him changed back, and it will give his character bot incentive to hunt it down later, and to boast about to other barbarians!


THEN it can hide until they are leaving.

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