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Mounting Models on Plinths

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Who all mounts display pieces on a wooden plinth?  I've never worked with a plinth that wasn't part of the model, so not really sure is there is a standard. 


When mounting, do you just mount directly to the top surface? Integrate a terrain feature to hide the top surface?  Elevate the model above the plinth similar to how busts are mounted?

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Basically whatever you want.



I make terrain features to make a small mini diorama.

Busts are another thing of course, those are either eleveated or directly put on top depending on their shape.


I have also seen people put the mini on the plinth and paint the top of the plinth black.

There is no wrong way to do this.

Do what you like best.



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Just make darn sure the mini is well fastened to the top of the plinth no matter what route you go. If you enter it in a competition the plinth just becomes a handle for a judge to use while looking at your mini. If its not attached well then disaster may ensue. Hence the typical qualifying line in most rules for competitions: We are not responsible for damage.

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