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Goblins Corsairs

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By the hand of Pedro Ramos, Poncho, the most notorious Fantasy Football Sculptor.

You will notice that campaign quality presentation has increase a lot. This time Lanza Studio made a great work pimping the Ponchos Concepts and illustrating the campaign.


Miniaturas Beneito METAL: All metal produce in Hungry Troll are made by Jose. The casting was great from the start but thanks to the last campaign the alloy was even improved!

GRX Creations RESIN: Start working with Franck 2 years ago in the Plague Fields campaign and now is a regular caster for the company. Other miniatures casted by GRx : Warpstone Troll, Dracocentaur, Magnus, Ork Shaman, Billy the Dude and all the new Hungry Ogres!

All the other stuff is me :) , Juan Willke, Videador.


You can see al campaign miniatures here:





Why buy Hungry Trolls Goblins Corsairs?

  • FULL ROSTER and even extra options.
  • NO REPEATED MODELS all miniatures are different.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY, only a few models need to be glue and the other come in 1 piece.
  • PRICE, More miniatures plus cheaper than other FF Brands. 16 up to 22 miniatures for just 55-75€ !
  • BEST QUALITY, already tested and produced.

 Secret Weapons set 1 (included all in basic team)


Troll Pirates / Sharks : Choose between the Shark or Pirate Trolls set for your team.








 This Perk 1 will be only open the first 48 hours!




 Do you want more than 1 team in resin?

  • 1º Write me a Private Mensaje
  • Add to your RESIN Team Perk 60€
  • I will reduce the total of 50 teams available.




Add the quantity to your Perk and you will be asked after the project ends which miniatures you added .

  • + 12€- 1 TROLL (Shark 1, Shark 2, Pirate 1, Pirate 2)  12€
  • + 5€- 1 GOBLIN (1-13 Basic, 1-6 Weapons set 1, 1-4 Weapons set 2, Other campaign goblins) 5€
  • + 75€- SPECIAL PRICE- 1 Hungry Troll teams (Ogres, Plague Fields, Jurassic, Kharlm Bastard, Fenrir sons) 75€

*Resin teams are limited, please let me know if you want the team in resin to reserve it.



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I do not think all those words mean what they think they mean. :huh:  :unsure:

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I think you are right.

"pimping" is the one that really sticks out.

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I dunno, it works in the sense of "to make better, to trick out." cf. "pimp my ride."


I would consider these if I had spare income right now. Alas, masonry is expensive, as are teeth.

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