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Critical Role: Campaign 2

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Critical Role resumes tonight (just in case you didn't know) in a brand new campaign with all new characters.  I'll be watching it on Alpha, using my same personae.  


We have no idea who will be who, or what they will be or where they will start, but the conjecture is strong.  

Once the show has aired, please use Spoiler tags for any content that needs it.  As the show is airing, feel free to discuss it!  There is a spoiler tag alert in the header and I'll make a big sign below.  No reason to use spoilers, but I can link to specific episodes if people need to skip something and come back to it.  Maybe we won't say too much about previous episodes that way.  Who knows... Otherwise, bring on the popcorn and lets enjoy a good show!!!


Be Ye Warned!  There Be Spoilers Below!

The Silhouettes have been Revealed...


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Actually... now that I think about it, I'm probably going to be going Randomness on this thread, and there is a TAG for Spoilers.

Consider yourself warned.  If you want to know what episode we are talking about, we can preface that and do a link from the front page to cover that.  

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6 minutes ago, TaleSpinner said:

What is this?


Critical Roll is a video cast/podcast of live d&d games with prominent voice actor Matthew Mercer at the helm as the DM. He has other voice actors and/or famous actors as his party. He’s had Vin Diesel and Joe Mangiello in his games. 

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The first campaign went over 115 episodes... at about 3.5 hours per episode.  That's a lot of D&D, not counting the one-shots.  The hype is real... Alpha has been maintaining over 100 people in the chat getting ready for the event.  They are going to be streaming live on Twitch, YouTube (at least according to one moderator) and Alpha.  So... here's hoping we (the viewers) don't crash out the first episode of the new campaign.

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Yes.  Podcasts go all the way back to when they started being public.  This doesn't go back to the beginning of their first campaign... that wasn't recorded at the time.  But you can start in with their arc in Craghammer and go beyond.  I listen to the podcast a lot when I am painting and hobbying.  Or even doing dull computer work during the day.  


And sorry, I meant to be on here during the event, but we ended up getting home just before it started... grabbed all the dogs and cats and brought them to the bed because my wife wanted to watch... and I wasn't able to be on my laptop and comment at the same time.  So, I just sat back and watched the first half unfold.  At the break, we bailed, though... because it has been a long week.  We'll finish it tonight (because I can rewatch on Project Alpha and not have to wait for next Thursday for the rebroadcast or podcast).  


As for #SilhoutteWatch, I got a couple right and a couple wrong.  Totally missed Sam's character (everything about Sam's character).  I did pick correctly for Taliessen Jaffe and Liam O'Brian... but... that was just the Silhouette.  Loved Laura's character!!! Intrigued on Ashley's character, but didn't get enough to figure out what she is.  Lots of people got Marisha's character... but I bet no one guessed the name.  Will have more thoughts after I watch the rest tonight... 

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I am seeing the Intro to the second campaign, but not the full episode.  I might be missing it, but it isn't initially coming up on my searches.  Last night they said they would be released the following Thursday for podcasts and videos.  It has been up on Project Alpha though... which is only fair, those that pay get the privilege.  I would imagine someone is watching for illegal uploads too...

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Oh... yeah... now I can see that I can do that too... I wonder if it is a subscriber only thing.  Not sure.  (The benefit of having Amazon Prime and being able to throw a free Subscription at G&S).

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On 1/12/2018 at 9:42 AM, TaleSpinner said:

Can you get past episodes as Podcasts?



Yes. They finally started releasing the episodes as podcasts back in June/July. They were releasing chunks at a time, and now they've finally caught up to the finale. I'm hoping that the new campaign will see weekly releases as new episodes air, or at least see releases on a 2-week delay.


I'd have been caught up if I hadn't had to use YouTube for so long. As is, I'm at least 50 episodes behind. That's a lot of hours to make up!

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