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recreating the Marauder Giant's Bugman keg

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I've finally managed to get hold of a Marauder giant, the keg is missing and since I have no hopes of finding one at a decent price I'm trying to find a suitable substitute...in terms of size the barrel that came with the plastic GW giant from a few years ago looks quite similar but there are two differences that bug me: the wood has no texture, and the ropes seem to have a bit too many twists (minor discrepancy but I think it's noticeable)


what would you do? would you settle for the plastic keg (and maybe carve some lines mimicking the texture) or try and find a textured keg and attempt to recreate the ropes with some green stuff? do you know of any good websites that sell diorama accessories? I've already tried on eBay but with no luck :/


thank you



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In this case, if you can't get the barrel on ebay separately, I would use the plastic one.

You can use a sharp hobby knife and make more grains in the wood.

All in all, when painted I think it will look good.

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