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Sealers - Brush-on vs Spray-on - What do you use/recommend?

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I have heard of brush-on sealer removing paint before, but it normally doesn't happen to me.  In addition to all the good standard practices mentioned above (allowing to cure, washing and rinsing your model before painting, etc.  It's also important to not work the sealer too much.  That is, brush it on once, remove any bubbles and don't mess with it.  I like to start at the top or bottom and methodically work my way to the other end.  


I think the one time I remember having paint come up I was futzing with the sealer to try and get better coverage or something.  I may have also had way too much sealer on my brush.  It's been a long time since I had a problem and I didn't really think about what caused it too much at the time.  

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