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02511: Togruta Jedi

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Looks very nice. Where is the mini from? Or is this a conversion? If so, what minis went into it?


Also (not mini related) what system are you guys playing? Is this Force and Destiny, West End d6, or the D20 version?

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8 minutes ago, Smokestack said:

Looks very nice. Where is the mini from? Or is this a conversion? If so, what minis went into it?


Also (not mini related) what system are you guys playing? Is this Force and Destiny, West End d6, or the D20 version?

She's converted from reaper's 02511: Midori. Just sliced off the bits I didn't want, and greenstuff'd the rest. Sorry, I had to post the photos on mobile, so I got a little lazy in the description.


As for the game, we're running on a 5e system. Our DM didn't feel like changing up the rules since he's quite partial to them lol.

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Welcome!  It's a wonderful paint job and the OSL looks very nice!


I'm glad you finally decided to post on here but you need not be afraid!  This is a VERY friendly place!  People will always give C&C when you request it but they very nice about it and give great critiques to help you improve.


Post more pics!  We love to see them

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I simply love the idea of the conversion which you have very sucessfully achieved. The OSL is a very high level technique and you seem to have nailed that too! Wonderful overall! 

Having said that, since you are here (which is wonderful news btw) you are looking for ways to improve and yes, this is the right place to be and as Necro very eloquently described this IS the most friendly and guiding forum in the internets. 


So what should you improve, well, I am no expert by all means but you could get a little practice in brush control which only happens by painting more minis.. If you are into boardgames, I couldnt suggest enough the practice value of painting the same unit over an over again.. Much like martial arts really :) So do your DM a favor by picking up high mini content games like Starwars Imperial Assault, paint them all up and give the minis to him/her as a humble means of thanks for his/her thankless duty.. ::P:


Welcome on board, enjoy the ride!

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Very cool conversion, and the paint job is just as good!


Welcome to the forum, I hope to see more of your work.:winkthumbs:

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    • By Geoff Davis
      The thing I like about WIP forums is the additional motivation it gives me to get projects done.  I've been working on this one for a while and have been horrifically stalled.  I was playing a fighter in a D&D campaign.  She started as a crossbow wielder.

      But because the party had no tank, she had to armour-up to survive.  And she got a horse.

      Then I sensibly figured that she should ride the horse... so a conversion began.  But then of course the character got killed and motivation dropped to, well, zero.  Here is the story of that conversion, as yet incomplete, but which I intend to finish.  No longer will she sit on my shelf of shame. 
      I bought another Finari to desecrate convert.  I also got this figure to provide the horse/lower torso.   14177: Onyx Chevalier,Overlords Solo


      Torso severed preserving her belt.  Sword was removed preserving the hilt and shield removed.  It took me quite a while to decide where to cut and what to preserve.







      All the parts fitted and laid out for assembly.  After fitting them together I realized the sword on the saddle just wouldn't work so I removed it and made a new one out of greenstuff using the preserved hilt I removed in the first step.


      Primed and base-coated.  And moved from the shelf of shame to the front of the 'must complete' row.

    • By Disciple of Sakura
      I don't use huge Fire Giants in Pathfinder, but I ordered this guy with the intention of converting him into a demon or devil. At Origins this year, Reaper was selling blisters of bits, and one set was a bunch of wings, which included the wings from Bones 2's Orcus stand in (77316), so I slapped those on there, along with the forms from 77315 Fire Demon. I got a bit of a Green Goblin (from Ultimate Spider-Man) vibe, so I used purple as an accent color and made his hammer sort of fire-heated. The base includes some sculpted clay to round out the base.

    • By JGroeling
      Conversion post w Sculpt WIP
      WIP post. 

      This was originally Bones #77202 that I'd ordered a while back and started sculpting on. Had gotten the sculpt finished a couple months ago between other projects, and have slowly been adding paint since. 
      He's a bit on the dirty looking sode, which is alright as that's what I was going for. Wanted to give him a trail worn look. Added some more coloration and softened things up more than I had originally planned, but I think it worked out. 
      Also, there's a faint detail of blood drops on the front of the base below the Warg's head. As I wanted to add the feeling that they were on the hunt, with the pose and the paint. 

    • By Chaoswolf
      Sir Danel (this fellow here:  https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/sir danel/latest/14226 )  got Bones-ified way back in Bones 2. With a couple changes. In metal, he has a lance and sword. In Bones, he was supposed to have a sword and shield. Somewhere along the way, a blunder happened. His Bones version is all goofed up. His left hand, holding the sword, is attached to his right arm, and his left arm just ends in a stump, no hand (there is a shield, though). There has been talk of correcting the mistake so that he can be marketed, but to the best of my knowledge this is still in the works.
      I am going to try to show you how easy it is to 'rescue' your copy of Sir Danel (if you backed Bones 2; he's not currently for sale, for obvious reasons), and hopefully convince you to give it a try.
      ...and I'm already off to a bad start, as I don't have any pictures of the figure before I start making changes to it. I had already started cutting before the thought occurred to me that other folks might find this interesting/useful.
      First off, let's cut off his left hand.

      Ok, now lets get rid of that sword. (At this point, you need to make a decision: do you want him holding the sword, or the shield? I went with shield. If you choose to have him keep the sword, you'd need to carefully bend the shield away from his arm, and cut through the attaching point. If you're careful, you can save the shield to use on somebody else).
      Ok, here we go. Be very, very careful cutting between the crosspiece of the sword hilt and the top of his hand; if you're not, you're going to need to resculpt some fingers.

      Now, there is a small attaching nub on the stump of the left arm; slice that off so that you have a flat surface to mate the left hand with. Trim both the left arm and the left hand until you have a good fit, then glue the pieces together.

      Now, look for a suitable hand/weapon combo to put on the right arm. Here, I took the hammer/hand from 77089: Halbarand, cleric.


      And he's all set to go forth and smite some evil! I have a few more copies of this figure, which I'll be converting, so I'll show you the conversions as I do them.
      I hope that this inspires someone to rescue Sir Danel and then paint him up. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
      ...or, I'll go ahead and show you some of them now, since I goofed up the pictures somehow...
      Here, I used the hand and sword from Almaran the gold, 77058.
      You can also see where I wasn't quite careful enough and needed to fill a gap with some green stuff.

      I'm not sure who I got the hand and sword from, as I did this one at Reapercon.
      At this point, I figured I didn't want to have a bunch of differently armed clones, so I started doing head swaps, as well. This head is a Games Workshop bit, from their 'Empire' line.

      Here is the beginnings of another one; you can see where I'm going to need a little green stuff on his left arm. I've also (carefully) cut off his head and drilled a hole to accommodate the neck of whatever piece I decide to put there. You can also see the beginnings of the right hand/weapon swap. That is a hand from a GW Chaos Warrior.

    • By JGroeling
      This is a scale question. Specifically on the big guys in the back. When I had started roughing out the wireform and slapping a little base putty on them, I had the idea of Trolls in armor. Now that I'm looking at them compared to some reaper conversions, I'm thinking they might end up having to be giants, demons, or something else. What do you think would fit for those figs at the scale they are? Prefer DnD themes if you think Troll wouldnt work. Also, open to weird fantasy creatures as long as they fit the scale and are tall and wirey.    These aren't for any game/encounter in particular, I just enjoy making stuff. L to R,
      - WIP necromancer and ghouls I'd started scratchbuilding before they got shelved. Looking forward to getting back into those.
      - Big guys in back are undecided
      - An old barbarian conversion WIP from a reaper bones
      - Recent child scratchbuild - My warg rider conversion WIP from a Reaper Bones (which has it's own post here)
      - and I believe this was a Warhammer Chaos figure that I had added tentacles to an painted about a decade ago.

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