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Eberron Game! No Auld Grumpies Allowed!

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Decided to keep the adventure the way it is, and push it back until they are 5th level, and have better spells, feats, and weapons.


5th level is a big jump.


So, a mystery adventure instead, which means asking Grump for pointers. I have no idea how to do a mystery.


Think asking him to help me, then sitting on his lap in the nuddy might be too distracting?  ::P: 


REALLY want an angel emoji for that. :devil:


The scary thing is even a few years ago, he would have helped me figure out how to write the adventure, even with a lap full of ME!


He's educable!

The crashed airship adventure, with the lost temple, is the one I'm pushing back, not the one with Dark Young.


Came up with another bad guy - summoner and her Kyton eidolon, with the summoner wearing a collar and a leash.


In spite of the collar, the summoner really is the one in charge, but they are BOTH into S&M. From both sides.


And piercings. LOTS of piercings.

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22 minutes ago, PaganMegan said:

Ugh, printing up some GM aid forms Grump gave me.








They do look helpful, but...







Had to look them up. Why are they on an economics site?


RPGs are math.::P:

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Wow, just realized something truly horrible.


Those flowcharts WORK!


Maybe not THOSE flowcharts, but starting with a box, and having arrows going off the clues in the box?


I'm just going to use a sketchpad, but... I have to take back my complaints about flowcharts. ::(:


Murder by Kyton. Not a good way to go.


And the Kyton is taking souveniers.


Set on Pathfinder Kytons because the ones in Eberron aren't... fleshed out?

Goddess! Grump has me using ELLIPSIS! :blink:

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I need to get more of the Bones Gravewailers.


One for each of those bodies that were pulled half way into the shadowlands.

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36 minutes ago, PaganMegan said:

I need to get more of the Bones Gravewailers.


One for each of those bodies that were pulled half way into the shadowlands.

Never even knew about them before. They seem to be wonderfully grotesque.

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I ordered the first one because it was cool, fit the feel I wanted for this area of the Mournlands, and brought my order up enough that we got the free figure.


Now I know what I want to do with it. Shadow-undead, driven to screaming madness, like an unmoving Allip. Trapped where the soul got dragged into the shadows, and stuck there.


They won't be there when the players first go into the city, but will be there on the way back.


And when they are investigating the murders in the second adventure, they will find more. A big fat screaming clue.


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For later there is a Mantic figure I want to get, floating through the Mournlands like a Minecraft Ghast. :;,;:


Or the Badyear Blimp.


Mind Scream, but it won't be out for a year.


I picture it drifting sslloowwllllyy around the ruins buildings, weeping and screaming, maybe with toxic blood trickling down.








This guy! Because that's how Kytons roll! That thing is made out of people.



The Gravewailers can't move, but have Reach.

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Oh! BOTH missions were successful last night!


Getting Grump to help me work out the hows of making a mystery, and then PURPLE distracting UNPURPLE him!

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Worked some more on the temple, which is now part of a complex, not a single building.


And added a vault that they will NOT need to get into the first time they are there, but has information they WILL need later.


There is an Easy Hard way to get in, and a Hard Easy way.


The Easy Hard way is Easy to find, you just have to go down the corridor, past the brand new, shiny, and brightly painted Iron Golem. Complete with signs warning about the golem, and maybe a magic mouth, too.


The Hard Easy way is through a collapsed tower, and will take about 500 manhours to dig through, revealing another vault door, but no guardians.


There is also the Easy Expensive way, hiring a crew to clear the rubble.


If the party doesn't get into the vault on their first visit to the area, when they come back they will find that the Society has started a full fledged archaeological dig, with DOZENS of labourers digging through the rubble. The society is going the expensive route.


Which means stealing the information from a FRIENDLY faction. Whether they STAY friendly if the party robs them is another thing entirely.


When I first planned the area, I was picturing the party airdropping in on the first visit, but only ONE of the possible factions could loan them an airship.


So I added a trip up a river as another approach.


The airdrop means being dropped into the cannibal halfling territory, while coming up river means dealing with a bunch of besieged jungle giants.


But the giants CAN be dealt with! They are slowly losing a war against the cannibal halflings, and NEED help! The halflings are hunting and EATING them.


Also in the area is a rogue fire elemental, let free when the airship the players are after was crashed. But staying in the area around the wreck.


The players may not even know about the temple until they find the wreck, but they CAN spot the ruins from the air.

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I came up with a short description for if the players go through the jungle, instead of by air or by boat


"And the party was never seen again."

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The experiment that went wrong is named Project: Low Road, and made Mabar coterminous, but only within the borders of Cyre.


The next target, and what the players need to stop, is where Cyre planted the device in the nation they were planning to invade.

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River giants, not jungle giants.


River giants are only CR6.


Too bad Eberron doesn't have Carceri, it would fit better than Mabar.


Shadow was my original choice, but Eberron squishes the Negative Material and Shadow planes together.

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Well poop.


Started putting everything on the computer, but got interrupted by unexpected momly invasion.


Her power went out, so she came to us.


But not before I realized that almost every NPC I put in the game was MALE.


The exception was a dragon, and she is DEAD!


SO going through and regendering my miscellaneous males.


I asked myself "What would Grump do?" and answered myself "Something that will HURT."


So I am adding a mini adventure right at the beginning so the players will get to KNOW the advance team, so it will HURT when they die.


The captain is now female, and will arrange to spend the night with Duncan's Magus the night after the mission is finished.


Instead she will spend the night being sucked dry by an evil tree.


Good times, good times! :devil:


I'd pick on Grump, but he's playing a robot. Jon and Julie will be flirting with each other. (They've gotten worse since she got pregnant. :wub: )


So Duncan is the guy behind door #1.


No excuse for it.


Three out of six of us are women. Including ME! :angry:


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