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I got another version waiting to be painted..


I will follow this to steal ideas see how you do this!

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11 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:


I got another version waiting to be painted..


I will follow this to steal ideas see how you do this!


Yes! Watch and learn from my mistakes. ^_^

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31 minutes ago, Pingo said:


Yes! Watch and learn from my mistakes. ^_^


I always find it helpful to look at another's painting as a way to identify which bits are what.  Also helpful for finding where the mold line like to hide.  With your painting there is the added advantage of getting hints on where to place shadows and highlights and how to blend colors.  Thank you.  ^_^

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Fixed her hand. I think she has some sort of articulated armor over her fingers except for the last joints.

DSC_0936-02551-Monique-Denoir-hand-fix.jpg.fadadfab0f49c0771a78a7f903b5279c.jpg  DSC_0937.jpg.d3418e70234db0fd21efc9232b6a55e3.jpg




So I spent, whew, all afternoon fiddling with tiny, tiny faces. This is where I got her to when I had finished with all the greys and black and white.


Her eye sockets are black. I haven't painted the eyes!




DSC_0940.jpg.3763ef5b112b0726c1af031fe500b1f4.jpg  DSC_0941.jpg.6ec987dd0b3a7e9ae22ecd19d9940227.jpg


Her mouth is pure Red Oxide. I painted her fingernails with it too, because why not. Next is a wash of transparent purple mixed from Quinacridone Magenta and Phthalocyanine Blue to shade the upper lip and emphasize the line of the mouth. Then a pink highlight on the lower lip mixed from Quinacridone Magenta, Titanium White, and Yellow Ochre.


There's a stray bit of purple to clean up later.





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She has a deliciously evil & quite lovely face. This is a potentially WONDROUS creation.

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Monique was one of the first minis I painted, I think I was still "cheating" hair by painting it with metallics then coating it in ink. She's a very fun mini, indeed.


I really like the expression you're giving your version. Lovely smirk!

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Today was a day for painting eyes. I fiddled with them so much! and they are hidden behind the visor anyway.


I meant the yellow to be her sclerae and the red her irises, but I noticed from this angle the yellow looks a little iris-like:



This is the angle no one will ever see, looking up under her visor:



Paints used: Titanium White, Carbon Black, Hansa Yellow Opaque, Red Oxide.

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I painted her hair and base.








Her base is my standard grey mix of Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, mixed and then lightened with Titanium White and blotted around. I did not bother painting a shadow because she's a vampire.


Her hair's foundation color is a rather more intense blue-black of mixed Phthalocyanine Blue and Burnt Umber. Highlights are the same grey I used for the base color.

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I think I would like her armor to look lacquered red, but sinister.


I put two thin layers of a sort of transparent grape-black mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna on her armor, sword, and shield.


One layer:



Two layers:





Then I brushed on pure Red Iron Oxide. This is an opaque brick red, normally considered dull, but over black and dark colors it really pops.






I lightened the edges with an orange mixed from red Iron Oxide, Yellow Ochre, and Hansa Yellow Opaque. I plan to glaze over this with a transparent cherry red color later.


Meanwhile I also painted her skirtlet-thingie with pure Hansa Yellow Opaque. Not sure why yet, but we'll see where it goes.







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I painted metallics on her, gold on her necklace and silver on her sword blade and sheath, the rivets on her shield, and two buckles.


The sword is painted shaded, more metallic on the top part than the bottom.






Now I am going to glaze her armor with Quinacridone Magenta, a transparent brilliant cherry red. By itself it looks pretty eye-watering, but over oranges and browns like those on her armor it turns to deep crimson.




This is the result:





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